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Celebratin' with a GIVEAWAY!

So, on the eve of 2011 something verrrrry exciting happened to Miss H in H (no, it's not baby news, mom, sorry!): I launched the brand spankin' new look of my blog ! Yep, it was pretty landmark-ish and something I had been lookin' forward to for a long, long time. And now that I've pretty much worked out all of the kinks and gotten it down to the way I want it, I feel like it's time to CELEBRATE! And what better way to do that than with a HIGH HEEL GIVEAWAY !? You heard right. High heel giveaway. You'rewelcomeverymuch. I'm so super excited to be givin' away a pair of heels from Jen + Kim for Coloriffics ! These girls have quite a story , which started when they became friends way back in 6th grade (how cute!). Having always been shoe-lovers and fellow fashionistas, Jen and Kim took their love for kicks & fashion and turned it into something big by pairing up with a shoe company called Coloriffics (makers of some of my favorite shoes-- like these lov

Day 12.

Hello fashion friends! As many of you already are aware, I'm well underway on my six items or less challenge , where I'm only to wear 6 items out of my ENTIRE wardrobe for 30 days (my saving grace = shoes and accessories do not count). Today marks DAY 12, and I ain't gunna lie: it's hard as heck. I've worn SO many necklaces, earrings, scarves, bangles, and belts outta my collection - some I even forgot I own! And my once-adored black & white striped billowy top is now one of my worst enemies, as I'm stuck throwin' it on for every time we go out to dinner or to a fun party (insert sad face here). On the other hand, my mustard yellow long cardi is a splash of color I usually look forward to putting on (actually wearing it today!). And thank goodness for my extra-large collection of shoes, in all heights, colors and textures. I think my adoration for shoozies has grown (if that were ever possible). All in all, I am learnin' a lot, but still excited that

Forever 29.

Today is a remarkable day. Why is that so? BECAUSE IT IS MY BIRTHDAY! That's right, 29 years ago today I was born in what was then a small town in Central CA. Yeeeeah, not to toot my own horn or anything (toot toot!), but I pretty much love when this time of year rolls around. January 13th is like the perfect time to have a birthday--just when the Christmas gift-hangovers have worn off, and I might have a few things on my wishlist that just didn't get checked off...then, BAM! Birthday. And not to mention this is the last year of my twenties . Sheesh! Time sure flies when you're buying shoes. But a friend recently clued me in that Queen Elizabeth notably celebrates the "anniversary" of her 29th birthday every year. In addition to that, my cute mom-in-law also has a saying that she's "forever 29" - because that's when she met her husband. Sweet thing. Well, all of that to say that I think 29 might just be a pretty darned good year. And of course

Call me crazy.

So, today marks the day that I'm about to start something crazy. Something completely and utterly nuts-o, challenging in every way, may even get my mind all twisted & turned about the way things are. Have I got you curious yet? Well, here goes (drum rolllllll, please!): I'm participating in six items or less : a global experiment examining the power of what we don't wear . SIOL (as the cool kids call it) is where you take six (ecchh'em, yes I said only SIX) items of clothing from your wardrobe and pledge to wear only those items for a month. Experiences that nutty participants like myself have during these 30 days will be tracked on the SIOL website, and I also have my friend Kate who's doing this fashion challenge with me, phhew! You can read more about the experiment here . And so, here are my chosen six items: 1) black & white striped blouse 2) red & white striped tee 3) mustard yellow cardi 4) basic black trousers 5) skinny grey jeans 6) classic b

A Fresh Start

Ok, so confession time (do I do this often on here? I think so): I'm .2 seconds away from purchasing these shoes for myself. I've actually be reeeeeally good lately--haven't had too many splurges since I got so many good prezzies for Christmas. But then good ol' had to send me an email that said "Hey Holly! We're having a super-sweet Lime Tag Sale and it's got your name on it!" (in that irresistible voice they do...yeah, picture it), and it was all over. And ironically enough, the chic shoe I'm talkin' about is Seychelles 'Fresh Start' pump . This peep-toe'r has a girlish charm to it, but also a rough & tumble vibe with that ankle strap detail. A modest 3" heel and 100% leather even sweeten the deal that is now only 49 buck-a-roos! Hmmm, don't be too surprised if you find that these beauties have wound up in my shoe closet ! Are they not adorable?! Well, Happy Friday, everyone! You made it. Let the we

Times are a changin'

Isn't it funny how things change over time? I guess this new year of 2011 already has me thinkin' about time, and change, and seasons (maybe the rainy weather outside is doin' that to me too!). Well, times must be a-changin' because the two things at the TOP of my wishlist this January are two things I woulda never suspected to be amongst my favorites at this time last year! Wonderin' what those two things are? Welp, here ya go... Number 1: slingbacks. Yes yes, I'll be the first to admit that I sorta thought most slingbacks were a thing of the past--like Milli Vanilli or Reebok Hi-Tops (yep, they STILL sell those!). But these Sam Edelman 'Ionia' slingbacks have thoroughly changed my mind! These classics are styled and shaped such that they will never be a thing of the past. With a shorty 1" heel, and a sweet lil' buckle, these stunning shoes are sure show-stoppers, finished off with Sam's signature gold emblem (cute cute!). And, numb