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Mellow for Yellow.

I have this thing for yellow. I don't know really when it happened or how it happened...but for years now, yellow just makes me so stinkin' happy. It's so unexpected, so bright and non-obnoxious. It's pretty much my favorite color of shoe & heel, that's for sure. So when I sunk my eyes into these Velveteen Platform Pumps from Forever 21 (uhhhh, who doesn't love F21?!), and then shortly thereafter noticed they were $32, I gasped with girlish glee! So soft and so feminine, and so cute with jeans :) Do you have a color that makes you just jump for joy when putting on an outfit? Any shoe or accessory color that brightens your day? Do tell! xoxo, holly in heels

Fresh Produce, fresh scarf.

Sooo, not only do I love shoes (obvi!) but I love accessories. Yep, anything I can get my hands on in order to add a little sumpin' to my style is what I dig. Whether it's some oversized earrings, a big baubly ring, some lovely bangles or a colorful scarf--all do the job of spicing up my life! And when I came across the scarves on this sweet lil' online shop called Fresh Produce, I was giddy-- check it out . Lots of color, texture, and design that I haven't been able to find anywhere else. Loved this beachy starfish scarf , the basic-colored pom scarves (too cute!), and this casual fall-like scarf , too. I, myself, was able to snag their super-pretty tie dye scarf in a bright & pretty coral color (although it was hard to choose from the 4 tie dye'd colors they offer!). It sorta reminds me of something my art school'd mom would've worn when she was in college. I love the braided tassels that adorn each edge of the scarf too--so cute! Here's me, happ

Tory Sunday.

There's no denying it, Tory Burch has some wicked good style. I know most husbands probably roll their eyes and don't understand the love we shoe-girls might have for Miss Burch, but her shoes are just impeccably classic and give that must-have polish to any outfit. Now, I'll admit that I don't have a ton of Tory Burch kicks in my shoe closet, but I do have some of her famous 'Reva' flats , and I have to say they were well-worth the dough! But check out Tory's wedges--they're enough to get me straight to the mall on this lovely Sunday sabbath: The 'Linley' high espadrille - with it's woven bliss and pretty tied-up finish: No denying the 'Sherri' wedge is the perfect blend of casual + bold: And lastly, the 'Breacher' wedge has that tribal flair that is so now - perfect for a hot summer day of shopping and city-gazing: So what's YOUR Sunday style? Is it Tory or Steve or Sam? xoxo, holly in heels

The 6 styles of summer.

Sunshine is just around the corner, folks! That's right, toss out those boots and scarves for a few months and stock up on your June/July/August-wear. Surely it's time to break out some of those summery threads you've been eye'ing all winter long--and since we're creeping up here on summer shopping, I figured I'd give you some tips on summer sandal styles that are sooo in-the-now. Here, straight from the stylish horse's mouth, are the 6 styles of summer. Sunshine, here we come! Silver wedges : like these ' Sweet Dreams ' Embellished flats : just like these Dolce Vita 'Saci' flats 60's mod : love these Juicy Couture 'Flash' heels ! Woven wedges : check these Loeffler Randall 'Valentine' wedges! Tribal chic : Cynthia Vincent takes the cake with these ' Dabney 's Go bold : pretty pastels are all the rage with these Boutique 9 'Piraya' colored flats So what's YOUR favorite summer style? xoxo, hol