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I see art.

Sometimes when I look at shoes I don't see fashion, I see art . I see the creativity, the imagination that went into designing that shoe. I wonder what the story behind that shoe was, what the designer was thinking or feeling or wanting to happen to that shoe at the time of its inception. And the Fall Collection from Manolo Blahnik has got me thinking just that--I love pretty much each and every piece they have on pre-order for the months ahead. Here, I see art in it's truest form: What do you see?--art, fashion, just another designer shoe? xoxo, holly in heels

New York Fashion Week in Shoes.

That's it...I've had enough--I neeeeeed to go to New York Fashion Week next year! These past few days, I'm inundated by Facebook , Twitter and Instagram posts and photos with all of this amazing fashion, style and celebrity from all over the world, now in one city! It's such a tease, I swear. So while I save my pennies for the next #NYFW, I figured I'd show you shoe-lovers a few of my favorite photos from the New York runway thus far... Mark my words--next year I'm NYC-bound! xoxo, holly in heels

Black + White + Audrey all over

There's something very classic about black & white. It's been a style staple that's outlasted the decades, that's for sure. The combo of these non-colors always reminds me of Audrey Hepburn--the classic, timeless fashion that still appears on the runways of today.   So this season, I have my sights set on black & white patterns on kicks all around town. These calf hair loafers from GAP are my latest obsession--so polka dotted and good (and under $50!)! I also be diggin' these Kimchi Blue brand canvas print pumps from Urban Outfitters--they seem to be just the right height and just the right stripe. And you score big, at just under $50 as well!  This season, bring out your inner-Audrey and class up that outfit with some black & white goodness! So chic. xoxo, holly in heels