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A Preview of Shoe Spring.

Spring is in the air! Ok, well for most of you around the US of A, Spring hasn't quite hit yet (and you probably wanna kick this So Cal girl, sittin' pretty in her 75 degree weather!)--but head to your nearest Nordstrom, and you'll sure feel like it's time for bees to buzz, people to fall in love, and the Easter bunny to bring more chocolate to your doorstep! Specifically, of course, I'm talking about the fashion--and Spring 2012 shoe trends in particular. This season, I'm seeing bright hues: yellows, fuchsias, greens: ...and the beloved shooties are also back in style: More samples and styles to come soon...but in the meantime, do tell: what do you think about the new Spring 2012 shoe styles? xoxo, holly in heels

The 30 Countdown

I never thought this day would come...but I have a landmark birthday coming up here pretty quick. Yep, in just over a week, I'll be turning the big 3-0 ! I feel like I've put a lot of pressure on myself or at least a lotta thought into that big, round number. I'm the youngest of cousins in a biiiiig, big family, and I always remember people turning 16, then 18, then 21...but then they'd turn 30 and I thought to myself: "whooooa, they're all grown up now, and surely have it all figured out!" I know that ain't the case, and I'm a constant moving, growing, learning, wandering work of art. And somehow that's comforting. But in the meantime, I've found a few sweet sayings that I deeeeeeply wanna try and concentrate on as the countdown to 30 begins. Cross your fingers I don't forget any of these too quickly amidst all of the parties and birthday shoes - and enjoy a little inspiration while you're with me, no?... xoxo, holly in hee

Happy 2012!

Pretty wishes, love, and many more heels in 2012 to you! xoxo, holly in heels