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Showing posts from July, 2012 I'm ready.

I love summertime. I love the long days where I can come home from my day-job and still squeeze a jog around the neighborhood in, I love the BBQs, the pool parties, the good excuses for travel, the warm mornings with the windows open, and just the all-around feeling in the air. Oh, and of course I love the SHOES--wedges, sandals, and any other heel that shows off my non-stop pedicure! But it's usually right around now, every year, that I begin to spy on the upcoming fall fashions and long for the days where the leaves change color (and so does my shoe closet!). And my summer-lovin' heart especially jumped for joy when I saw these new suede Desert Wedges from TOMS shoes :   ( photos courtesy of TOMS ) In 3 fabulous fall colors, TOMS shows off their latest fall design with this solid 2 3/4" wedge, lined inside with wool plaid, topped off with the softest suede this side of the Mississippi. These awesome wedge booties would pair well with ANYTHING--skinny jeans, l

My accessory of choice.

Soooo, we all know that I'm shoe obsessed, right? I mean, if you haven't already, take a look at my high heel closet and you'll see what I mean. But my latest obsession is accessories! I most recently added this gorgeous thing from Jessica Elliot to my personal accessories collection--sold by a favorite local boutique of mine, Briana Rene (located at the very hip OC Mart Mix in Costa Mesa, CA ). I love this doo-dad of a ring because it's simple + chic (and it pairs well with almost any heel in my closet!). What's YOUR favorite accessory that just seems to go with everything? Do tell! xoxo, holly in heels

Long live the 80's?

It was a time of legwarmers, crimping irons, hot pink and "Saved by the Bell"--ahhh yes, it was the fabulous 80's! Now, I will be the first to admit that I'm not the hugest fan of 80's music. Flock of Seagulls and Phil Collins just never did it for me for some reason (although that's not the case for my dear husband, I will say). And while neon colors and other 80's-esque styles are trickling back onto the scene of 2012, I don't think I'll be dusting off my confetti-patterned scrunchies anytime soon. But one good thing that I know for sure came out of the 80's are these gorgeous vintage 80s Bruno Magli heels ! I discovered these beauties on my new favorite website, , and I can't take my mind off of them! Only $38...such a steal.  Bruno Magli of the 2010's has still stuck closely to it's classic and very chic style-- check out their line of women's shoes . But if it were me, I'd for sure choose the vinta

Flip flop break!

Sometimes, these feetsies need a break. I mean, I know my last name is "heels" and all...but c'mon folks, let's be real: these 10 toes occasionally take a little sabbath and slip into some flips. But you better believe they take a summer break in style! These neon-ish yellow + black 'n white striped sandals are just what the foot doctor ordered, Yosi Samra's flips are SO hot! So what do YOU take a break in for those feet? xoxo, holly in heels (or sometimes flips!)

Sunday best: Loeffler Randall

It's Sunday night, and I'm blogging again. It's been an awesome few weeks of summer vacation--traveling the highways and byways of the golden state of California, making the most of this great weather! All the while, I've been inspired by new shoe finds found in the nooks and crannies of some adorable boutiques in all of these amazing Cali cities. But my latest crush, you ask? My answer would be: Loeffler Randall . LR is about as old as my college education--founded in 2005, designer Jessie Randall was the brain child behind it all. Loeffler Randall is the creator of some of the great staples in flat boots, now branching out into some amaaaayzing heels, flats, and clog-inspired sandals. So, so cute and with their own unique style, browse the summer sale (up to 50% off!) and get a taste of what they do. I think I dig the cork heels, random buckles, and studded edges of these adorable heels for just that: their character. If you haven't noticed by now, I to