A Strappy Dilemma.

You guys. There are so many cuuuuuute shoes out this spring. This is kinda the time of year where I start to get excited about shoe shopping again. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's a universal, year round sorta hobby...but when I can paint my toes pretty colors and pop on a dress or a cool pair of skinnies - my feet get excited that they're not longer crammed into boot weather!

This season, lace-up sandals and flats, cage sandals, gladiators, and wedges are all the rage. I can get on board with the wedges, but now that I'm in mom-mode for most of my everydays, I shy away from cage and lace-up styles. Puh-leeease. It takes me too dang long to lace up a sandal when my toddler is running out the door, and when I can easily slip into a chic slide sandal just the same.

Well, THANK YOU JESUS, I found work-around! I am love love loving these Sam Edelman 'Ginette' Sandals that criss cross, but ZIP up the back. Holluh! I thought twice about the price, but I think in the neutral color, I'll be living in these all spring and summer long.
The 'Soho Gal' espadrille wedge from Stuart Weitzman is also a winner. Super cute, simple buckle, with a leather upper suede finish.

And while we're on the topic of wedges, I am thoroughly obsessed with these 'Aimee' Wooden Platform Wedge Sandals by Hinge. The black/white leather with dots is THEE only way to go, and they get STUNNING reviews by buyers online. Dooo iiiiiit.

So just in case you're in need of a little spring inspiration (without all of the fuss!), get those colorful spring toes into these sandals, STAT.

holly in heels


Stopping to celebrate LOVE.

Valentine's Day. It's a super special day to me. Yes, like many women in American, I'm a total sucker for red roses, a good box of candy, and a dinner date on the town. Now don't get me wrong, I feel totally and utterly loved by my main man 365 days out of the year - but there's something about St. Valentine and all that his day means, that makes me so grateful we stop to celebrate love.

This year, my guy earned some BONUS POINTS due to a surprise flower delivery to me from Farmgirl Flowers - heard of them? Farmgirl Flowers first caught my eye on a show we domesticated couples like to watch, called "The Profit." Sorta akin to "Shark Tank," "The Profit" centers around small business and entrepreneurs, and helping them improve upon their existing businesses. The founder of Farmgirl Flowers caught my fashionista eye, and my husband paid attention.

So this year, instead of the standard red roses and chocolate mix box, I got fresh 100% American grown flowers, wrapped in burlap, dark chocolate with salted pretzel by Compartes Chocolatier, super fun heart-shaped sunglasses in PINK, heart shaped gummies by Sugarfina, a sweetheart rose and honey lollie by Leccare Lollipops, two face masks by Aenon’s, aaaaaand a moisturizing rosy red lip balm by Urb Apothecary. Unbelievable.

To top it off, I get this guy (who also is really good to me). I am majorly crushing on his cute skinny tie I scored for him from Skinny Tie Madness - a stylish skinny tie company founded in 2012. This super cute skinny tie brand focuses on bright colors, edgy prints and tons of on-trend styles. All of the ties from Skinny Tie Madness come with a tie clip, for $29. Whuuuu?! Snag yours at skinnytiemadness.com, jackthreads.com, fab.com, and birchbox.com (gorgeous toddler sold separately).


Happy love day, lovelies!
holly in heels