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A Stylish Step Into Spring.

Tory Burch's first stylish step into spring has me swooning! When I viewed the tiles of new shoes on Tory's pretty webpages today, I was immediately in love. So many adorable cut-outs and patterns, peep toes, and high heel sandals. I love the subtle, conservative colors, mixed with wild patterns and cut-out details in this collection. I foresee many a stylish and cool, spring outfit paired with these lovelies! Breezy linen pants, beautiful white a-line skirts, cropped skinny pants, here we come. Among my faves, the 'Alexa' sandal in classic navy. Great peep toe, great t-strap...the whole package: And check out the pretty pastels on this 'Chantalle' peep toe pump , too. Great lines and dashes of color in all of the right places. This shoe is fit for a queen (or Princess Kate) if you ask me! And I wouldn't dare leave out the 'Kiki' printed sandal , which also sports great lines and patterns. This Bohemian-chic look is definitely somethin

Torn on a wedge.

As I browse the shoe sites and blogs in my daily routine this week, I continue to come across a trend that I'm just still undecided on: wedge sneakers . You know the kind--a high heel version of a sporty sneaker, with absolutely no athletic use at all. A heel that sheepishly hides behind a Nike swoosh or a pair of Velcro straps, but nonetheless, is worn by dozens of stylish celebs! Wedge sneaks originally were in style in the great decade of the 90's--you know, when Alanis was all the rage and 90210 was your favorite prime time show! These high-heeled high tops could be spotted in clubs and raves, and later on the sweet feet of British pop band, the Spice Girls (before Posh Spice married Beckham!). But in late 2012 and now 2013, wedge sneakers of the season range anywhere from metallic materials in silver and gold, to colorful suedes, and even throwback mesh materials. Brands like Steve Madden, MICHAEL by Michael Kors, and Ash have jumped on board with their styles, as s

It's 2013!

Another year is here! I must say that 2012 was a fab year of blogging and browsing, writing and reading, shoe shopping and shoe strutting...but I'm beyond excited to be starting a fresh, new year with lots to look forward to. And since I never do it, I figured I'd start anew and make a (short) list of hopes and resolutions for 2013! So here goes nuthin'...   1. Hand write & mail a letter to a friend each month 2. Play the piano at least once a week 3. Plant a new garden 4. Dream & then make it happen 5. Talk about the good things, stifle the bad 6. Find adventure in everything 7. Yoga twice a week 8. Check Instagram less 9. Bring new life to the forgotten clothes at the back of the closet 10. Remember it'll all be always is! Cheers to 2013, my faithful readers! And may this year bring you every good and perfect thing. xoxo, holly in heels