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Shoe Giveaway!

Recently a friend popped by my house after a long day of work to have a little night of reality tv & wine with me. She had been wearing the cutest high heels all day long, and when she arrived to my home, pulled 'backup shoes' out of her big pretty Louis Vuitton bag. I did a quick double-take at my fashionista friend and saw her magical portable ballet flat thangs called Rollasoles! Turns out they're HUGE in the UK right now (actually in vending machines outside of nightclubs, wow!) and being featured in many fashion magazines and news feeds across the U.S. as we speak. These shiny shoes conveniently come rolled up in a sweet little bag that's 100% ready for you to whip out at the end of the eve, place your heels in that Rollasole bag, and put the rolled-up flats on your tired feet! Voila!

You guessed it ladies, these adorable flats are the answer to your stiletto-wearin' prayers--perfect for post-dancing cab rides home, tossing on after work, the end of a long day at the mall, and the list goes on and on...
photos from

Since I'm so jazzed about these hot little items (and I know you high heel-lovers will be too!), I wanted to do a GIVEAWAY! Who doesn't love FREE STUFF?! Here's the lowdown on how to get your hands on these uhhhh-mazing shoozies:

Rule #1: You must be a Holly in Heels follower (click 'follow' at the top of page if you're not one already)
Rule #2: Comment on this post & tell me your fave Holly in Heels post of all time, your shoe size, and email address (to contact you if you win & find out what color you want your Rollasoles in!)
Rule #3
: Tell your friends!! You can re-post via the 'share this' button at the bottom of the post to share via Twitter, Facebook and more!

The winner will be picked at random on Monday, June 21st. Good luck! Hey, I'm just glad to encourage the heel-wearin' by giving you some comfy shoes to rest your feetsies in every now and again, ya? Holluh.

holly in heels


  1. What a fab idea! I just love your blog and wish I could own every pair of shoes you post! I especially enjoyed your Pretty in Pink post! I love the bright colors of the heels...especially the ones with the cute! I wish I could wear these every day!

    Keep up the awesome post Holly! Loving it all! size 8.5 any color!


  2. Myyy favorite post of all time was your Rainy Day Lovin' post with the yellow Star Ling heels. For some reason I can't get yellow out of my head this year, but every time I try something yellow on... I'm reminded why I own ZERO yellow... it makes me look a wierd shade of half-asian jaundiced. Oh well... sometimes I still look at that post and pretend I look good in yellow heels.

    My name is Kate and I'm a Holly-oholic.
    My shoe size is 6.5
    And I would like either black, green, gold, or silver.... surprise me.

    You're awesome and I'm excited about this shoe giveaway.

  3. My favorite was your recent post on flats. I am a flats girl these day even though I have some beautiful heels in my closet. But I love seeing all the heels you post. I simply love shoes!

    If I win the rollasoles, I wear size 9 and like the black or pink.
    Thanks Holly! Heather Huntley

  4. HiH, how on EARTH can I even begin to narrow down my favorite post of all time?!?! Hmm... Loved your story on Red shoes, "In the Mood For Red", because I am a huge fan of a splash of color with an all-black outfit & sexy red shoes are just the best! Also really loved your 'Anti-stiletto Crew' post, because bein' a 5'10" lady, with a 5'10" hubby, I can't always sport the 3-inch heels without towering over him!! So, the cute flats and kitten heels were just the best!

    Sooooo, rollasoles would just be the perfect thing for this tall gal ;-) And, if I win, I'm a size 9 1/2 and I know you've got my email sista'!!! xoxo Mrs. Anne Watson, aka soon-to-be Bubbly and Fries!

  5. Holly!!!
    My fav post to date is the "I Dare You" post. There was not a single heel that I didn't say to my self {or out loud, poor boyfriend!} "I want! I want!"
    My favs from that post: Calvin Klein 'Remini' Peeptoe Sandal {luv!} & Boutique 'Ramiro' Platform Pump {I die!}

    I'm a size 7, & you know I'm going to share this blog!
    Keep up the amazing style, Holly!

  6. Yes! Giveaway!! These tiny ballet flats are SUCH a good idea, anything that can fit and my purse and be substituted after a long night in heels - I like.

    My favorite post so far is I Dare You. I LOVE all the shoes from that one especially.

    My shoe size is a 6.

    My email address is

    I will be posting a link to this giveaway on Twitter for sure! Can't wait.

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  8. I am a follower!

  9. Fave post is 'I'm in the mood for RED'. I LOVE red shoes!
    Shoe size: 10.
    I like these in black.

  10. Okay lol...I feel like such a dork. Try #2 haha. It's very difficult for me to choose which one of your blogs I like best because every time I read one you surprise me with your witty, clever writing & amazingly beautiful shoes! I guess I would pick "Pretty in Pink" since I'm a sucker for pink, purple, bows, & flowers. I think these Rollasoles are so great & if I don't win I think I'm gonna have to get a pair! My e-mail is & I wear a size 9/L. Maybe my lucky steak will continue lol, fingers crossed. Thank you for always informing me of the latest fashions & great giveaways! You're such a sweetheart. <3 xoxo

  11. I absolutely find those shoes to be so cute and perfect for after clubbing.
    Fave Post is hard to say, but i like little dresses and skirts especially in the summer. so i am going to go with 'with a wink and a smile'. The
    Thread Social Crinkle Chiffon V-Back Dress is gorgeous.
    shoe size 9

  12. This is my first visit to your blog. I liked the "Island Fever" post. Those sandals are so cute!

    Size: 7

  13. Tweeted @

  14. Just found your blog and now:

    Have a great day.

  15. I love ALL of your posts but I think I was most partial to the platforms that reminded you of your MOM's "Berkeley days"... I too am a shoe-a-holic and just love each and every one of your picks!! I am a size 8 and love all of the colors. Surprise me!!!

  16. Holly I love your blog and thanks so much for stopping by mine! :) How cool that you live in the OC like me! :) What darling shoes, thanks for doing this giveaway.

  17. This Whitney :) You have my email. I'm a size 7

    I enjoyed your article in the Santa Ana's Best called Summers Hottest Shoe Trend!

  18. This is such a great idea :). I think I'll have to buy some of those ballet flats even if I don't win! But my favorite post of yours was probably the "fresh" one with the green shoes. I LOVE to incorporate splashes of color... especially in the summer. But green is by far one of my favorite colors at the moment :)

    My shoe size is 7 :)

  19. hello there:
    my fave post: the tribal one, i love those LF sandals sooo much!
    (and the one you are going to do on wedding shoes)
    shoe size: 7
    s @

  20. I love the Gold or Black shoes in a size 9.

  21. Sorry forgot to say that I just started following so I don't have a fave yet but i liked your Island Fever post!

  22. Wow! I never thought I would have a chance to win a Fabulousous Pair of Flats like these Oh So Too Cute, Rollasoles! :0) My Whole Life, I have been A Happy Go Lucky Walker, In High Heels! If it was a shoe without a heel, well, it just would not do. Not that I have a dislike in low heeled shoes, I just have been wearing nothing lower than a stilletto, or satin, or patten leather and leather, Suede, leopard, pattern, colors, and so so many many more!; from 3 inches and right up to 5 inches!!!; and if I could find a heel, that was a bit higher, even by a pinch, well they were going on my Feetsies! lol....But, Now, getting older, And Very Honest And Most Sincere!; my feet are starting to hurt, almost as if it was the firstday, I started to learn how to wear a heeled shoe. I saw your, Oh So Cute!; & Very Flexable!; & Stylish!; Go Anywhere I Go, "Rollasoles"! :) I am And Have Gone Banana Wild for them!!! :) Well, I Found My Princess Ballerina Ballet Shoe!!! :) I Have Truly & Honestly Been Looking For!!! :) So, I Hope, and I am, Oh So Hoping, That After A Long Day in My Steve Madden Pumps, Or My Wild Pair Thigh High Boots, Or My Wedge Heel Sandals, Or My DSW High Heels, Whatever the Shoe'(s), after a Long Long Day, of wearing them, It would Definately Be the Most Amazingly Soft And Comfy Feeling that my feet and I would Love to come Home to Slip into!!! :) Thank You for letting me be a Part of your Web-Site!!!; and One of Your New Follower's!!! :) Here's to Your Feet being Comfy, As Much as I Hope & Wish My Feet Will Be Comfy!; And Oh So, Happy Go Lucky In!; In Your New Fashionable "Rollasoles"!!! :)

  23. My favorite post is "Something Fresh." Gotta love all those fun greens, especially the first pair- lovely!
    My shoe size is 10 and my email is

  24. hi Holly!! my fav post is I wanna be a millionare so freakin bad- cuz who doesnt wanna be able to afford a closet full of Louboutins or Jimmy Choos? awesome pics of shoes on that post too! i follow u on twitter and tweeted about this- @amandaattack I'm a size 9 for shoes and email is amandaestrouse at gmail dot com. xoxo thanks!!

  25. Hey Holly, you fab stylish bébé,

    My fave was the cinco de rojo post about spicy hot chili pepper red shoes. My shoe size is 6.5 and you got my email, I thiiiink. :) Truly, girl, this site is so well written and well kept. A virtual closet of dream-come-true shoes.

    xoxo. Dickie

  26. Holly I love your blog!! :)
    My favorite is "I'm in the mood for RED"

    size 8

  27. i just found your page and completely love your blog... Am shoe crazy and find it hard to choose a favourite... but the island fever sandals are mega cute.. and wedding belles.. (am due to get married!) I'll be directing my friends here!

    Shoe size 8

  28. tweeted!

  29. hey! :D
    my all- time favourite post (as well as this one :D) was the island fever post.
    My shoe size is 7/8.
    I would love to have any colour they are all to cute to pay special attention to one particular colour :).
    My email address is

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