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Heatin' Up the Grill!

Memorial Day weekend is upon us and it's time to take a few extra days off work, and heat up the grill for some good ol' fashioned fun and family time. And what in the world will you wear to such a casual 3-day weekend occasion? You can't bear to wear your flip-flops one more time this weekend since you've already hit the beach on most instead you turn to these picture perfect Tory Burch 'Grommet' Wedge Sandals . Party-ready wedges bring the comfy & stylish to any and all summa'time shindigs. Goes perfectly with this Tory Burch 'Perer' skirt or the bargain'-ready Banana Republic gathered skirt (navy is gravy!). Do have a dashing time at that backyard BBQ, with your new studded sidekicks (the Tory Burch's, that is). Happy weekend! xoxo, holly in heels

Shoes and the City

It's like sweet music to my ears--Sex and the City 2 the movie came out yesterday and I couldn't help but go to bed and wake up thinking about all of the beautiful clothes, shoes and accessories that I had seen in that movie. Sarah Jessica Parker and the rest of her sexy crew are all so darned awesome with their daring New York styles--it was eye candy to the max. Sure, the movie was like a 2-hour commercial for Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates (no spoiler alerts here really, I swear!), but I just had no choice but to show off a few SATC2 fashions today just to get it outta my system. Carrie's signature Christian Louboutin Pigalle Crystal Encrusted Stiletto Pumps ( found here in black patent ) were a scene-1 'wow'. Paired up with this simple and classic white spring dress, these golden pumps sparkle with every step! I've also found an everyday girl price on some knock-offs of these in the ASOS Sara Pointed Glitter Shoe , so you can get the look without

I Dare You.

Once in a while, it's good to be a little daring. You know it, just admit it! Whether it's walking up to that new cutie in the office at the water-cooler, or ordering a crazy type of sushi instead of your usual boring (but tasty!) California Roll, or wearing that outfit you swore you could never pull off but now have the guts to flaunt...being a bit intrepid every now and again feels good. Builds character I'd say, you know? Well, I've got a few shoes that might challenge your bravery today, and I just dare you to give 'em a try. The amazing Diane von Furstenberg's 'Luna' High Heel Strappy Sandals are soaring to new heights at 5-inches with a 1-inch covered platform! Wowza. A true 'force of fashion this season', these Grecian-inspired lovelies are all leather with a comfy & convenient elasticized slingback. The 'Luna'-loos come in a delightful bright gold... ...and also a classic black leather. Either can easily be paired up with yo

Shoes for Every Girl: blush feature

Like most bloggers (and most gals in general these days), I have a few daily web reads. These are the doses of sweet fashionista nectar that keep me writing and searching the fashion world for more cute goods (it never ends!). Well, when one of my fave daily reads,'s fabulous blog , asked me to write for them, I did exactly what the title of this site insinuates: blush! Here it is... Heels for Every Girl by yours truly. Blush is simply the best, featuring the latest and greatest in skin care, hair care, makeup, even health and fitness . I've even managed to sign myself up for their pretty little e-newsletter too, getting tons of tips on the best of the best for lookin' good in every way. Check 'em out, and enjoy the read! xoxo, holly in heels

Pretty in Pink

It's Friday. Time to celebrate! For some reason today I'm just blaring my music in the car, singing along, glad that the weekend is heeere. To compliment my happy-go-lucky 'tude today, I've decided to show off some heels that'll have you pretty in pink. Kate Spade is tempting me with vibrant colors & sweet little details, and I'm dying to share: photos compliments of First of all, how on earth could I resist these richly pink Kate Spade 'muse' heels ?! Killin' me here. This sophisticated satin + suede combo is a perfect low heel that's ideal for those long evenings out, when you somehow managed to wind up dancing your little shoe-loving heart out, and coming home waaaay past your bedtime! Ok, so Kate's 'Grecian' strappy heels are not exactly on-the-money pink, but they're in the pink & pretty category, so I say they qualify. Gorgeous lavender, python- embossed leather twists all around your foot

Ciao Bella!

I think it's this great pre-summer weather that we're having right now that has me dreeeaming all about vacations! Or maybe it's the fact that last summer we went to gorgeous Cancun, Mexico and a few months later, spent some weeks in Rome...and I'm missin' my spoiled lifestyle. Ha! Either way, when I saw these Ciao Bella 'Rai' Wedge Sandals online today, it grew my Roman-holiday-daydreams that much bigger (for a mere $65!). The rich, neutral 'Caramel' color makes this heel a perfect addition to your closet, pairing easily with poolside outfits, breezy summer dresses, as well as denim shorts (sooo in this summer!). Check out that super feminine & curvy heel and pretty pretty woven detail that wraps all around--you just cannot go wrong! Maybe I'm a little slow on the uptake, but I really am impressed with the Ciao Bella brand on Piperlime ! Anyone else know about these sweet shoes? Some super cute flats too! Merely fuss-free & fashi

Special Feature: Comfy & Stylish!

Coming from a heel girl, you're not going to believe that I want to do a special feature on flats, I know. But I was thinkin' about it, and it really is hard to survive long work days & nights in heels--no matter how much cushioning you put in those tall things! I always struggle to find the right all-day flat that isn't dull & boring, but has a little somethin' to it, to keep my outfit fresh and stylish. Well, one of my mucho creative photographer friends, Kate Noelle, came across this same dilemma recently, and I thought I'd share her story. It's pretty plain to see on Kate Noelle's photography blog that she adores love & beauty and has no trouble capturing it in a special way through her lens. But with long wedding-shooting days for Kate, there also comes the need for comfy shoes (behind every successful woman there's a pair of good shoes, right?). And I figured every on-the-go gal could use a little comfy shoe suggestion, without forge

With a Bow On Top!

There's something special about opening up my email and finding my weekly 'sale alerts' from Shop It To Me ! It sorta makes the day go by faster if I periodically get to look at pretty things that belong in my closet (that are actually affordable too!). Well, this weekend there were a few special items that popped up and grabbed my attention. Usually cutesy-cutesy isn't my style, but I couldn't resist these sweet items, with a bow on top! Urban Outfitters allllways has jewelry & accessories that I want--how do they do it?! Playful & interesting pieces that are just so simple, but really make a statement. And that's right, this UO Pearl Bow necklace fits the bill perfectly. A darling addition to any sweet & stylish outfit (a mere $13 bux too!). And ohhhh Miss Betsey J, you make me blush bright red with these patent, polka-dotted pumps! Betsey Johnson's 'Molly' platform sandals are the perfect daytime hee

Patterned Perfection!

One thing that I'm admiring in several designers this season is their fresh use of pattern--geometric lines and shapes and textures--when creating a new shoe. Have ya noticed? I think that's what pulls my artsy eye toward Tory Burch and Marc Jacobs! Now, I say this acknowledging fully that I'm just not in the mood for funky-busy-color patterns every day of my funky-busy-color life...but today I'm in the mood for patterned perfection, and I just had to pass it on! Lay your eyes on these babies, m'dears! This tied-up Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Gommone' platform may not say "all-day wear" to you, but it sure shows off one striking pattern to me! Spotted on a few Hollywood stars already this season, these Italian-made platforms are bursting at the seams with style (also check out this version of the M by MJ 'Gommone' platform ...orrrr even the hot orange version ). I also just couldn't keep my eyes off of this mesmerizing, patterned Lucky

Guest Post: work your closet.

Recently, I came across a fabulous fellow fashionista, Jamie Miller, author of the blog ' work your closet '. Jamie is a Cali native whose catchy tag-line is "if it's in your closet, it's in your budget". I love it! Inspired by fashion pages she comes across in her own advertising career, Jamie manages to find existing items in her closet and put together some adorably fresh outfits! When I saw the work your closet blog, I immediately thought--guest blogger! So here come some shoe-tips from the work your closet expert herself. xoxo, holly in heels . . . Work your closet. Work your shoes. Same thing! Sure you have a variety of shoes (what female doesn’t?) but it’s about how you can wear them differently. Holly so graciously asked me to do a shoe post, I of course was happy to oblige. Pumps are one of my favorites. Nine West’s are so comfortable and the pointy toe elongates the leg. Get one in nude and one in black. They will become staples! Strappy h

Shoes & a Scarf

Nope, it's not the latest Disney movie inspired by fashionable, inanimate objects that magically come alive and end up saving the world--it's my two great favorites right now: shoes and a scarf! Sure, it's easy to doll up most normal-gal outfits with some standout earrings or a cute textured belt, or even a gorgeous vintage-inspired ring. But right now, my easy fashion trick to get me out the door and proud of my outfit for the day is a good pair o' summer wedges + a breezy scarf. How could ya go wrong with those items!? I've specifically got my eagle eyes on these Hive and Honey 'Santana' wedges for summer style. This cute wedge espadrille has got preppy girl on it from top to bottom, and can swiftly go from being your next vacation destination shoe to your summery-day bbq kicks. And don't forget the scarf! The tiny, vintagey flowers that adorn this Spun by Subtle Luxury 'Ditsy Floral' scarf make this your fave accessory of the summer i

Shiny Things

Guess what. It's Friday! I have to say this has been a day I've been looking forward to alllll week! How 'bout you?! From where I sit this morning, the sun is shining brightly and there really isn't a cloud in the sky. As I watched the local news this morning and saw the weatherman giving today's report, I actually thought to myself, "I wonder if he's bored with his job" haha, true story! It's just a picture-perfect forecast for every day in May, it seems! To honor the happy Spring mood that I seem to be in (thank you Friday), I wanted to show you a few shiny, sparkly, pretty shoozies. Pretty fun, right? Most of these sweet shoes I've found via ShopItToMe - one website that I've probably mentioned before, that constantly feeds me top deals on designer clothes, accessories, shoes, and more (not to mention, I'm a ShopItToMe featured 'Trendsetter' thankyouverymuch!). Well, let's get right down to it peopulll: I continue to

Cinco de Rojo!

It's Cinco de Mayo today, yay! For the people of Mexico, this day commemorates the victory of the Mexican militia over the French army at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. For the people of America, this day commemorates margarita-sipping and Corona-guzzling. Either way, I'm having chips & salsa. But to celebrate the way a real shoe-lova' does, I wanted to find a few heels with spice and kick! Well, that's basically a stinkin' piece o' cake (or flan, yum!) when you've got on your side. That's right, is my husband's worst nightmare, but my dream come true! If you've gotta specific shoe in mind (color, brand, heel height, price, style, etc.), just select whatever your little heart desires and MyShoes scours the net in search of the very best deals on that shoe, giving you price comparisons and even promo coupon codes!! Ahhhh, BOOKMARK THIS PAGE ladies. MyShoes helped me find these lovely red thangs...and sooo much more:

All Strapped In.

Are you ready for a ride?! Well, with the help of a few of my fave shoe designers, you'll be all strapped in for a fun fun summer of style. That's right, it's an absolute must to be decked out in strappy sandals this summer 2010. You pick the color, I'll give you the direct inspiration. Here we goooo! . . . If you know me even just a little bit, you'll know that I'm such a sucker for Jessica Simpson heels, wedges, sandals--you name it! There's something preppy & chic about those JS kicks. They squeeze their way into my heart so fast, and pair up nicely with most anything in my closet. For example, this Jessica Simpson 'Amithist' Wedge . Need I say more? A great tall, tan wedge that'll have you dancin' thru May, June and July! Killer price, too. If it's variety you're after, I've got just the shoe for you! Keep 'em guessing with these fantastic Charles David 'Tamale' Platform Wedges ! Woo, hot tamale! These lea