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My red polka dot flats.

Sometimes, it just takes a pair of good, red shoes to get me through the day. In recent weeks, I have to tell you all that my feet have been growing increasingly swollen...due to a certain baby girl who's growing each and every day in my belly! It's exciting to be growing a sweet babe inside me, but it's also a little limiting when it comes to shoes. I figured there are a few other hot mamas out there who have been struggling with the same issue--a strong love for the leg-lengthening power of heels, but an arch or a preggo girl swelling that has you feetsies saying "oh, no, no!" So, I will let you in on a little secret: there are a TON of cute flats out there, where you don't have to sacrifice your style. Now now, don't get alarmed...I haven't totally converted, and I'm certain that I'll be back to heels in a few months time. But in the meantime, I urge you mamas and mamas-to-be to not give up on style if you cannot bear heels! Here are my

Crushing on Sam & Libby for Target

Of course I always dig when Target partners up with a top-notch designer--but it's icing on the fashion cake when they pair up with a shoe brand! That's why I'm currently digging the Sam & Libby for Target of sandals, wedges, and stilettos currently on shelves. I picked myself up a pair the other day when I was at Target, and I am looooving my neon purchase! Here's a taste of what you must get your fashionista hands on, with Sam & Libby for Target: The Sam & Libby Kylie Strappy Thong Sandal is a metallic dream come true. The ankle strap adds an adorable gladiator-like look that will never go out of style! Next on my list of Sam & Libby faves is the Kelly Wedge Sandal with an ankle strap, in bone color. The tribal-inspired wedge has a pop of color around the toe, and a perfect wedge and platform. I love the color on the Sam & Libby Sonia Silver Wedge Sandal in natural snake & coral. Check it: And last, but not least, is the Sa

GIVEAWAY TIME!: the hautest online club yet.

I'm big into monthly memberships these days--from Birchbox to Lacquerous ,  Rent the Runway and my husband's new obsession with Dollar Shave Club --when there's a cute product or service out there that helps boost my fashion sense, I have to check it out! Plus, it's just too fun to get packages delivered to my doorstep each month, and I don't have to do any of the shopping or choosing! My latest find is HauteLegs --a monthly service that sends women 2-3 pairs of tights leggings, hosiery or socks every month. Customers sign-on, fill out a style profile and then voila!...receive beautiful, unique legwear. I tried the service out for 3-months and LOVED getting a new delivery each month!: hard to see here, but adorable leopard pattern. grey opaque, a classic!   ankle tights, for the daring only! I asked Monica, from the HauteLegs Headquarters, a few questions about the company:   HinH: Tell us a bit about HauteLegs and how you got started. HL