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I want this dress.

As I enter my mid-thirties, the summers of wedding after wedding seem to be simmering down. It's really a darned shame too - not only do I LOVE weddings...the decor, dresses, cocktails and dancing 'til my feet hurt...but I love to go SHOPPING for a solid wedding guest dress. With a few weddings on the calendar this summer (YOW!), it's high time I break out my shopping shoes, and find a good guest dress. #1 on my list? This Long Sleeve Crepe Shift Dress by Wayf . With an entire collection of perfectly patterned and cut dresses at Nordstrom (also my go-to for wedding wear, please note!), this classic floral pattern tops the list. I'm also adoring this great polka dot pick by Wayf - great shape and style, and perfect with a bright heel or sandal.  And option number 3, is this perfectly pink little number, also from Wayf . At $59, this beauty can easily be dressed up with a chunky statement necklace, and a killer pair of black leather pumps. I'll take t

a little Q&A.

Helloooo, shoe gals (and guys!)! I want to start out by saying...PHEW! This spring has really taken off for me, in the best way possible! Not only is my baby girl grow-grow-growing out of her newborn shoes fast (see her via Instagram ) but my writing has taken a MAY-JOR upswing, and I'm loving it. My most recent dream come true has come in the form of being one of the new contributing writers to The Orange County Register! Check out my first published article here - and you'll see me in many more print papers that come dashing to your Orange County, CA doorstep. Yipee!! Locale Magazine LA has also dropped this month, featuring my writing and modeling (haha, still funny to me, but true!). The digital issue of this new, cool mag is all over the City of Angels as well as online  (my spread page 96!). So that's been my life these past few months, and why blog posts have been scarce. All #GOODSTUFF! So, to catch you up on a few of my shoe + style thoughts so far this seaso