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Loafer love.

Hey loves, Although it's still 80+ degrees outside and September hasn't even hit, I still find myself looking ahead to my next fall shoe purchases! With tweed, suede and animal prints on the top of the fall trends list, I've been browsing around for what's out there that fits with my own style...and Ooooo boy, have I found it! I've recently fallen in love with these Sam Edelman 'Wesley' loafer wedges . Yep, feast your eyes on them ladies--5 inches of wooden wedge wonder, and 100% suede. Mr. Edelman, where did you GET such style?! xoxo, holly in heels

Gettin' the boot.

Hello lovely readers. Well, in case you've been wondering where I've been hiding out for the past few days (excuse my blogging absence!), I've been wandering the green hills and seasides of beautiful Monterey, CA! It was the annual family trip up the coast for the epic Concourse d'Elegance in Pebble Beach--a wildly gorgeous event where car enthusiasts and high-rollers alike come together for a full week/weekend of fun. My husband's family are the true car-enthusiasts--they know literally everything about the history of the cars, the racers of the past, the finest of the fine, etc. etc. Me...welllllll...I mainly look at all of the fancy shoes & hats that make their debut on some pretty fancy-pants ladies (but I do appreciate the cars too!). Between the Ferraris and the Alfa Romeos of the weekend, my shoe-glued eyes noticed a ton of riding boots walking the coastal streets of California. Seems right, since it was misty and cloudy for most of the

My short list.

I'm really not one to spend half my paycheck on shoes. Just ask my senior financial analyst husband , who has me on a strict shopping budget since we've been married (not that he learned that the hard way, ha ha). So, I must confess that I have a small list of designer shoes that I'm savin' my little blogger-girl pennies for. On my short list of designer shoes that I'd love to add to my lovely shoe closet , are some Manolo Blahniks. I just cannot pass up this once architecture-studied designer, who's "distinctively sexy and sophisticated" heels have won over the hearts of women all over the world! So I'm thinkin' that these Scalloped Suede Mary Jane Pumps are just right for me--straight from Manolo's fall collection , that's filled with leopard patterns, leather textures, and pointy-toes galore. On this suede Mary Jane, I'm obviously instantly attracted to the uber-fab teal color, and the scalloped stitched-up trim, with a button