Vacation’s All I Ever Wanted.

As a busy mama and freelance writer and fashion blogger, there is so much on my plate! I mean, if I’m not cutting up strawberries into tiny pieces or picking up Cheerios off of the ground, then I’m burning the midnight (naptime) oil blogging away, working on my latest writing project, or reading up on the latest fashion trends and shoe styles to keep my busy mind well inspired! It’s a good job, and I’m glad I get to do it.

But I’ll also admit, sometimes I just need a little vacay. You know, just a few days to get out of my routine and feel the ocean breeze, eat at some new joints, and get my tan on!

This month, my little fam is going to an island getaway, and since I know you all may have some vacation time in your future, I thought I’d show you my getaway shoe picks from the one and only surf apparel favorite, Reef.

  1. Let’s start with the ladies, shall we? I am mad crushing on these Reef ‘SHADED PALMS’ sandals. Their good, natural color goes with everything from cutoffs to white skinny denim, and the weave detail on these leather lovelies is a real eye-catcher. Reef has so many cute summer sandals for girls, and the price is right, too!
  2. Ok dudes, it’s time to toss out those Tevas and get some serious style into your vacation wardrobe. Guys sandals are HUGE this season, my top pick being the ‘MACHADO HIGH’ in grey and turquoise. These sandals boast premium pressed leather that is smooth against the skin and doesn’t bleed when there’s moisture present, like other sandals. The Machado name is after Rob Machado, a surfer known for his unmatched style and victories across the globe.
  3. For that little darling in your life, she must have some sweet sandals for the vacay, too, of course! Reef has some amazing sandals for little girls – first on my list is the Reef ‘LITTLE AHI FLORAL’ flip. Who can resist a little flower power, right? A soft polyester lining gives super comfort for your little, and the heel strap is perfect for those kiddos on the go. L-O-V-E! 

That island getaway is so close I can taste the pina coladas! Good thing I’ll have some cute sandals to sip in. Wink!

holly in heels


The 4 Laws of Summer Sandals.

I love to look at things according to trend. Every season, I think it’s one of my most favorite things, to check out the top fashion magazines, the top fashion blogs, and peruse street wear, to see what types of items will be next on my wish list. This is one of my favorite things about shoes, too. There are endless amounts of styles, possibilities, flairs – from buckles to studs, kitten heels to spikes, pointed toe to round – the trends come and go, just like the seasons do.

This season, you can count on a few eye-catching trends to hit your shoe must-haves list. I know we all have our flip-flops, combat boots, and our cute flats from every single season past, and those have their place. But if you’re like me, you want to freshen up your shoe closet now that the summer sun, short shorts and party dresses are almost here. So I give you: 4 laws of summer sandals.

First up: Floral Sandals. You’re likely seeing it everywhere, but floral patterns are a MUST this spring and summer. From small print to oversized, roses to tulips, let the cool botanicals adorn your feet.

Law #2: Fun flips are the way to go. Toss aside the cheap, rubber ones that resemble post-pedi spa sandals, and get your toes into some cute leather or rope flip-flops, like these nautical flip-flops from rue21.com…

Next up, always keep in mind that a little sparkle can go a loooong way. I’ve even thought of doing a little DIY on some plain sandals, to make them look like this (at the risk of losing a finger to the glue gun). Better just get these metallic embellished sandals, at the bargain under $20 price. Ha!

The fourth, and final, law of the summer sandal this season is to go boho! Yes, embrace that Birkenstocks-wearing hippie chic girl inside of you. It’s in there! And if you can’t afford the $100 price tag on the Birks, maybe snag some of these cross strap sandals (in every color)!

So before the summer sun gets beating down and you have no shoes to wear to that BBQ, remember this list of summer sandal shopping. It’s law.

holly in heels