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Friday funday!

Happy Friday, my friends! I hope you all are up to somethin' fun this weekend--I know I'm ready (and quite overdue) to kick off my heels and relax! And bonus points for it being Memorial Day weekend = an extra day off, holluh! Well, in honor of a fun weekend ahead, I wanted to share this awesome lil' clipping that my dad-in-law sent my way. Yep, I've officially conditioned all of the men in my life to think of me when they see something that's high-heel related (how the heck does he know about Manolos anyway?!). Enjoy this & enjoy your sunny long weekend, ladies! xoxo, holly in heels

OC Fashion Week

If you couldn't tell by my uber-tardy blog posting, I had some fuuuuun this weekend! That's right, if you're an avid Holly in Heels reader, you'll know that you could find me in downtown Santa Ana over this past weekend, exploring the fashion and braving the fun at OC Fashion Week . I wanted to share my journeys from the 2nd row of the OC BORN fashion show with ya'll. Woot! And a big shout out to my awesome hubs (aka Superman) for snapping all of these fab photos on my brand new Nikon D5000! So here's the latest Fall/Winter lines from the sunny California fashion scene, which I love, love, love... Oh yes, you better believe I sported my Poetic License heels once again! How could I resist (sneak peek at my goodie bag too)?! Proudly grabbed a Locale Magazine while I was there (the mag I write for). And my amazing husband, making his oh-so handsome red carpet appearance! Spotted: cute shoes by all OC Fashion Week guests! ...even got some man-loafers to

Weekend fashion.

I love where I live. Have I ever mentioned that? Ok ok ok, so Southern California is full of its downsides: traffic, overpopulation, high housing prices, over-botoxed girls, and too much stucco. But I'll be the first to admit that there's never a dull moment, never a lack of fun + beauty where I live. And this weekend is no different--the Orange County Fashion Association is puttin' on their high heels and spreading the fashion love all around the county with OC Fashion Week at the Artists Village in Santa Ana! All of the local stars and celebs will be out and about, and yours truly is beyond honored to be invited to cover the event, front row! Woohoo, holluh! I'm especially excited to cover Saturday's OC Born Fall '11/Winter '12 fashion show--featuring locally-grown Adolfo Sanchez , 'retro-futuristic' brand Dual Society , contemporary California brand MATTEBLACK , and high-fashion iCTZN . All of these peeps will be struttin' their stuff on t

Rainy Day Dreamin'

I don't know about you, but outside my window it's cold + wet! And while that sorta weather does make me wanna curl up with my leopard snuggie , it does not make me wanna throw on my cutest-of-cute heels and hit the town. After all, they haven't made rain boots in heel form yet, right? Yikes! All of this to say that I'm mixin' it up today: let's talk summer polish colors. Let's face it, you can't sport your summer kicks proudly without a proper mani-pedi! So here's the sum-sum-summa'time scoop: Coral calls this summer--whether it's a coral-colored dress, cardi or this essie 'meet me at sunset' polish, it'll make your skin look uber-tan and brighten you up in an instant! Great polish to coat on with any nude patent peep-toe heels or flats on those warm summer days. Go nude...well, at least with your polish, sheesh! If you're craving sassy kicks this season, OPI's 'Going Nude, Eh?' color is a great compliment tha

Think outside the box, man.

Lately, I've been gettin' a bit more adventurous with my shoe choices. Now don't get me wrong, I do follow the latest and greatest trends and stay super-duper plugged into what's in the stores and on the runway, but once in a while I like to stray from the norm, the predictable, the everyone's-wearin'-it, and get my hands on (and my feet into!) somethin' different. I like to think outside the box, man. And I'm sharing my top 2 choices with you--yep, you're just thaaaat special. First up to bat is this lovely, amazing, chic, flowery, retro 'Exclusive Delight' sandal by Poetic License . I will dish the dirt to you that this is the bridesmaid shoe of my choice for an upcoming wedding I am in (yes, my sweet soon-to-be sis in law allowed us to pick out our own shoes!). The minute the lemon-y yellow caught my eye while browsing in Nordstrom the other day, I had to have these puppies. These have just the right amount of color pop that I'm alw