Another giveaway: Hem Gems style

What can I say, Holly in Heels just likes givin' away free swag! In case you missed out on my last giveaway, don't fret, here's one that's just as sweet! I'm handin' out one handy-dandy little item called Hem Gems. Hem Gems are a chic yet practical must-have accessory that quickly & easily allow ladies to temporarily adjust the length of their jeans. That's right, for the first time ever, it's super easy to wear a single pair of jeans with flats ORRRRR with heels! In an instant, you can hem your jeans with this reusable accessory that matches existing jean hardware (and still show the original hem). How stinkin' cute, right?!

Well, when the adorable Hem Gems gals sent me my sweet studs in the mail last week, they arrived in the cutest little packaging--a brilliant blue box with a pack of 8 of these lil' gems in each one. I couldn't be happier with the presentation! And now YOU can get the same little lovely prize in your mailbox when you just enter this giveaway!

To enter, you must:
1. Be a 'follower' of Holly in Heels blog (hit 'follow' at top right of page)
2. Comment on this post

Additional entries, increasing your chances to win:
1. Visit the Hem Gems website {1 entry}
2. “Like” Holly in Heels on Facebook. {2 entries}
3. “Like” Hem Gems on Facebook. {1 entry}
4. Follow Holly in Heels on Twitter. {2 entries}
5. Follow Hem Gems on Twitter. {1 entry}
6. Tweet about this giveaway mentioning @hollyinheels {2 entries}
7. Blog about this giveaway {3 entries}

The winner will be selected Monday, July 12th at 8am PST. You've got plenty of time, so get to it girlies!

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  1. I'm a follower! (and crossing my fingers to win)

  2. I follow you! Have you tried these? I am a short legged girl that has trouble finding jeans that I can wear flats with so these would be a GODSEND if they work as designed!!

  3. Hey hey ladies! Thanks for being the first entries! Kimberly June: I HAVE tried these and they're fabulous. I'm a shorty too and love the idea of hemming my jeans instantly! Good luck <3

  4. I would love to try these! I too am a little on the shorter side and have a hard time wearing flats with jeans!

  5. from what I can tell with so many "short" women I think they should just make shorter jeans... jean companies are catering to the 4 tall women in America. SHAME ON YOU JEAN CO's

  6. I dislike going to the tailor...this is the perfect fix!

  7. These are so kool! I wish I would've thought if it first lol. You find the neatest new things for your giveaways Holly. Thanks so much! I have almost completed all the steps. Off to tweet! <3

  8. Just completed steps 1-6 & plan on blogging about this fantastic giveaway on my blog site very soon. Thanks again & I hope all is swell!

  9. I guess I'm one of the four tall women in America, but I'd still love a little bling for my jeans. :)

  10. are these by the same folks that made the adjustable button - the coveted covered it. they help you get rid of muffin top or help you make them tighter. so neat!


  11. This is basically the cutest idea EVER! I'm a follower!! :)

  12. Awesome! I'm a follower :]

  13. Just visited HemGems, I may have to stock up on some...

  14. Well if I don't win...I'll just have to buy them! :D

  15. Visited HemGems...why didn't I think of this??!!!

  16. I'm 5'4" and have 30 pairs of jeans to help alleviate a problem that could be solved by these?!! So glad that you posted this!

  17. what a sweet giveaway. i'd love to enter. :)

    xx Love & Aloha


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