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My red moccasins.

Pumpkin spice lattes, cinnamon candles, pumpkins at the grocery store, Halloween cards stocked at Target...oh yes yes, all of these signs are pointing to FALL! And did I even mention the SHOES? Oh yes, tall leather boots galore, adorable oxfords for days, and moccasins in every shade. I will say, it makes me happy just wandering through the mall and seeing all of the pretty displays of warm colors, and cozy coats, too. These LAMO moccasins, the 'Sabrina Moc II' are red and ready to come out of my closet now that the summer sun is hiding its face. How adorable are they?! A great shoe for year-round wearing, these suede babies are lined with microfiber, stitched adorably around the toe, and a durable rubber sole at the bottom. Perfect for long walks to the coffeeshop in the park to play with the pretty amber leaves. Ahhhhh! I just adore the red shade of these shoes...not too bright, but just the right pop of color. Perfectly paired with a basic denim or a simple blac

Back in time for Fashion Week!

Soooo, excuse my absence for the entire stinking month of August , but I swear I have a good excuse. She goes by the name of Hazel! That's right, this fashion blogger became a mama of the world's cutest future fasthionista, on August 2. She doesn't quite fit into any of the kicks in her 40+ pair shoe collection yet (gasp!), but soon...very soon. But I'm back at it right in time for my favorite time of the year (that, and Thanksgiving, ok?): Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week ! It's that fall fashion season, and the only time I wish I lived in NYC. Spring 2014 styles hit the runways, and the stars come out to play dress-up. As I've combed the @mbfashionweek Instagram , I've seen vibrant spring colors of poppy and turquoise, cool cremes and neutrals, stripes and neons, and of course some really amazing shoes . Check out some of the beeeeautiful images thus far!: Click here to watch the runway shows of New York Fashion Week LIVE - right from the comf