Winnin' my heart back

Remember Jessica Simpson's famous "is it tuna or is it chicken" statement back in the days of beginning reality tv? If you missed this awesome episode of MTV's Newlyweds with 98-degrees-Nick, please feel free to catch up to mainstream society here. For some reason, that less-than-lovely confession of confusion on Ms. Simpson's part scarred me. I totally wrote that blond off! But I do have to say that lately, J has been winnin' my heart back with her consistently amazing Jessica Simpson Collection label. The brand is jam-packed with awwwwesome shoes, accessories, handbags, and more! My latest fave is Jessica Simpson's denim line--newly released and what a bargain! Well, now thru 8/1, the tuna-fish-lovin' lady is offering 20% off your purchase (promo code 20BACK), and in honor of that discounted deal, I wanted to show off a few of my favorite kicks.

I LOVE it when I find a great pair of red heels. Sucha treat! But sometimes it's a real challenge to find just the right shade of red--not too loud & cheap...not too boring & drab. Well I think this 'Chili patent' is right on the money in these 'Taneala' heels! A great basic pump that's got that umph of color and texture (cute cork platform).
Clog season is still hangin' in there--summer's not yet over and they are certainly fall-appropriate shoes! Jessica's 'Winsy' clogs are among my top 3 list of outstanding clogs! They've got that texture-y reptile-embossed leather and a sturdy buckle detail--all wrapped up on a brass studded platform.
Zip 'em up (or at least pretend to) with these chic peep-toe 'Ellep' zipper heels! Standing tall with a 5-inch heel, you'll be lovin' your all-leather pumps--heading to work and then to happy hour with some killer kicks on!
Soooo many cute flat sandals out there this summer--it's been hard for me to resist buying all of them! You can never have enough summery flats though, right? I mean come on, you need some that are more casual...some that are more dressy but still comfy...the list goes on and on! Pretty sure these adorable 'Jeko' flats can go on your pedicured feet for any occasion though--100% lovable leather and some great gold hardware details. Score.
Admit it now, Jessica Simpson's got style!

holly in heels

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  1. I just purchased a pair of her shoes this weekend! And now with the discount code I may purchase again :)

    Love the sandals and the zipper heels. Too cute!

  2. I love them all :)

  3. I agree about finding just the right shade of red. The cork is a great modern touch for a basic.

  4. hehe i totally remember that statement. it was hlarious.

    loveee that red shoe!!!

  5. I LOVE those zipper pumps with a passion! So cute.
    xo Josie

  6. Gotta admit, those last sandals are pretty versatile and chic!

  7. I love them - but I literally can't walk in the super high heels! I really should practice more and not be such a schlump~ ;)

  8. I loveeee those zipper heels! And I've been searching for the perfect red heels for such a long time... it really is difficult finding just the right shade!

  9. Have you seen her nude pair like that red pair? LOVE!

  10. Jess actually IS quite the shoe maven! I'm in love with all her platforms....* em.

    Her jewelry line at Macy's is pretty damn cool too! Love the big rings and silver hoop earrings.

    chloe **

  11. So glad you ladies are Jessica Simpson Collection fans like I am! That must mean we ALL have good taste!


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