Shoe closet love.

I will be the first to stand up and admit that I have a fabulous husband. Not only is he smart, funny, creative and patient, but he's pretty darned hot too! I still consider us newlyweds (and probably will for quite some time), because we're always doing thoroughly silly stuff for one another--keepin' things fresh, fun and surprising, ya know? Here's one of my fave pics of us, taken a few years ago during our engagement photoshoot. Good times.

That being said, I was still simply breath-taken when I came home from a way-too-long day of work and found that my sweet beau had used his furlough day (yes, it's not just a vicious rumor that we have those all over the place in the state of CA) to transform our hall coat closet into none other than a shoe closet. You heard me right...shoe closet = every girl's dream, ya? We don't really use our hall coat closet anyway, living in such a warm southern California city, so I was thrilled to actually put this space to some good use! Can't think of a more beautiful creation right in my very own home. There was only room for my heels, of course--the rest of my shoe collection lives in my bedroom closet! Here's a small tour...

Please note the sweet dimmer lighting he installed on the side, and the gem pull-string lightswitch. Major points, hubster!

Check those pink & black Betseyville heels! Ahhh, among my tastiest treats.

Every gal needs a few pairs o' gold shoes, yes? YES.

And a very special shout-out to Annie White of TripleCord Photography for snappin' these fab-yoo-lus shots! Happy Monday, fellow shoe friends. Hope this inspires all of you to create a special home for your heels, too.

holly in heels
P.S. check out my man's side-project of a website he's runs with some friends: Water Cooler Jokes. It's a good, comedic break for anyone's day!


I. Want. Ankle boots.

Somebody help maaaay, I have a desperate craving for ankle boots right about now. You heard me...not chocolate ice cream, not a big juicy steak, not even a giant coffee (which is surprising for a Friday, I know) but I'm cravin' ankle boots. Ha, do I have a problem? Maybe. Well, I really don't know what it is--the weather in so cal is WAY too hot for me to even have the gumption to strap on anything other than sandals, but ankle boots have been catching my eye all stinkin' over the place, and I can't help but jump on the computer and scout out the scene.

Ya can't go wrong with Frye boots, let's face it! Especially these rough & rowdy 'Billy Shortie' boots by Frye. Faded to perfection and stitched up to a tee, these all-leather loves are definitely worth every penny. Am I right or am I right?

Or how about these fine, fine Sam Edelman 'Portia' boots in a sandy saddle shade--I love that these puppies are pull-on style, which means no fuss & out the door! I have an inkling that these Portia's will be perfect with anything--from beefin' up a dainty floral dress, to throwin' on with skinny black jeans.

Hey, even try splashin' some color onto the scene with these bluer-than-blue 'Carson Shortie' boots by Frye. A fab discount on Piperlime makes these a huge steal and a sweet asset in spicin' up your shoe-drobe (aka shoe wardrobe, yeah, I said it). And don'tcha just love that detailed stitching up, down and all around this shortie boot? Pretty sure you do.

Can't go wrong with the ankle boot! I'm tellin' ya--gotta have it.

holly in heels


Heels gone wild!

Ever get a little tempted to let your wild side show? I'm talking fashion-wise, ladies (not spring break wise, simma' down)--like pair some fabulous bubblegum pink heels with an everyday jeans & tee outfit, OR throw on a black leather mini instead of your usual pencil skirt! Please tell me I'm not alone on this one! In fact just the other day I wore a black & white striped tee with some boyfriend jeans, and threw on my leopard peeptoe flats--and I thought "hey, who knew stripes & animal print would work?". Well, fancy that--one of the up & comin' fall trends this season is the leopard pump. It's baaaaack! And wilder than ever.

Take this animal-inspired 'Otto' Pump by Rocket Dog, for instance. It ain't easy finding just the right pattern & shade of leopard brown, tan & black, but Rocket Dog has DONE IT. A smaller & satin-y animal print makes these the perfect standard pumps to toss on & spice up an outfit in a flash. Great deal on these babies, too!

The Vince Camuto 'Festa' Pumps are a steal of a deal too, with a gorgeous lighter-leopard pattern and a dark piping detail all around. These 'Festa's will be takin' your cute self straight from long days at work to lively happy hours after the desk job day is done--and you'll have the entire office talkin' about what a fashionista you are! 3-inches of lovely.

Sometimes you gotta just turn to a staple-brand. Mine is Steve Madden. Mr. Madden tends to carry just what I need--whether it be a basic wedge, a work-ready pump or even a patterned peep-toe. When I need a cute heel (or event a flat, gasp!), I know just where to park & walk into the mall where I can snag a shoe STAT. I'm lovin' this Steve Madden 'ULLTRA-L' Pump especially. It's got that understated, just-the-right-height heel--practically put on the face of this earth to be your standard "kick it up a notch" pump!

Sooooo, are you ready to unleash your wild-side yet? You've only gotta few more weeks 'til fall officially starts! Get crazy, leopard lova's!

holly in heels


English inspired.

Fall is quickly approaching, people! Can you even believe it?! I feel like it was just yesterday that I was posting on the latest in summer sandals and espadrilles! This time of year indeed means most of us are wrapping up our summer vacations, getting ready for school to start, and making lots of those back-to-school shopping trips. Look on the bright side, though--just means you get to trade in your summery wedges for chic boots! This season, fall is inspired by 'English prep'--think skinny cargos, layered looks with fitted jackets & blazers on top, and sleek riding boots. Plus, neutrals and earthy-tones are all the rage!

For example, we got these preppy & pretty Seychelles 'Bismuth' Booties--coated in distressed suede that gives them that boost of vintage-oxford. The 3 1/2" stacked heel is the perfect little lift you need to get you through the day in style. Great price, great fall bootie!

And if you're longing for a little more leather up your leg, the Miz Mooz 'Solis' Boot is surely callin' your name! All-leather with a fun lace-up detail and one fantastic 4" covered heel--what more could you ask for?!...I'll tell ya...maybe a sweet faux-fur lining? Yep, this prep-love boot is somethin' you'll keep pulling outta your closet to wear with skinny jeans & fitted cargos all season long.

And I couldn't just pass up showing you all this adorably double breasted military style jacket: the Kensie Faded Tweed Jacket! Check out those sassy skinny pockets and ruched shoulder details. The perfect autumn item to throw on with any outfit for any ol' occasion--and you're buttoned-up & out the door.

Are you ready for prep-school fall?

holly in heels


When the heels come off!

Occasionally I'll get fan emails from you lovely readers--and I uhhh-dore you for it! It's so much fun to give shoe advice, shopping advice, what's in season advice, etc. etc.! It reminds me that the internet & blogging community casts such a wide net and catches fashionistas from all over--and we really have so many common questions and style thoughts. Well, recently this note from a faithful follower landed it's little face in my inbox, and I just loved it:

Holly in Heels,
What are the fashionable fall colors for our toenails when the heels come off at the end of the day?

--A devoted fan :)

Good question, missy! SO...I did a little research and found that Fall 2010 nail colors are simply gorgeous this season! The 'in' colors for heel-wearin' toesies are pretty purples, marvelous metallics, matte neutrals like grey and beige, as well as shimmering rich golds, and even candy-apple reds & gem tones!

One of my personal fave polish labels, OPI, even has a new Swiss Collection of colors that'll make you D.I.E.! A fabulous array of the best hues for the upcoming season.

So have those toe-sies ready for the peeptoe heels and open-toe boots that you'll surely soon be stocking up on in that closet of yours! Oh, and keep sending me that fan mail-love. Muah!

holly in heels


Aren't you stoked?!

Well friends, I, along with the ladies at KM2 shoes are beyond overwhelmed by the great response we've gotten from doing this giveaway for FREE HIGH HEELS! I mean who would be crazy enough not to enter for this fabulous prize though, right? As I've thrown on my own 'Kristin' heels from KM2 over the past few weeks, I can't help but think of how stinkin' happy I am to own such unique and funky heels! I know the winner of this giveaway will surely feel the same.

Soooo...drum roll please...Jaci is the lucky duck WINNER who's gonna be sportin' KM2's very soon! Aren't you stoked?!

And as for the rest of ya's, don't fret. I've got another ridiculously fun giveaway up my sleeve for next month. Stay tuned! And in the meantime, you can continue to show your love to the ladies of KM2 by spreadin' the word about their gorgeous heel creations. Hey, even think about treatin' yourself to some--you deserve it, right?! Besides, know that 10% of their sales go to fighting human trafficking. Great cause. Great shoes. You can't go wrong.

For my next KM2 heel purchase, I'm considering these fantastically elegant 'Lauralee' heels with pretty pretty princess hand-sewn flowers, and shimmering swarovski crystals. I love nude heels because they're the secret (or not-so-secret) to making my legs look miiiiiles long! And a little sparkle at the toe never hurts!

Or, I'm also lovin' the 'Thunderbird' heels (and I hear some of you are too!), with the decadent bling at the edge and the richly-colored feathers. Now theeeese are statement shoes, ladies. Turn those heads! And to top it all off, these little Thunderbirdies WERE $250, but are now half the price (and let's face it, whatta deal for elegant custom-made heels!)! How can you resist?

Thank you again to KM2 for teaming up with me on such a successful gig! We heart creative gals like you who continue to grow our love for shoes (and the number of pairs in our closets!).

holly in heels


Straps & buckles

No matter how hard I tried this past weekend, I just couldn't help but stay up late on Friday AND Saturday night! I don't know what's gotten into me, frankly--maybe still jet-lagged from my Hawaiian vacation last week...or maybe I just need to cut back on the coffee. Ha! Well, all of this up-til-2 a.m. business had me of course playing on my laptop, scouring the virtual halls of Zappos, Piperlime, Amazon and Nordies for the best boots for fall. There are sooo many, ladies, watch out! Here are two (out of the many) fall-favorite booties I gazed upon, fell in love with, and couldn't help but blog about for my lovely readers to feast on...

I'll be the first to admit that I naturally gravitate toward brown boots. It's just my thang. I always pick brown over black when it comes to boots and handbags! Ya think it's 'cause I'm a brunette and the neutrals just look better on me? Not sure...but regardless, I do adore Jessica Simpson's 'Meri' bootie in gorgeous mahogany. Straps on the side and around the boot, an on-purpose weathered toe detail and stylish knot to finish! One perfectly stacked low-heel, too. You better believe I ordered these at this price on Amazon.com! Such a deal.
Check check check out these Naughty Monkey 'Playful' boots--that are o-so playfully stylish! A fresh, flat, over-the-knee boot made of 100% leather, that'll be perfect with skinny jeans or leggings when the fall rolls around. I'm no east-coast lady, but if I was, these would be my chilly weather staple! Did you notice the oversized buckle and funktified studded strap detail?! Adore. Cute & tiny 1/4" heel and a full inside-zip closure, too.

I guess I love me some straps & buckles, eh?

holly in heels
P.S. Feelin' lucky? Don't forget that the winner of my high heel giveaway will be picked at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT! Enter while you still can!


Back on the mainland

This little wahine is back on the mainland after my week-long trip to Hawaii! What a fantastically fun trip--full of mai tais, mahi mahi, snorkeling, ocean waves...and of course a little Hawaiian shopping! Found a good handful of boutiques and shops (thanks to some sweet recs from my islander friend from the elisharon blog!) and I managed to purchase a few fab items.

While I catch my breath and try to escape the island time I'm still a-runnin' on, make sure you gals enter my HIGH HEEL GIVEAWAY that's only gonna last a few more days! It's simple to enter--and you will luuuu-huvvv me forever if you win these KM2 shoes. They're scrumptious.

Aloooha, and hope you all have had a super duper week!
holly in heels


Anthropologie through the eyes of a man...

Many of you know I've had a slight Anthropologie obsession lately--all of their vintage-y looks have been catching my eye and stealing my heart straightaway! Well, to tie you over while I'm still on my Hawaiian vacation, I decided to let my comedian bro-in-law do another little shoe review--Anthropologie style (you remember his last review, don't ya?)! I have to admit that I gave him a shoe to review that wasn't your mainstream, everyday shoe...but I really do like this Scarlet & Crimson Wedge from Anthro. Here's a little glimpse into the mind of one man when it comes to shoes...enjoy & aloha!
holly in heels

These shoes are from a store called Anthropologie. No man likes Anthropologie. We don't like it, because it isn’t a word! It is just some random, expensive-sounding group of letters. I am ok with Nordstrom, 'cause that sounds like a persons name. I am fine with any thrift store, because thrift is a word. And I am even fine with H&M because it sounds like m&m. I can distract myself for at least 10 minutes of shopping with the idea that I might get some m&m’s later. BUT Anthropologie is a nonexistent word. Trust me, my spell-check is running out of red underlines as I keep typing the name of this MAGIC store.

“Hey Jeff lets go shopping at Anthropologie.”
“Don’t you mean Anthropology... the study of humanity?”
“No Jeff, I meant Anthropologie, the study of crusty looking candle holders that cost over 20 bucks.” example

Everything in this store looks like it is misplaced in history, as if it is trying to be a time-travelers garage sale. Everything is “brand new” but is meant to look intentionally vintage. You might have assumed (like the rest of us) that antiques are just normal things that have aged. BUT NOPE. Antiques are born here, and are weird, rusty, and over-priced right from the start.

The mentioning of weirdness gets me to this shoe. I don’t mind this shoe entirely. I like funky things. Hell, I even like hummingbirds pattern on the of the inside of a shoe. But when we get down to it, this shoe is expensive for what it is. It costs 160 bucks for something that looks likes an Alice in Wonderland stage prop. And I say that as fact, not as an insult. I really think the person who made this shoe thought, “Lets ride the wave of the Tim Burton movie coming out. Make that shoe look like an acid trip.”

Now that I have been around a woman for at least 3 weeks of my life (rough estimate), I think I know why they might want these shoes. Women would buy this shoe so that other women might say “hey those shoes are so CUTE.” But I also know what cute means: “Those shoes are weirder than the rest of your outfit and I need to make my glaring at them seem like a compliment.” And if that is your goal, then there are plenty of shoes out there that cost less that would do the same thing. I suggest that you get some keds...slap some glitter on ‘em and watch the comments flood in. Seriously, women will call anything that is shiny or weird "cute". ANYTHING. It is just how most women work. I helped a female friend pick
out a new car based entirely on COLOR! She didn’t care about anything but the shininess & cuteness, and she ended up with a neon green Geo Metro.

Guys are the opposite. I have a friend who uses old postal boxes instead of actual drawers and cabinets cause “they are free and sturdier.” It makes him look homeless in his own home. So women are crazy, but guys are dumb.

Not as dumb as the guy who named this place Anthropologie. Only place I distrust more is: Sur La Table. Luckily they don’t sell shoes.

Nice shoes though Holly.


Mai Tais & High Heels

Packing for a vacation is hard. It just is! As a woman, you never quite know what you're going to feel like wearing once you get to your destination, what the weather will really be like, what sort of fancy-pants dinners you'll be heading out on--or if you're just going to spend the entire week on the sand living in your bathing suit. Welllll, all of this to say that I'm off to Maui this week for the wedding of one of my best friends, and the shoe-packing has been quite a challenge! That's right, my hub & I have turned this Hawaiian event into our big summer vacation and will be trading in our week of work & daily grind for a few mai tais and a nice tan. I had to share with you the 4 pairs of shoes (gasp!) that I plan on packin' away with me--it's super casual-land in Maui, so I tried to keep that in mind. Whatcha think?!

I dig with a passion my Reef 'Ugandal' sandals--great t-strap and tan leather that makes my legs look simply sun-kissed (hence they're purrrfect Hawaii beach shoes!). The colorful papery beads on these cuties are made by women in Uganda, who are trained jewelry designers, and are encouraged to make a better life for their families by providing a market for their jewelry--part of a project started by 31 Bits. 31 Bits carries tons of cute necklaces and bracelets too (many of which I own and love!).
Also in the sandalia category, I'm definitely packin' away with me my white & gold-studded Cynthia Vincent sandals from Target. Such. A. Deal. You might remember my Cynthia Vincent for Target purchase back in April (I still feel my heart jump up and down every time I think about scorin' these amazing wedges)! I think the gold embellishment on these puppies just adds that extra day-to-night look for flat sandals.

I just can't leave on a vacation without red shoes. It's like an unsaid rule in my shoe-lover brainy brain. So I'm also taking wedges similar to these (below) that I found on a killer sale a few summers ago at a little shop in my central CA hometown. They're just enough color to spice up an outfit--even with my new army green short-shorts!

Finally, these BP. Platinum 'Empire' sandals are my fabulous bridesmaid shoes (which make a great double as my out-to-a-nice-dinner shoes, I must say!). I will admit to you that I picked these out for all of us b-maids (who else would you expect to do it, right?!), and they're quite a hit. Comfy beyond belief and just the right height--and a lovely shade of not-too-shimmery gold.

As far as keepin' the sun outta my eyes, I made this fedora purchase at Target yesterday--which I know I won't regret. Super cute to roll out of bed, throw on my head, and head down to the beach!

Well, that's that, I'm off to Aloha-land. Awww, don't worry...you have my high heel giveaway to keep you busy. Enter, enter, enter. Mahalo!

holly in heels


One hot heel giveaway!

Well readers...it's your lucky stinkin' summer because I have yet another giveaway! This time we're givin' away HIGH HEELS! Yep, it's maybe my most favorite-est thing in the whole wide world, and KM2 shoes is making our high-heel dreams come true. I have to say these heels are fab-yoo-lus (especially since I recently welcomed KM2's gorgeous 'Kristin' heels into my own high heel collection!). They are true to size, extremely comfy, and have that unique design that's truly eye-catching! You can purchase KM2 shoes online or in stores near you. I love the story of this company too--three sisters founded KM2, Megan, Katelyn and Mattison Gelber, after growing up with two very fashion-forward parents. Their mid-western roots and life experiences in New York & Los Angeles have caused these ladies to develop a unique style, rooted in nostalgia, with an edgy flare! I asked them a few questions about to help us all get to know them better and loved what they had to say...

Tell us a bit about KM2 shoes and how you got started.
We grew up with our dad in the shoe business and loved shoes because we were always the sample size! We always got dressed with our shoes first. I think having a shoe company was always in the back of our head--and a great dream--but you never think that you actually can do something like that, especially at our age. I remember sitting in on one of Kate's marketing classes at UCLA (I was playing hookie on mine). The professor got everyone's background (ours was shoes) and had us for a homework assignment create a shoe for this girl who couldn't find her perfect heel. The idea was that a business isn't as hard as you think, and if you can give someone exactly what they want (and you love what you do), then you should be in business! The next day after literally buying rubber at Home Depot and leather from vintage jackets, we were learning how to make shoes from scratch and create a concept we loved. We got the help of a cobbler, prayed a lot, had a few super glue accidents--and from there KM2 was born.

KM2 shoes came about because we wanted to give every woman exactly what she wanted in a fabulous pair of shoes. That's also where the customizing came in--we create styles from our classic constructions, and clients are able to tweak them if they so desire or keep them as we designed.

WHERE or WHO do you draw fashion inspiration from?
Inspiration comes a lot from looking at runways and converting them into my own world. Right now I think Prada, Balmain, Dsquared, Alexander Wang...I'm loving what they are putting out as far as footwear goes. We get inspired by characters too. We design around characters we love and put ourselves in their life situations and think,
"If I were her what would I be wearing here?"

Having our own design studio changes everything too. I dream an amazing shoe idea and wake up and work with it until I get it right. Sometimes if you sketch something, it looks great on paper but doesn't translate. We have the ability to get it right every time and be hands on.

If you could give us ONE fashion tip, what would it be?
Start with shoes first! Everything else will fall into place. My dad taught us that if you have amazing shoes and accessories, you can pull off anything.

What is your fashion philosophy?
Ohhh I think I just put my answer in the last question. Don't ever be afraid. If you love it, rock it!

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The winner will be picked on Monday, August 16th at midnight. Good luck, shoe lova's!

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