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Be jeweled.

Most of the time, I'll tell ya straight to your pretty lil' face that there's nothing better than buying shoes. Obviously this would be my advice, given that I have a shoe blog and all, right? But coming in a close 2nd on my love-to-shop-for shortlist is accessories! Yep, it's the lovely jewels that I could continue to buy, buy, buy (and not in the NSync sorta way). So to share my love for the sparkly things in life, Holly in Heels is pairin' up with nationally recognized jewelry-creator, mimi & lu, in this super-chic giveaway! Get to know mimi & lu a bit, and then ENTER TO WIN some of their best in dainty gems...

1) Tell us about mimi & lu and how you got started:
mimi & lu's original name was 'Moushart'. In 2004, I was living in Boston working a summer position in the wardrobe department of Cirque Du Soliel and making jewelry has a hobby. Some of the cirque performers noticed my jewelry and purchased a few of my pieces right off of me. This was the spark that would eventually lead to the launch of my business in 2006! It took some time to really develop my style and who I am as a designer, so in 2009 I renamed, re-branded and relaunched as mimi & lu--which are the first 2 initials of my name, my husband's name, and the name of our 135-lb Great Dane! Michelle, Michael & Lucca = Mimi & Lu.

2) What or who inspires you?
I get this question a lot, and I wish I had a magical, wonderful answer but the truth is it's simply the materials themselves. I might start with a shape or a stone or a new material and I just start playing around with the pieces. From there, it really becomes about the process. There's a lot of trial and error, twisting and untwisting before a design comes together that just clicks.

3) Give us a few tips on how we can accessorize better each & every day:
Don't over-accessorize. If you have hoops, a necklace and a chunky ring on, each piece is going to get lost in a sea of accessories instead of shining as a distinct and special piece. Also, mix metals! It creates depth and keeps it interesting. Try to avoid matchy-matchy pieces: if you're earrings are teardrops with blue stones, don't get the necklace that's the same teardrop with blue stones. Think of having pieces that talk to each other verses match. So pair those blue stone teardrop earrings with a dainty chain necklace that somehow incorporates the blue stones. These are just a few suggestions, but at the end of the day you have to do whatever makes sense and feels comfortable for you!

TO WIN mimi & lu's signature Jane Earrings (in silver OR gold!):
1. Be a 'follower' of Holly in Heels blog.
2. Comment on this post with your fave mimi & lu item, and leave your email address so I can tell you if you've won!

For additional entries, increasing your chances to win:
1. Follow the mimi & lu blog {1 entry}
2. “Like” Holly in Heels on Facebook {1 entry}
3. “Like” mimi & lu on Facebook {1 entry}
4. Follow Holly in Heels on Twitter {1 entry}
5. Follow mimi & lu on Twitter {1 entry}
6. Join the mimi & lu mailing list {2 entries}
7. Tweet about this giveaway mentioning @hollyinheels {2 entries}
8. Blog about this giveaway {3 entries}

The wonderful winner will be announced November 22nd! Good luck.
Must be 18 or older to enter, and ONLY available to U.S. residents.

holly in heels


  1. The Lu necklace in Peach is beautiful!
    I follow!

  2. Love love love this jewelry! So simple and bold at the same time. The bracelets and Luxe earrings are fabulous!

  3. Thanks Holly for sharing! I love and think I need to have the Linked necklace in gold or the one above on the model.

  4. The Infinity Cuff. Timeless simple beautiful.

  5. Oh wow I'm totally crazy about those bracelets!


  6. I also follow Holly In Heels on facebook

  7. I absolutely adore the Toby Crystal Rings!

    - i follow your blog on GFC
    - i follow mimiandlu on GFC
    - i follow you on twitter (lilminiangel)
    - i liked your blog on fb
    - i liked miniandlu on fb

  8. I LOVE the Luv Necklace, so precious!

  9. I liked Holly in Heels Facebook and Mimi and Lu Facebook =)

  10. I "like" Mimi and Lu on FB & I LOVE the Eva Bangles & the eternity ring. super cute!!

  11. I am a follower of you both, fan of both, i re-tweeted the contest, and signed up for the newsletter.

    I am in love with the Eva crystal bangles!!

  12. I love the jewelry!!! Amazing artistry! Hard to choose but if pushed to the wall I would choose the Emma Ring. Love that it dangles. I also love the Eva Crystal Bracelet. Bangles are my fav. The Sophie Ring above wasn't on her site as far as I could tell but I love it too!

    I Follow the mimi & lu blog
    I Follow Holly in Heels on Twitter
    I Follow mimi & lu on Twitter
    I Joined the mimi & lu mailing list
    I Tweeted about the contest mentioning @ hollyinheels

    Not on Facebook ( only one I suppose ^_^ )

    Great great giveaway! Thanks.

  13. Hi there, it's Michelle with Mimi & Lu! Thanks for all the amazing support! I'm so excited about this Holly in Heels give away and I love hearing feedback on your favorite pieces. Thank you!

    @marciella- check out the 'keepsake' collection and you will find the Sophie Ring -
    There are also 2 dangle style rings in the IDEA collection that you can personalize- and

    Happy Shopping. ;)

  14. I really love the Mariah cuff with or without the pearl!

    follow Holly in Heels blog
    I liked both on FB

  15. the Hannah Jumbo Ring in Dark Aqua :)

    melissabwong @
    -following and liked on FB

  16. 1)your hubby is an excellent marketer of you!
    2)i'm already a fan :]
    3)love Lu in coral. drew necklace would go w/ my entire wardrobe. &krystinas are classy!
    4)Thanks for sharing your passion!

    [following, liked both on fb - woot social media!]

  17. Just liked them on FB, and my fave are the luxe earrings fo sho!!!

  18. I love her stackable bracelets and all her earrings! Big fan of and follower of Mimi&Lu (especially Lu!!!) and now following your blog!
    emballenger at gmail dot com

  19. Love the Eva Crystal bracelets so much that I almost have all of them :) Mimi&Lu is the best!
    Leigh at

  20. LOVE HER WORK! amanda . jane . crowell @ gmail . com

  21. The Mariah Cuff is GORGEOUS!!! Oh my goodness, I love simple, elegant, yet striking pieces like that. I always feel that a cool piece of jewelery like that is just as important as an amazing pair of shoes to tie together any outfit!! :-)

  22. All her pieces are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! You can see the quality craftsmanship and I love how girly yet strong these pieces look! My fave is the Luxe earrings, but it's hard to choose a fave! My email is and I follow your blog and liked Mimi&Lu's FB page and I like your FB page already :)

  23. Love Mimi&Lu's Caroline bracelet and Clover ring - such creativity!! Love that you're including accessories in your blog...Sarah Jay (

  24. I love the Willow earrings! And I'm very happy to learn about this company.


  25. FB fan of Mimi&Lu~ MJ Moore
    FB fan of Holly In Heels~ MJ Moore
    Following Mimi&Lu on Twitter~ @butterflyrouge
    Followoing Holly InHeels on Twitter~ @butterflyrouge
    Signed up for Mimi&Lu's email list
    Following Mimi&Lu's blog~ MJ Moore


  26. Love the Mimi and Lu necklace I picked up at Cecilia Boutique! I receive compliments on it all the time and am looking forward to seeing all the great earrings in person!

  27. loveeee the Mini Crystal Regina Necklace in olive color!! thanks for a great giveaway!!


  28. Congrats to Cat, the giveaway winner! Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments and of course a big thank you to Holly in Heels for hosting the give away.
    If you didn't win this time around, you can still get some pretty jewels at a special low price--The 2010 Sample Sale is in full swing on the Mimi & Lu website!
    See you around!

  29. Much thanks for this wonderful post! Those jewellery pieces are just unique and lovely. And you made a good point about the materials inspiring you! Kudos!


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