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It's like Butter.

Butter Shoes is one of my favorite brands out there right now--I first spotted them about a year ago at a sweet little shoe boutique as I was passing through San Luis Obispo, CA (a great getaway spot!). The Butter brand stood out to my high heel-gazin' eyes like no other ones in that boutique--they popped with color and a very chic style to them. So in case you haven't heard of this amazing line, lemme take a minute to shed a little light on this buttery subject for ya...

Since its debut in 2007, Butter’s 'recipe for success' has evolved from the perfect peep-toe pump to chic, collectible skimmers and flats. These days, designer Nancy Geist and business partner Lee Riech continue to be dedicated to creating timeless shoes that can be reimagined each season, while keeping that perfect quality fit which has made Butter such a success! That's exactly what makes this line truly unique: the fit. Geist says, “We aren’t living in such a darling time anymore...there isn’t a car waiting for us every time we go out and sometimes we need to run in our heels.” Butter reflects this lovely & modern approach to fashion, which demands that a shoe be both functional and fabulous. Geist works super-duper hard to achieve thee most perfect shape and proportion in her shoes. “My shoes always look better on the foot,” she says. Once a pair o' beautiful Butter shoes is slipped on, it appears to have that oh-so perfect Cinderella effect!

Below are some of my personal picks from the Butter Shoes Pre-Fall 2010 Collection (brides: you might wanna check this Bridal Collection too, some gorgeous finds there!). If ya like these, then make sure you click a bit more, and check out for the full Butter Shoes Collection on sale now (free shipping, ya'll!), OR find a store near you! Aaaand if you just haven't had enough Butter in your day yet, hit up the Butter Blog for more fashion tips and fun.

holly in heels

P.S. You still have time to enter my giveaway! Ya can't beat it!

'Social' heel

'Sister' t-strap heel

'Duffy' semi-caged heel

'Demi' heel

'Claudia' peep-toe

'Adria' wedge

'Amaya' wedge

'Damsel' boot

...more Butter Shoes on!


  1. Adria!! Love the Adria Wedge!!!

  2. That Damsel boot is to DIE for! I love it.
    xo Josie


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