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Simply irresistible.

J.Crew is one of my favorite brands--although my wallet can't always afford every single item on their classic wooden racks, I'm always perusing their website and finding fun basics, bright neons, and inspiration galore. And when my eyes hit their shoe selection...ooooo baby, I'm hooked! So here are a few of my J.Crew summer shoe faves--some you might fun as simply irresistible as I do. J.Crew's suede 'Mona' pumps are the perfect, classic low heel shape and style for work time + playtime. Although the 'Mona's' come in 3 different lovely shades, I'm rootin' on the wild berry color, which is the perfect summer pop o' color. I'm also mad crushin' on these 'Quorra' peep toe booties that J.Crew SALE section is showin' off. A chic spin on the mesh bootie, sure to get a look as you walk down the street, or into that summer party. The 'Medina' heels in leather and calf hair are worth an honorable mention here too

Summer giveaway love.

Let's face it, heels are an important part of any outfit. Whether it's a night out on the town, a date night with your main squeeze, a Saturday shopping day, or even a sassy day at work--heels are style essential. Comin' from a gal who regularly goes by the name Holly in Heels , of course I say that, ha! But do you know what comes in a close 2nd to a good pair o' heels in my book? BLING! Yep, an outfit just ain't complete unless it's finished off with some good accessories. And that's exactly why when I met the lovely + oh-so stylish Alison Fuller, stylist of the uber-cute Stella & Dot jewelry line , I felt compelled to partner up with the gal for a giveaway! I know all of you lovely lady readers deserved a true treat like this--and what better way to kick off the summer than with some sweet gems? So we're accessorizin' you up with your choice of bling. Enter this sizzlin' summer giveaway fun, and you'll get your pick between Stella &

How High is Too High?

Well, it officially feels like summer now. After a few wedding showers, a graduation and a whole lotta sunshine lately, I think my mind is officially in summer mode. And praise the lord, because I needed a lil' break from the mundane, the dreary--it's time for vacations, sunscreen & hot summer style! And as I mentioned last week, platforms are all the rage right now , givin' us short gals a run for our money. But as these sky-high platforms come back into play this summer, it has me wonderin': how high is too high? Just where will you draw the line? Take these J. Simps 'Trixie' kicks for one. They are true sassy Simpson style--great leather, great pattern and texture, brassy stud-adorned, etc. etc. but wowwwwza on that 2" platform with a risky nearly 6" heel! Even my wicked-strong calf muscles just ran and hid in the closet out of sheer fear of failure! So tell me, dolls: how high is too high for you? Would you slip your pretty little foot into

Special Feature: ObviLux it up!

Hello heel-lovers! I know you all are not only SHOE fans like myself, but fashion fans in general too. So that's why I just had to share this fun find with you all! I recently came across a lil' gem of a website, that's launching TODAY (woot!). So lemme explain this awesome shopaholic's delight of a site... Ever wish you could find people with similar tastes to share your favorite looks with? Well, this site has just what you're lookin' for then (aaaand you get rewards!). ObviLux is a new social shopping community used for finding & sharing the hottest clothing and products on the web. ObviLux makes it super-duper easy to bookmark or tag yummy clothes/shoes/styles, using their “Lux It!” button that can simply dragged and dropped onto your web browser's toolbar. Genius, right? Created by a group of design students in San Francisco who want to make online shopping better for fashion-fans everywhere, ObviLux is sure to be a hit (aren't you glad yo

Just nothin' like heels.

I've said it once, I'll say it again: there's nothin' like an amazing pair of heels. You can seriously MAKE a simple jeans & tee outfit by throwing on a killer pair of heels for a splash of color or texture or downright pizazz. So when I was browsing around on (my usual one-stop shoe-shop), I came across some amaaaayyyzing Rachel Zoe picks when it comes to shoes. Dang, that girl knows how to pick 'em! Would you agree? Take, for one, the Matt Bernson 'Cortez' sandal . A super special triple buckle wraps this 3 3/4" heel into a summer sandal like no other. Can you picture these beauties on your summer shopping days, or even strolling down the boardwalk? I sure can. I feel like I'm always talking about the brand Elizabeth and James (I swear they don't pay me!), but the style of that label is just that good. And the song's the same with the Elizabeth and James 'Harp' wedge --a nearly 5" heel with a 1 1/4"

Platform wishes

The platform sandal is back in action this season. It's official, folks! And while some are bummed because of the height these suckers bring (sorry you gorgeous, tall chicks!), this little 5'4" lady is jumpin' up & down with joy and happiness that something other than a strange leg surgery and a witch doctor can make me grow a few! Take for instance these gorge L.A.M.B. 'Kapono' platforms , now on SALE on! The 'Kapono's not only bring the extra inches I'm lookin' for, but they also show off that oh-so "in" neutral color that gives even more length to nude legs. Don'tcha be scared of the 5 1/2" wedge + 1 1/2" platform--it'll only tone your calves to their fullest potential. I love the leather and textured fabric that covers the uppper part of the shoe--true unmatched style. xoxo, holly in heels