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Style begins at home: another giveaway!

I love to bake. I know, I know...usually us fashionistas spend too much time at the mall and not enough time in the kitchen--but it's no secret that I make a killer banana nut bread and can throw together some yummy-yum choco chunk & peanut butter cookies in a heartbeat! It's sorta a rule in our household now--my hubs cooks (better at improvising) & I bake (best at following directions). Ya think it says somethin' about us?! Well, all Freudian predictions aside, I always like to have something sassy to wear as I'm throwing the flour and brown sugar around the kitchen, and coming up with a sweet creation--don't you? That's why I was utterly IN LOVE when I came across Fashionista Aprons from Susan and Veronica. And wanna know somethin' great?!--we're givin' an apron away! I recently interviewed these lovely leading ladies to ask them a bit more about their cute, cute business and the special cause behind it.

1) Tell us about "Susan and Veronica: Style begins at home" and how you ladies got started:
Susan and I worked at MTV together for years. We bonded immediately on our love of music and fashion. We still talk about the days we used to take off together so we could hit all our favorite shops and buy all our must-haves of the season. After MTV, I pursued a career in fashion PR and then shifted to managing several small businesses. Susan remained at MTV while actively tweaking her creativity with design and garment construction classes. She also designed an uber sassy line of handbags that quickly became a part of my everyday wardrobe. For my bridal shower, she pulled from her fabric collection and designed what came to be our Honey Kiss Waist Apron. It was an instant hit among our family and friends so we began developing the apron line. Style Begins at Home was the perfect way for us to communicate to our customer that there was no longer a need to sacrifice style while whipping up a meal at home. To us, staying in can still become an event!

2) What or who inspires each apron & its style?
We were inspired by the idea that the women who spend time in the kitchen cooking and baking were the same women who love to look fabulous when they go out. We were creating a product for women like us so we had to ask ourselves what we would want in our apron. We wanted bold colors and prints with a design that shouted femininity and incorporated functionality. The Sugar Bomb Strapless Apron was created because we hated getting our hair caught in the straps and were looking for an alternative. A strapless option seemed practical and also added a hint of sauciness.

3) Give us one tip about how we can start style at home:
The best thing to do is get out of those baggy sweats! We love them too but it's so easy to fall into an everyday sweats rut and throw your personal style out the window. Whether you work from home or are a full time mommy, try some other comfy alternatives. Black leggings with a relaxed tee and a comfy flat shoe are a start. And of course, don't forget to wear your Susan & Veronica Apron!

4) What's the story behind the PINK RIBBON apron & where can we get our hands on one?
The Pink Ribbon Apron, was inspired by my sister in law who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33. Susan and I decided to create a Pink Ribbon Apron as our heartfelt show of support for all the breast cancer survivors and all the women still in the daily struggle. We have partnered with the Young Survival Coalition and donate a percentage of our Pink Ribbon Apron proceeds to their organization. However, we are excited to announce that we are celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month this year by donating a percentage of proceeds from ALL Susan & Veronica Apron sales to the YSC!

. . .

TO WIN your very own Susan & Veronica Apron, all you gotsta' do is:
1. Be a 'follower' of Holly in Heels blog (hit 'follow' at top right of page)
2. Comment on this post, telling me what your fave apron is
3. Leave your email address so I can tell you if you've won!

Additional entries, increasing your chances to win:
1. Visit the Susan & Veronica website {1 entry}
2. “Like” Holly in Heels on Facebook {2 entries}
3. “Like” Susan & Veronica on Facebook {1 entry}
4. Follow Holly in Heels on Twitter {2 entries}
5. Follow Susan & Veronica on Twitter {1 entry}
6. Tweet about this giveaway mentioning @hollyinheels {2 entries}
7. Blog about this giveaway {3 entries}

The wonderful winner will be chosen on October 8th--hurry, hurry, only 2 weeks to enter!

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  1. I'm a follower. I love the road trip waist apron. So adorable! Great giveaway.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. I'm following and I visited the website. I like the "On the Prowl" strapless apron. So cute!

  3. I am a follower and I love the uptown girl apron!

  4. I am a follower and love cooking! All of my aprons are the usual variety, so a fashionable apron would be very welcome! I love the strapless aprons!

  5. I collect aprons, so I'm looooooving this. The Vanity Fair apron is SO cute!

  6. This is great! I follow your blog! and my favorite is the Vanity Flair. LOVE IT!

  7. I follow Susan & Veronica on Twitter @curliemegs

  8. Also follow Holly in Heels on twitter @curliemegs

  9. I tweeted!

  10. I love the "On the Prowl Waist Apron" because my kitchen has red accents, it's a sassy, fun print, and I bake ALL the time but don't have an apron. My hubby will love it too.

    I'm a fan of Holly in Heels and Susan & Veronica on Facebook and I follow Holly in Heels and Susan & Veronica on Twitter @ItsJustGood. And I blogged!

  11. My fav is the Sugar Bomb Strapless Apron in Uptown Girl. The best part is the pink ruffle trim. Most of these are so cute I wish they were dresses :)

  12. I love any of the waist aprons. I visited the website, so creative! They would make great gifts!


  13. I love the Guitar Heroine strapless apron! I'm a follower, and I just liked Holly in Heels and Susan & Veronica on Facebook, and I visited Susan & Veronica's website. So cute!

    childhooddreamer3 at

  14. AAAaahhh so cute! Love the design of the strapless apron. My favorite is the Vanity Fair... or On the Prowl, too hard to choose! Domestic fashion, love it :)my email is

  15. What a great giveaway Holly! I've been wanting an apron for so long now! My favorite is the pink ribbon strapless apron. So adorable!

  16. I love to bake but im sooo messy!! the strapless apron is sooo cute!!! I liked it on FB, and I also follow on twitter =)

  17. Stripe A Pose waist apron!!!!! CUTE! I share my love of H-in-H with my FB world all the time!!


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