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A good pop o' color

Everyone needs a good pop o' color every now and again. As the season changes and the clouds roll in (which I love, don't get me wrong!), I can't help but need a dash of bright in my wardrobe each day. And of course, in true Holly in Heels fashion, I like to say it with shoes. After a fab tip from my friend over on the Glitter & Grace blog, I made my newest colorful shoe purchase from Forever 21 . These gorgeous cone heel pumps , in a lovely coral or teal, were such a steal, and the perfect addition to my shoe closet wardrobe! In this case, I opted for the teal color (although I coulda purchased both for this crazy-good price!) and they of course turned out to be the perfect color kick to my week. Paired with a black pencil skirt + a black and white striped sweater, I felt like I had a lil' extra swing in my step! Nothing like a good heel to brighten my day. What do you do to add a pop of color in your life? xoxo, holly in heels

Whatever. heard me. Happy Friday. xoxo, holly in heels

Sneaker talk!

As these love-r-ly fall and winter months creep in, it's time to expand the shoe selection and throw the sandals to the back of the shoe closet yet again. Maaaan, I just love this time of year! Scarves, coats, boots, corduroy, suede, leather...the bundled-up list goes on and on. The changing of the season always brings in the new--and one of my favorite things about the cooler months of October, November, December is the new styles and brands I come across. That's why I was beyond stoked when I found Burnetie Shoes . Burnetie brings to the table a product that fits every gals' lifestyle, with an un-compromised quality, and a no-nonsense price. Probably the coolest thing about Burnetie is that they strive for a "zero waste manufacturing process by factories that are as much committed to their employees as they are to their customers. " I dig! Burnetie Shoes also boasts award-winning Corporate Responsibility programs--it's no wonder, since they're outso

A cure for the Mondays.

Mondays are hard for me. It's always like I could use just one more day to sleep in and stay in my pajamas until noon, before throwing on a baseball cap and heading to run my errands. So after a busy weekend and a busy Monday, there's nothing I'd rather come home to than a big, shoe-box-shaped cardboard box carefully placed on my doormat. It's like the box is welcoming me home. And when that oversized box has an adorable pair of shoes (that I may or may not have forgot I ordered) in it...Ooooo, watch out! A sure cure for a case of the Mondays. These lovelies awaited me today when I pulled up in my driveway. A lovely gold cap-toe pair of pumps from Tobi , my new fave online store. Everyday, Tobi tempts me with their 30% off new arrivals and adorable discount designer threads. I looooove this store, and you will too! Join now and share the news! ...And may you always have a cure for the Mondays. xoxo, holly in heels