Boots for the Twihearted

Twilight fans, silence your cell phones, put down your 'Team Edward' signs and check this little sneak peak out! I just came across a fun Twihearted newsflash that sassy little Ashley Greene (one of the stylish 'Twilight' cast members) was spotted in the studded & chic '6.69' boot from Be&D's Pre-Fall 2010 line.Now normally, I'm no star-gazing shoe girl (actually not even a Twilight series lov'a), but Ms. Greene sure wears these studded boots well! I just couldn't help myself. A conservative 1/2-inch heel on these rocker girl boots is just right--and the best part is, you can fold down the top & convert into lower booties! They look uhhh-mazing with jeans of all shades since they're a great rich black leather.
The price on these is a bit too rich for my blood (insert vampire joke here) but maybe I can live vicariously through one of my wealthier readers! Ok, resume what you were doing...just wanted you to check these out with me. Happy Wednesday!

holly in heels


  1. those may be the most perfect casual boots....

  2. ashley greene is beautiful!

    thanks for the comment/follow!
    following you!! <333

  3. Whyyyyyyy did you have to show me those? Gorgeous!

  4. Oh YES ... those are amazing!

  5. I'm not a Twilight girl either but I think Ashley Greene is so gorgeous -- and these boots are amazing!
    xo Josie

  6. i loooove those boots! maybe its cause im such a twihard. but still, nonetheless they're great.
    love the blog!

    ps. check out, we're new:)

  7. OMG m' awesome are those boots, right?! Kristin: sorry to encourage your shopping habits ;) Hope you all had a fab weekend! xo

  8. those shoes are adorable! i want a pair for myself :)


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