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Scrumptiously Summer

I don't know about you, but I'm royally lovin' me some scrumptious summertime style at the moment. Not gonna lie, I'm usually a fall/winter season-lover, longing for the leaves to change color and the fun holidays to start and the time to buy cute leather boots and bundle up in a chunky scarf. But this summer's style is sure getting to me--all of the preppy, sweet looks out there right now have me basking in the rays of fashion! So due to my happy-go-lucky summer soiree, I wanted to share a few of my latest cravings: First off, how can you resist these brand spankin' new Louboutin 'Praia' peep-toe espadrilles that are quickly flying off the shelves in-store & online! One larger-than-life ropey peep-toe maryjane espadrille will have you instantly throwing on your fave pair of linen shorts or skinny white jeans. And fear not, this wedge heel really only compares to a 4" heel. You can hang. Well, if your bank account's anything like mine, y

You really like me!

Just wanted to thank everyone for getting me to over 100 followers over the weekend! I got to celebrate with a nice little bottle of fancy shmansy shampers (aka champagne) & my husband to help me finish it! You guys are shoe-lovin' rockstars, seriously. Now go on and enter my latest giveaway and get yourself entered to win a treat, m'k? Hope you had a fabuloso weekend. xoxo, holly in heels

Another giveaway: Hem Gems style

What can I say, Holly in Heels just likes givin' away free swag! In case you missed out on my last giveaway , don't fret, here's one that's just as sweet! I'm handin' out one handy-dandy little item called Hem Gems . Hem Gems are a chic yet practical must-have accessory that quickly & easily allow ladies to temporarily adjust the length of their jeans. That's right, for the first time ever, it's super easy to wear a single pair of jeans with flats ORRRRR with heels! In an instant, you can hem your jeans with this reusable accessory that matches existing jean hardware (and still show the original hem) . How stinkin' cute, right?! Well, when the adorable Hem Gems gals sent me my sweet studs in the mail last week, they arrived in the cutest little packaging--a brilliant blue box with a pack of 8 of these lil' gems in each one. I couldn't be happier with the presentation! And now YOU can get the same little lovely prize in your mailbo

Falling for fur?

I have to say that when I got the press release from the folks over at Stuart Weitzman this week, my jaw dropped at the sight of their fall 2010 collection of fur boots. Now, I'm honestly not one to dig fur--it sorta makes me think of all of the fur-collared coats and hand muffs my grandma used to own back in the 40's that now occupy my mother's hall storage closet. It's almost like an old fashioned thing in my mind because of that. Funny, huh? Well Stu Weitz's fall line of fabulous furs is anything but old fashioned--it's pure, 100% modern luxurious! I'm totally stuck on this first sienna brown pair with the cute studded buckles that hug your fit in tight. I know it's a bit too warm outside to be thinking about bundling up again (no no, please enjoy those tank tops and wedge sandals while you can!), but what do YOU think of the fall fur boot trend? xoxo, holly in heels P.S. Check out my article for the Examiner , covering this sneak peek at fall boo

One man's perspective

So have you ever wondered what guys think about shoes? I mean, we ladies spend so so much time on shoe shopping and picking out just the right heel with our dresses or jeans--which heels make our legs look long & lean, and which heels add a splash of color to a simple outfit, etc. etc. But what does the everyday man think of when it comes to shoes? Does he even notice? Does he really get why we spend a good amount of our hard-earned dough on shoes (and not video games or gadgets or flat screen TVs)? Well, my dear brother-in-law, Jeff , who's not only a stand-up comedian, but a motivational speaker and one of the creators of the hilarious website, offered to review these killer 4-inch platform GUESS 'Hondo' heels I've been eyeing, and I thought, hey what the heck! So guys: enjoy this refreshing male take on shoes...and gals: listen up to one funny shoe reality check! xoxo, holly in heels This shoe is made by Guess. It look

...and the winner is

After two weeks of getting all kindsa sweet comments and entries from my Rollasole giveaway , we have a lucky winner! Miss Kelly DiCicco , congratulations on your new pair of handy dandy portable flats that'll take your stiletto-wearin' feet from tuckered-out to terrific after a long day! Thanks again to Rollasole for the shout-out on your blog and we'll be lookin' for your vending machines in nightspots very soon! If you didn't win this time, don't fret m'dears...I'm happy to tell ya that there will be yet another giveaway come Friday! Don't get too too distracted with your shoe shopping that you forget to keep an eye out, alrighty? xoxo, holly in heels P.S. Ok ok ok, couldn't leave without sharin' some eye candy with you: my newest heel purchase, Rachel Roy's 'Olla' platforms! They are amazingly comfortable and walk-able, despite their stature. They're on sale now at Rachel Roy's awesome website , don't let

Friday Finds

Nothin' better than a good Friday shopping find--especially when you can order it right online to be sent straight to your doorstep, right? Well, if you're anything like me, you've got one-hundred-and-one summery fun events and parties and weddings and...whew! Before I know it, my wallet will be empty and my closet will be full of cute cute party garb! Yep, every girl needs to bring some style to these summer events, head to toe (hence the 'Wedding Belles' post I cranked out earlier this week), and I've come across a couple'a crazy sale gems to help out with all of your party-wear purchases this season. For instance, check this super comfy & flattering BCBGGeneration U-neck dress that gathers nicely around the neckline and boasts beaded straps at the top to give off that 'islander' vibe. Just under $40 ladies (free shipping too)! The pink (shown) and black colors are equally sweet, so at this price you might wanna snag both! I've gotta

I wanna be a billionaire, so frickin' baaad... all of the things I never had! Like: Christian Louboutin's 'Miss Chief' happy heels with sweet bows & polka dots. Orrr Jimmy Choo 'Quantum' heels that are colorful and textured to perfection! I'd also take Mr. Choo's 'Quartz' heels that are edgy, daring and beautiful all at once. Hey, or even the newest addition to the Jimmy Choo collection this season: Jimmy Choo 'Marble' mesh heels with their dark & mysterious meshy character. Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo, I heart youuuu! Oh and Travie McCoy, singer of the infamous 'Billionaire' song , a solid thanks for givin' us a fun summer song to memorize lyrics to. xoxo, holly in heels P.S. don't forget to enter my shoe giveaway ! ...only a few days left!

Wedding Belles

I get a ton of 'Holly in Heels, I need your advice!' emails--and it's really quite flattering! Keep 'em coming! I'll be the first to admit that I love shopping, and when I'm shopping for someone else (which doesn't require me to spend money for once!) I'm even more elated to offer my shoe-expertise! Most of the inquiries I receive are damsels in distress over none other than wedding shoes . Whether it's a mother-of-the-bride or a pretty little bridesmaid, or even just a regular ol' guest, everyone needs a bit of shoe guidance sometimes (lots of other things to think about when you're in a wedding after all!). With wedding season glaring upon us, it's time to toss out those old satiny b-maid habits and usher in some style to that wedded wardrobe. I had THEE hardest time narrowing it down to just a few lovely wedding shoe-picks, but I think you'll be quite happy with the selection--hey, it just might score ya a post-ceremony romance,

All the Single Ladies!

Sometimes, I wanna be Beyonce. There, I said it. Anyone else have that craving? It's pretty silly, coming from a short little half Mexican girl like myself (and I'm pretty sure no one would describe me as 'leggy', as most would describe the beautiful Mrs. Jay-Z), but I just had to say it out loud. The girl always looks so Sasha Fierce and free! Well, I got to thinking...if Miss Beyonce had a regular desk job and salary like mine, what would she be yanking off the Nordstrom shoe shelves to wear on 'girls night out' or to meet her man for happy hour? We already know the girl has a major shoe addiction , but I've decided to take a real stab at it... Lay your pretty little eyes on this pyramid-studded Steve Madden 'Hailley' Sandal ! Soft, cagey leather wraps up this 4 1/2" heel , making it your dancing companion for the rest of the summer! Ohhh, lordy look out! And has anyone noticed this amazing sale at Nordstrom on Steve Madden shoes? Included

Gold n' Blush

Check out these soft summer finds I dashed across while browsing today...nothin' like a little gold n' blush to get me dreaming about the pretty little shabby-chic items of this breezy summer season! For starters, take these ultra comfy 'Sylvia' metallic leather pumps from J.Crew! This just-a-little-lighter-than-your-skin shaded heel creates a beautiful leg-lengthening look with minimal effort on your part (just a click of the button away really!). Pair metallic leather pumps like these up with almost anything in your ever-growing closet and you're ready for summer! Heck, you need something dashing to sport to all of those summer weddings you've somehow been conned into attending, ya? And just to add to the muy romantica theme, check out these J.Crew gems: Cabochan chandelier earrings . These dainty chandeliers will go nicely with your 'Sylvia' pumps as well as a plain ol' white tee & trouser jeans...very versatile! So amid

Shoe Giveaway!

Recently a friend popped by my house after a long day of work to have a little night of reality tv & wine with me. She had been wearing the cutest high heels all day long, and when she arrived to my home, pulled 'backup shoes' out of her big pretty Louis Vuitton bag. I did a quick double-take at my fashionista friend and saw her magical portable ballet flat thangs called Rollasoles ! Turns out they're HUGE in the UK right now (actually in vending machines outside of nightclubs, wow!) and being featured in many fa shion magazines and news feeds across the U.S. as we speak. These shiny shoes conveniently come rolled up in a sweet little bag that's 100% ready for you to whip out at the end of the eve, place your heels in that Rollasole bag, and put the rolled-up flats on your tired feet! Voila! You guessed it ladies, these adorable flats are the answer to your stiletto-wearin' prayers--perfect for post-dancing cab rides home, tossing on after work, the end of a

Island Fever!

Last weekend our fam took a breathtaking trip to Catalina Island via one quick boatride over the cold, blue water. It was amazing--truly like a whole other world over there! What the heck is it about landing on an island that makes us relax so much and feel so far away from it all!? Not sure why that Gilligan's Island crew wanted to escape so badly--I know I could take a good long time on an island with some of my favorite people, just sippin' drinks and soaking up the sun! Well, all of this island-water-vaca talk had me coming back to the mainland, wishing for nautical-themed summer gear. Check out these pretty preppy picks and lemme know if you're ridin' the same wave as I am... For starters, I'm diggin' these gorgeous gold & woven Charles by Charles David 'Braid' wedges ! A great 5" platform wedge with sweet double studded details all over, and ooooo that brown hue goes with literally anything in your summer wardrobe. Well, ya can't run

Truly Tribal

It's plain to see that I've gotta secret love for the 'tribal style' that's out there right now. So many fun shapes and colors that catch the eye of any fashion-gazing friend! I love it. There is honestly nothing easier you can throw on with a basic, simple outfit than a patterned, textured tribal-inspired piece. For example... Check out these Loeffler Randall 'Idris' Navajo Puzzle Sandals featuring colorblock panels at the patent T-strap & crisscross straps. The brassy buckled ankle strap locks in a 1" wooden wedge heel and leather sole. I love the husband/wife duo designer label Loeffler Randall and how it's their mission to 'create the perfect shoe for the chic, modern girl, focusing on clean design and stunning materials'. In fact, Loeffler Randall is so stinkin' awesome, in 2007 the label won the CFDA Swarovski Award for Accessory Design. You wanna shoe from a designer like that, right?! I do! Check please! And take a l