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The shoegazing challenge.

I love a good gift. That's why when a dear friend of mine gifted these adorable 'Shoegazing' notecards to me last month for my birthday, I jumped up & down with joy at such an adorable (and appropriate!) find: But that wasn't the only gift my friend gave me when she handed me those sweet, sweet cards--I was given a challenge to also take photos of all of my shoes, as I sport heels, wedges, pumps, platforms, flats, loafers, and other kicks all around town. This has been deemed the shoegazing challenge . Woot! So here are a few shots of my shoegazing thus far--I can't wait to make my own makeshift cards and give them as thank-you's or just-saying-hello notes to faraway friends. xoxo, holly in heels

a weekend escape!

You know when life gets a little too busy...a little too intense and full of more responsibility than you ever remember taking on? Well, hopefully you're nodding your head in agreement (either because you're there right now, or remembering some time when you were there) - and I'm not the only easily-overwhelmed gal on the planet. In my book, when things get a little crazy here at home, I like to get outta town. Just head someplace where I don't have to think about all of the chores that need doing, or the bills that need paying, or even the thank-you notes that need writing. This last weekend, San Francisco was my escape. We met some friends, ate some delish food, drank some bubbly drink, and of course: shop, shop, shopped! photo courtesy of anywhere but here . Amongst all of the narrow parking spaces, the brisk and breezy skies and the golden gate bridge were some mighty fine shopping stops - and boy, did we stop! I will say that out of everything, my two favorite