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Yay or Nay?: Ultra Platform Wedges

Happy Friday, my heel hunters! It's almost the weekend...mmmm, I can just taste it! Well, on this sunny Fridizzy, I had to share somethin' with ya and get your true blue take on the matter: The other day my little shoe-scouring eyes came across an intriguing shoe review by the ever-loved Rachel Zoe, featuring Italian designer Bottega Veneta . BV boasts mounds of unforgettable spring/summer 2010 sandals & wedges, but what stuck out to me most were these uuuultra platformed-out wedge, Bottega Veneta 'Paille' Raffia Wedges . Wow, that's a whole lotta sole for one little shoe! I will reinforce to you all that platform wedges are the "it" shoe this summer, but whatcha think--is this takin' it to the extreme ?? Let me know your thoughts, readers! xoxo, holly in heels

Something Fresh

I have a dear friend who just adores the color green. It's so sweet, because whenever I see her, she's managed to splash the color green into some element of her outfit--whether it be shoes or accessories or a funky hair ornament--she's always bringin' the green! I think it charms me the most because she said once that the color reminds her of growth and freshness and the start of something new. What a good thought. Well today that thought inspired to me to hunt down happy green kicks, just in time for spring 2010. I knew I could find 'em! Some of which I've actually purchased myself, so I'll tell you how they fit when they land on my doorstep. In the meantime: . . . These BP. 'Geneva' Platform Sandals can only be found at the adored (very similar to these Mia 'Cristina' wedges on Piperlime, though). They're at a killer price and are perfectly paired with wide-leg linen pants or pretty spring dresses. The green suede on

My Sunday Treat

You see, it all started with the Global Glamour spread in the April 2010 Lucky Magazine --culprit: page 133, cotton wedges, Cynthia Vincent for Target. That's right, you'd be quite impressed with's StyleBoutique that features designer gems at bargain basement prices! Well, I've had my eyes on these colorful wedges for a few months now, via this Lucky Mag spread, but could never spot them during my regular Target dashes for paper towels, nail polish remover and birthday cards. Yep, sad lil' old me would always browwwse past the shoe section, hoping for Cynthia Vincent's elegant name to pop out at me. Well, today I was in luck. Got ' $30 flat. Cynthia Vincent for Target ® Print Wedge Sandals - Multicolor (oh yes they are!): Pretty sure I can pull these off with any outfit that needs that kick-in-the-pants of color & tribe. Ohhh, I'm so happy! Made my Sunday, quite frankly. That, and my husband finished some killer home improve

Mastering the Leopard

Let's all face it right now, it's hard to pull off animal prints without looking trashy, cheap, and predictable. Hard to hear, I know, but the truth hurts sometimes ladies! And with a leopard printed shoe, it has to be just the right shade of brown, black & tan and just the right heel height too. If you find a good leopard printed heel, you better snag it because they go fast (there's a leopard joke in there somewhere, I just know it)! Luckily, Jimmy Choo has given us something to work with, as the Choos usually do. Described as "the perfect platform" this 'Clue' platform Sandal by Jimmy Choo is elegant and classic beyond belief! The tiny leopardish spots in patent leather really tie in wild + Audrey Hepburn, equaling perfection for fanciful dinner parties and events requiring a special impression. And c'mon, they're Jimmy Choos, you really can't go wrong here! If Jimmy's price tag scares you a bit, I've found a fabulous alternat

Earth Day edition

So today is Earth Day--the day that we bust out our recycling bins and earthy green clothes, plant trees and celebrate Miss Mother Earth! And in honor of this globe-lovin' day, I thought it'd be fun to show off some eco-friendly shoes. Yep, they're out there, and not as ho-hum as you might think... Payless (I know, don't kill me, but they're cute you must admit!) carries a sweet line called Zoe&zac and these Currant peep-toes are fully made of organic cotton and flax seed blend, and finished off with a recycled rubber sole. I'm diggin' the amethyst shade of the shoe--a cool color accent to any spring or summer outfit. Super comfy-lookin' and only $25! Mother Earth herself would be proud of your bargain-hunting skills in this case! Naturalizer Naya 'Arnelli' sandals are also a hit with richly colored chrome-free leather in a T-strap sandal style. The real statement comes in the Mother of Pearl ornament--super unique & pretty detail

Sky-high neutrals are walking your way!

Well, it's official: alluring springy platform sandals in chic neutral tones are draping the department stores & online shopping-ville everywhere I look! It's so super fun to see so many designers' takes a nude-colored sky-high wedges, strappy sandals and espadrilles. And if I do say so myself, has done a fabulouso job of giving us a good mix of what to wear this spring. Per Holly in Heels ritual, I've pulled some of my fav styles in the most breathtaking price ranges you'll find this side of shoe heaven. From the pop-star lines like Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers & Jessica Simpson's JS line, to the ever-classic Sam Edelman and Michael Kors brands--you're sure to find a tall, tall sandal to take you fashionably from mall Mondays to fiesta Fridays. . . . Harajuku Lovers 'Karis' Sandal towers high above the spring treetops, in the most funky way possible I must say! That platinum princess Gwen has done it again--the mesh, the

Confession time...

Umm...and while we're on the topic of neutrals & nudes, I had to share my latest obsession: bib necklaces. This Cara Accessories one in particular. I know, I know...this has nothing to do with high heels (or does it?) but Holly in Heels must vent. I WANT THIS NECKLACE BADLY. I can see it attending so many fun events with me--becoming besties with my cutest spring dresses and basic summer t-shirts. That is all, thanks for listening <3 xoxo, holly in heels

Wonderful Weitzmans

Last week, an amazingly chic Stuart Weitzman Spring 2010 Trend Catalogue landed gracefully in my inbox and I've been having shoe-filled dreams of soft spring looks ever since! Mr. Weitzman's spring catalog is filled to the brim with whispy sheer fabrics and nude shades and textures, it really is quite a vision. I know many of these picks might be slightly out of our ideal price range, but it's perfectly healthy for every fashionista (no matter what the shoe budget looks like) to browse designers' latest looks for pure inspiration, if nothing else. And I know these neutral lovelies will have your heart instantly inspired to throw on angelic outfits paired with day-dream shoes: . . . All stitched-up and studded are these amazing 'A vignon' pumps . At the just-the-right-height of 4 1/4" with a 1" platform, you'll be walking on clouds and turning heads in the meantime! Not to mention, this brand's Ultrasuede® lining that provides the most optimal

Give me one in every color!

I have to say, it happens pretty frequently that I'll go out for a day o' shoe-shopping and I'll find an irresistible heel that I just cannot imagine walking through those exit doors without. And the problem occasionally arises that I fall in love with every single shade of the same shoe that I'll wanna exclaim to that sweet girl helping me, "gimme one in every color!" It's never actually happened, but I feel those words bubbling up inside every now and again. Well the good news for Holly in Heels (and others like me) is that choosing more than one color in the same shoe is but a shameless click away when you're shop-shoppin' online! And Chinese Laundry has managed to get me ooo'ing and aww'ing over every color of their new spring 'Dresden' wedges . Now now, don't be afraid of that 5" heel--it's a wedge! Full high heel support and comfort! And three sweet gold studs glide down each side of these suede peep-toes. Just a

Clog Culture

I get a ton (I mean a TON) of emails everyday from different mailing lists--mostly about fashion, makeup, accessories, handbags--from designers all over the globe. It's super girly fun to get up in the morning and look over my pretty emails + a good cup o' coffee. Today, I opened up a Daily Finds email from REALSIMPLE mag, titled ' 10 Classy Clogs ' by writer Elinor Smith. I loved it, Elinor! Aaand it single-handedly inspired me to get into this whole clog-rage that seems to be sweeping the style world this season. Here are a few of my favs to get you inspired too: The Seychelles brand is doin' a stellar job, as usual, of giving us their dolled up version of the clog--especially with their 'Twistin The Night Away' pumps! Although I'm unsure about dancin' & twistin' any nights away in these, I am sure that I could pair these up with a sweet outfit for day or evening outings. The dazzling pewter color is an easy and comfy way to dress up an

Step Into Summer

As soon as I get excited for the beautiful season of spring--birds chirping, sun shining, tulips blooming--I'm realizing that summatime is just 'round the corner. Not only does this mean I'm doing twice as many sit-ups in the morning to get ready for bikinitime, but it also means that I need to spice up my shoe closet with a few summer finds. My little heart is excited to be browsing the stores and online shopping sites in search of the perfect burst of bright & cool color trends. By golly, I think I may have just found a few that you'll adore along with me: I know some of you might cringe at the thought, but I have to be totally honest with you readers and tell you that CLOGS are doing their best to make a comeback. I know, I know, I'm not 100% sold either but I'm trying to make the best of it! When I think of clog shoes, I automatically think of noisy, hard-to-keep-on, mom shoes. Well, I think Max Azria heard my clog cries and answered my worries with th