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Shop It To Ya!

Hola shoppers! I may have mentioned this before, but I've had an uber-big crush on a lil' shopping website called Shop It To Me, for quite some time now. I signed up about a year ago, and they send me weekly emails, showing me all of the best deals on the brands of my choosing (saves me some time in combing thru website after website!). And after blogging for some time now, they even have me listed as a 'trendsetter' on their site , which of course I give SITM props for (wink)! This leads me to my get-to-the-point-you-long-winded-blogger idea: to kick off the fall shopping season, Shop It To Me is running a killer giveaway , helping a lucky member score the dream bag or shoes of her choice! Brands like Christian Louboutin, Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Choo, and Rebecca Minkoff--you can't go wrong! Rules are simple-simon, so get to it! Trust me on this one, ladies--you won't regret it! Ends now Shop It To Me !

Am I off here?

There are some trends in fashion that catch on--like the miniskirt or the wedge sandal or the peep-toe pump. These standards tend to stick around, and even live through generations of stylish sweethearts and fashionistas. And theeeeeen there are some trends that die quickly (and I thank the fashion gods for that!)--I'm mostly thinking of the 80's here--decked out hi-tops, slap bracelets, hammer pants, scrunchies, you get the gist. Well, one of the recent trends I came across on a recent fall fashion report, by one of my trusted sources , was the wedge boot trend. Sizes, textures, shapes and heights of all proportion, these $200+ wedge boots strike me as a fleeting fashion--somethin' you won't catch this girl wearin', that's fo sho. Now, you gotta be honest with me, readers--am I off here? Are these wedge boots a piece of something you'll be sportin' around town? Do tell! xoxo, holly in heels

Smart women, strong heels!

Just lovin' the new Stuart Weitzman campaign that landed in my inbox today--you said it, and you said it well, Stu--smart women, strong heels! Check out this mix of bold and brave heels from Stuart Weitzman from his fall, on-trend collection. Perfect for work days and weekends, all of these heels have that thick n' chunky heel that is SOooo Fall 2011--even bringing in that of-the-moment look of 70's chic. Go ahead, browse the strong heel collection and tell me--which style is YOUR fave? xoxo, holly in heels