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Rachel Zoe: i heart u!

Why do I have to love Ms. Rachel Zoe so much? Ya think it's her consistently bright red lips, or her oversized fur coats, or maybe sassy, semi-stressed out attitude that makes her so endearing? Not sure, but whatever it is, sista's got STYLE. Check out her latest picks off & let me count the ways that I adore her: photo courtesy of 1) Elizabeth and James 'Codi' Jacket 2) J Brand Denim Leggings 3) Trina Turk Disco Ball skirt 4) Elizabeth and James 'Lyla' 5) Steve Madden 'Scandall' 6) Joie 'Higher and Higher' 7) Boutique 9 'Illy' 8) Calvin Klein 'Sally' Ahhhh...the list could go on and on! Enjoy, ladies! xoxo, holly in heels P.S. Just a few more days til my high heel giveaway is up ! Get it while it's hot!

Back from the desert life...

Sooooo, I must apologize to all of you sweet lil' Holly in Heels readers--I've been an uber duber slacker lately on the updates. I know you all are DYING for the latest in high heel news, but my blogging fingers had to take a little break for the week. I am happy to report that I had a fab-yoo-lus trip to Las Vegas with my hub, celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary (I know, we're old pros now, huh!). I was able to kick off my heels and reeeeeally relax over the best of the best food, bev & fun that desert paradise has to offer. Ahhhhh, take me back! WELP, now it's back to reality, and time to update you all on some shoe-news. I will tell ya that at the top of my list of items to share with you on this fine Friday is the beyond-gorgeous collection of Jimmy Choo's that Neiman's has in stock right now . Pretty breathtaking, right? Makes me wanna win that Mega Millions that keeps climin' and climin'! Well, my pick o' the shoe litter from all of

Friiiiiday, Friiiiday

As YouTube superstar Rebecca Black would say, It's Friiiiiday, Friiiiiday ...! Ok ok, she sorta annoys me too (although I can't get that darned song outta my head!), but I'm in agreement with Miss Black that I'm so happy it's Friday! Why you ask? 1. It's Friday. Did I already say that? 2. The hubs & I are headed to Vegas this weekend for some anniversary celebrating and lots of laying by the pool (2 years has just flooooown by!) 3. This past week's been absolutely nuts and jam-packed with schtuff. 4. I've come across this awesomely awesome Shoes Appreciation Society collage that I want to turn into wallpaper and look at all of the time! Adorable, right? 5. We are one day closer to picking a #WINNER for my high heels giveaway ! Hope you've gotten in on that by now! pic courtesy of Happy Friiiiiday, Friiiiiiday, all! xoxo, holly in heels


I'm a sucker for free stuff. Who isn't? Especially when it's SHOES. Anyone with me?...ya, pretty sure ya are. Well, I'm jumpin' for joy as I write this post, because Miss Holly in Heels herself has been asked to partner up with a super-fabulous shoe company called Pour La Victoire . Maybe you've heard of 'em? If you haven't heard of the lovely PLV's then listen up--because this shoe co. is one hot commodity! You can find Pour La Victoire's at top-notch retailers like Piperlime , Nordies , Zappos , Bloomies and Saks , and known for their chic and classic style in high-high-heel makin' and designin'. Pour La Victoire's 'victorious' fashions are not only known as the “next big thing” but have also skyrocketed in popularity among socialites, and celebs. High-fashion fans like Anne Hathaway, Rachel Weisz and Alexa Chung have made public appearances sporting their fave PLV heels, boots and sandals. I'm talking $100+ shoes an

Loving Louboutin, Part Deux!

Yesterday, as you may know, I featured the brand spankin' new stock of Neiman Marcus' Christian Louboutin Spring Collection --filled with wedges, peep-toes, cork heels, bows, strappys, and patent leather! Hope it was some sweet eye candy for your Wednesday. Welllll, I have good news: today's day 2 of my feature on the new Louboutin collection, this time we're soakin' up the rays of the bright colors, textures and patterns in Christian's Resort Collection ! Pretty sure my mouth is watering and my wallet is just about to grow little legs and jump outta my Louis, headed straight for Neiman's! See for yourself... Meet you at the mall? xoxo, holly in heels

Loving Louboutin.

Not sure this post needs much explanation. I think when it comes to Christian Louboutin, all I have to do is flash a gigantic pic of that deliciously, delectable red-soled heel, and you're sold (once you ask your significant other, of course!). I must admit to you readers that I have yet to invest in a pair o' these Louboutin beauties, but you can count on the fact that I'm savin' my pretty pennies! But for today, just wanted to share with you Mr. L's Spring Collection , as sold at the fab Neiman Marcus . Tell me your fave, and I'll tell ya mine! xoxo, holly in heels

the "it" list strikes again!

I am so excited for not only the weekend, but that the month of March is finally here! Let spring begin! Take some time to check out these amazing links today... there is so much inspiration, all in one place!! thought and musing is claiming to 'break the rules' with this belted scarf - but it looks absolutely perfect to me! yams designs is celebrating spring all week long (hallelujah!) and what better way to celebrate spring than with a sweet rainbow round-up. (find yams designs on twitter !) holly in heels rounds up comfortable pumps... yes, they do exist and yes, they are still lust worthy. Check out her picks! (find holly in heels on twitter !) jewelscapes is always creatively dressed and adorned with jewelry. I love this simple outfit featuring an orange top. So simple and chic! the capital barbie is celebrating her birthday this weekend (Happy Birthday!) and will be shining in this gorgeous sequin number! Yay for birthdays! (find the capital barbie on twitter !

An espadrille thrill!

From sky-high to almost-flats, espadrilles are all the rage this spring! What a lovely trend for the warmer months ahead! And don't ya go on thinkin' that espadrilles are simply ropey sandals that come in just one style...oh no no, this season espadrilles come in the form of pumps, wedges, peep toes, even tennis shoe style. Whatcha think of this one, ladies? Yep, Sam Edelman 'Novato' slingback pump is juuuuust right, if ya ask me! For a complete list of my espadrilles of-choice, visit's page of hand-picked sandals . Spring, here we come! xoxo, holly in heels


I can't tell you how many requests I get for reviewing comfy high heels. Seems that not every girl in the world loves to sport stilettos as regularly as I do! Wellll, and I'll admit that my feetsies do get a bit tired after a while, and I need a break from the 3-inchers on the long days at work (and after work!). So, with today's post is totally, 100% dedicated to cute and comfy heels. Yep, they're out there, and they don't have to be old lady shoes in order for your feet to stay happy! Check it. This Cole Haan 'Stephanie' pump is a show stopper, and comes highly rated on Piperlime! Nike Air technology makes this air pump well-worth the investment and also makes a 4-inch heel totally do-able for an all day fling or evening affair! Comes in a great neutral brown or black leather. Great pick! You'll be shocked at the comfort this platform peep toe carries when you slip it on your dainty little feet! Maria Sharapova by Cole Haan brings us the 'Air R