Lazy days

It's the end of the week, I'm slowly unpacking from my week-long vacation to my hometown and family, and utterly enjoying my last few days off. Not only have I managed to eat 3 large meals a day everyday this last week, but I also have developed a terrible addiction to words with friends on my iPhone. Help me! Ahhh, but it's days like this that I just wanna curl up with a good book + some of my favorite high heels for fashion inspiration...

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New Year's Pretties!

Every year, it always seems to be a dilemma--what the heck am I going to do for New Year's?! I have to say, it's gotten easier since I've gotten married. I no longer have the nervousness of looking for something to avoid sitting on the couch with only Ben & Jerry as my dates (although Phish Food is pretty amazing!). And I also don't have to worry about who to snag and kiss when the ball drops...always the dreaded thought of any single girl. Ah yes, but now my biggest dilemma is: 1) what the hubs and I do to ring in the new year, and 2) what shoes to wear to ring it in fabulously. After a little web-scouring, though, I think I've narrowed at least the shoes part down:

Vince Camuto also has some insanely chic crystal'd pumps on the scene right now--the 'Crane' pumps are a close 2nd on my top 3 list. Any color suede that Mr. Camuto offers in these babies are just right for me, although I do dig the black & teal duo for their individuality.

Enzo's 'Torrez' pumps are gorgeously feathered in all of the right ways. Sure, sure, they may be 5 inches tall (with a 1" platform), but I just figure it's good exercise for my calves.

Sam Edelman always brings it--but these scream "HAPPY 2012!" to me! I will say that I don't normally dig the spikey studs that Edelman has on a lot of his designs right now, but these are done tastefully. Yep, I'm talking about the 'Scarlett' pumps, in a beautiful peep-toe and t-strap. While $200 might be a bit steep for my post-Christmas wallet, I think I can manage to squeeze them into my shopping budget somehow!

So what's your favorite New Year's shoe? Hot hot heels or bunny slippers? Do tell!

holly in heels


TOMS for all occassions

Have I ever told you all how much I love TOMS shoes? I mean, I'm sure by now TOMS is old news to many of you - their "one for one" movement has taken communities by storm, with a cause worth buying for, that truly gives back. I, myself, own several pairs of TOMS, but when I got my sweet feet into a pair of their wedges recently, I fell in love! They are SO comfy, so fun and different than any of the other wedges in my closet, I really do adore them! And now with the new shiny, sparkly holiday collection that TOMS is sportin', I couldn't help but blog about it and spread the word. Check 'em, ladies:
These are a few of my faves - you can find all of the shiny styles here. And if it's TOMS wedges you're after, check out the awesome selection that Nordstrom carries.

Always on the lookout for a good wedge - especially when it comes with a great cause.

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Small Biz Shopping

In case you haven't heard, today is small business Saturday--time to break yourself free of the two-day turkey coma that you were in, and throw on your shopping shoes and get out there to support your local businesses! Now, even though I often blog about shoes found at online shops and department stores, I've always been a true-blue supporter of small business (feel like it comes with the territory when you grow up in a small town like I did). When I finally moved to a bigger suburban area like Southern California, I thought all of that would be thrown out the window--surrounded by oversized shopping malls and corporate plazas, I thought for sure I should accept a new kinda shopping lifestyle. But oh no was I wrong! There are TONS of small boutiques and businesses all around me where I can get just as good of a deal as any other place, and get to support someone who I actually know and chat with each time I drop by their shop. Plus, shopping local and small biz means that I won't be giving the same exact boxed-up gift that everyone else is giving this season--there's always something new and unique around the corner!

Without further adieu, I thought I'd give you a peek at just a few local small businesses that I frequent in the So Cal area--feel free to add to the list in the comments below, and share your favorite small shops in your hometown area!

1. Deer Lovely
Deer Lovely is a sweet lil' spot in The OC Mart Mix that carries some of my favorite women's blouses, skirts, jackets, handbags and jewelry (think Anthropologie at 1/2 the price!), as well as some uber cute men's tees and button ups.

2. Laurenly
Found in the charming old town Orange district in none other than OC, Laurenly carries great brands like Free People, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Paige denim, and Gentle Fawn - mixed with adorable handmade accessories - with a great selection of shoes, heels, sandals and even TOMS!

3. Apples & Oranges
My most recent find--a & o sells vintage everything at insanely low prices. Here you'll find vintage Gucci, Neiman Marcus, Louis Vuitton--I even picked myself up a vintage Nordstrom tan leather clutch and a crazy-cool gold cuff yesterday. Also located in The OC Mart Mix.

4. Westerly
When I'm feeling like a trip to a beachy-er spot, I drive up PCH and head to Westerly, for designer labels, glamorous tops and boho-chic dresses. Westerly always gets me with their gorgeous selection of handbags, bracelets and necklaces--a bit easier on my pocketbook (yes, I said pocketbook, WHUT).

5. Spotted Moth
I just hit up Spotted Moth up yesterday for their amazing 30% off sale for the shopaholic weekend, and found soooo many adorable holiday tops, pea coats, leggings, adorable & affordable heels, and even special occasion dresses. They carry some similar names to what Piperlime carries, but with instant gratification instead of awaiting the whole ship-to-your-house part.

So this season, do what you can to take some time to discover the hidden jewels in your own backyard and support your local businesses! You may make a shop-owner friend and find just the right gift for the gift-giving season.

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Gifts from Tory!

Watch out...the gift guide from one of my all-time fave designers, Tory Burch, recently hit my inbox and man oh man, if it weren't for my financial analyst husband, I'd be shamelessly taking my lunch break at the mall, making a beeline for the Tory store, and whippin' out the credit card on the spot! Sooo much shine in this holiday gift guide: you'll find glimmers of gold, blocks of black, and that classic clean-lined design that is Tory Burch. Check it.

Here are a few of my personal faves, which juuuuust may make it to the short list of Christmas wishes this season:

Dear Tory,

Your designs drive me crazy, your style is so chic! Can you whisper in Santa's ear that I've been an extra good girl this year? K, thanks.

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Long time, no blog.

Life gets nutty. You know the feeling, right? I mean, work piles up, mail and magazines begin to take over the dining room table, and amidst the madness you end up coming home from a full day's work totally and utterly exhausted from using that little brain of yours to solve problems AND manage to be creative. Am I alone here? I sure as heck hope not! Now, don't get me wrong either--I'm not complaining (smirk). When life stacks up with busy-ness, it's good for me to stop and remind myself that it's because my life is good and rich and full of amazing things.

Something I can always slow down for when life gets a little cray-cray is...you get one guess...shoes. I think that's something I mentioned when I first started this blog, too, that so many things change in life, but shoes are just something that I can always count on--my shoe size never changes, and the possibilities are always endless. So when I laid eyes on the 'Thaddea' pumps by Enzo Angiolini, in the latest holiday mag from Nordstrom, I knew these needed to join the family of heels in my shoe closet. The vintage-inspired look of these oh-so modern platform peep toes made me shriek with fashion happiness! And the lush purple color...oh man, I was sold. So a trip to the mall later, these are mine all mine, and I'm soooo stoked to buckle them on.

Nothin' like new heels to calm a girl down and bring her back to earth from the madness that life brings!

holly in heels



It's rare, but it happens. When I have no words to say, no things to think, just in pure shock and wonder of what planet I'm really on and how in the heck people can actually make $$$ on this kinda stuff?! What am I referring to, you ask? Jeffrey Campbell's latest skate-boot creation, available at Urban Outfitters (clearly the only retail store nutso enough to sell - or not sell - these boots).

Usually I dig Mr. Campbell's line but I have to say, I will pass on these suckers. Would you dare to wear???

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A Louboutin Fall

Fall--it's pretty much my favorite time of year. Leaves are turning color, weather is a'changin', pumpkin patches are poppin' up in the middle of shopping centers (gotta love suburban life), and it's time I swap my tank tops out for sweaters and scarves. I. Love. Fall.

Apparently, Christian Louboutin loves fall too--his new fall collection of dashingly chic fall heels has just made it's way to the Neiman Marcus shelves. Check out the full collection here, and dream away, heel lovers! I usually am totally, 100% down with CL's designs--but I can't say that the pom-pom heel flourishes will make it into my wardrobe. Whatcha think?

If the pom-pom's don't make the H in H cut, I'll be autumn-dreaming of these classic Altadama Pumps, in perfect tan leather and wooden platform detail. Adore!

Happy fall, lovelies! Louboutins may not be pumpkin-patch-proof, but they sure are gorgeous.

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Shop It To Ya!

Hola shoppers! I may have mentioned this before, but I've had an uber-big crush on a lil' shopping website called Shop It To Me, for quite some time now. I signed up about a year ago, and they send me weekly emails, showing me all of the best deals on the brands of my choosing (saves me some time in combing thru website after website!). And after blogging for some time now, they even have me listed as a 'trendsetter' on their site, which of course I give SITM props for (wink)!

This leads me to my get-to-the-point-you-long-winded-blogger idea: to kick off the fall shopping season, Shop It To Me is running a killer giveaway, helping a lucky member score the dream bag or shoes of her choice! Brands like Christian Louboutin, Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Choo, and Rebecca Minkoff--you can't go wrong! Rules are simple-simon, so get to it!

Trust me on this one, ladies--you won't regret it! Ends Friday...so now Shop It To Me!


Am I off here?

There are some trends in fashion that catch on--like the miniskirt or the wedge sandal or the peep-toe pump. These standards tend to stick around, and even live through generations of stylish sweethearts and fashionistas. And theeeeeen there are some trends that die quickly (and I thank the fashion gods for that!)--I'm mostly thinking of the 80's here--decked out hi-tops, slap bracelets, hammer pants, scrunchies, you get the gist.

Well, one of the recent trends I came across on a recent fall fashion report, by one of my trusted sources, was the wedge boot trend. Sizes, textures, shapes and heights of all proportion, these $200+ wedge boots strike me as a fleeting fashion--somethin' you won't catch this girl wearin', that's fo sho.

Now, you gotta be honest with me, readers--am I off here? Are these wedge boots a piece of something you'll be sportin' around town? Do tell!

holly in heels


Smart women, strong heels!

Just lovin' the new Stuart Weitzman campaign that landed in my inbox today--you said it, and you said it well, Stu--smart women, strong heels! Check out this mix of bold and brave heels from Stuart Weitzman from his fall, on-trend collection. Perfect for work days and weekends, all of these heels have that thick n' chunky heel that is SOooo Fall 2011--even bringing in that of-the-moment look of 70's chic.

Go ahead, browse the strong heel collection and tell me--which style is YOUR fave?

holly in heels


Loafer love.

Hey loves,
Although it's still 80+ degrees outside and September hasn't even hit, I still find myself looking ahead to my next fall shoe purchases! With tweed, suede and animal prints on the top of the fall trends list, I've been browsing around for what's out there that fits with my own style...and Ooooo boy, have I found it! I've recently fallen in love with these Sam Edelman 'Wesley' loafer wedges. Yep, feast your eyes on them ladies--5 inches of wooden wedge wonder, and 100% suede. Mr. Edelman, where did you GET such style?!
holly in heels


Gettin' the boot.

Hello lovely readers. Well, in case you've been wondering where I've been hiding out for the past few days (excuse my blogging absence!), I've been wandering the green hills and seasides of beautiful Monterey, CA! It was the annual family trip up the coast for the epic Concourse d'Elegance in Pebble Beach--a wildly gorgeous event where car enthusiasts and high-rollers alike come together for a full week/weekend of fun. My husband's family are the true car-enthusiasts--they know literally everything about the history of the cars, the racers of the past, the finest of the fine, etc. etc. Me...welllllll...I mainly look at all of the fancy shoes & hats that make their debut on some pretty fancy-pants ladies (but I do appreciate the cars too!).

Between the Ferraris and the Alfa Romeos of the weekend, my shoe-glued eyes noticed a ton of riding boots walking the coastal streets of California. Seems right, since it was misty and cloudy for most of the day--but it truly reignited and inspired my love for the riding boot. So classic, so adorable--throw on your best pair o' skinny jeans and you've got a perfect palette for the riding boot! Nordstrom.com is carrying some goooood boots right now--including this Steven by Steve Madden 'Woper' Boot. Piperlime (my personal go-to, as you know) has a great selection of poshy leather riding boots as well--check it out.

Whatever boot you may choose for your style, thanks mucho for being patient with me as I vacationed for life (and from blogging!) and for not givin' ME the boot! Love you, readers.

holly in heels


My short list.

I'm really not one to spend half my paycheck on shoes. Just ask my senior financial analyst husband, who has me on a strict shopping budget since we've been married (not that he learned that the hard way, ha ha). So, I must confess that I have a small list of designer shoes that I'm savin' my little blogger-girl pennies for. On my short list of designer shoes that I'd love to add to my lovely shoe closet, are some Manolo Blahniks. I just cannot pass up this once architecture-studied designer, who's "distinctively sexy and sophisticated" heels have won over the hearts of women all over the world!

So I'm thinkin' that these Scalloped Suede Mary Jane Pumps are just right for me--straight from Manolo's fall collection, that's filled with leopard patterns, leather textures, and pointy-toes galore. On this suede Mary Jane, I'm obviously instantly attracted to the uber-fab teal color, and the scalloped stitched-up trim, with a button to close! These puppies are "wow-shoes" fo sho.

Do tell: what designer kicks are on your shopping short list?

holly in heels


Pump, pump, pump it up!

Sooooo, the fall preview for Neiman Marcus just hit the web waves, and it has none other than PUMPS written all over it! Yep, as far as I can tell the Fall 2011 trends are pointing to rich reds & purples, leopard love, round-toe and peep-toe too. From Jimmy Choo, to Tory Burch--my faves are splashed all over the NM page of fall finds. Here's a chic peek at what's the come. What's YOUR fave?

The Brian Atwood leopard print platform pump is topping my list of lovelies today--tall and chic and insanely gorgeous with any fall outfit! I just love the history on shoe designer guru Brian Atwood--a Chicago native, this style guru studied art and architecture until he wound up in the presence of Gianna Versace, becoming the first American designer Versace hired. And the rest is history (and good shoes), folks! Love his "old Hollywood meets modern European" designs.

I just dig the flared + funky heel on Miu Miu's suede peep toe heel, don't you? Sold in a decadent wine color or a sexy black suede, your legs will look long, long, long...watch out Heidi Klum! The nearly 5-inch heel helps a bit with that (wink!).

Did someone say candy? I thought I heard it! Well, London-based designer Charlotte Olympia Dellal sure did--this striped suede platform pump of Charlotte's reminds me of my old favorite Candyland game, or even a sweet pinwheel lollipop--all 5 1/2 inches of this heel is pure, unadulterated platform. Looks like a heel for one of the Kardashians, doesn't it?! So sweet!

And probably more on my 'affordable' side of the fall trends list is Rachel Zoe's suede platform pump. Not only is Ms. Zoe one of my favorite fashion divas, but she has impeccable style that would never do ya wrong! This almond toe, crocodile-embossed leather stands tall and towering (for us shorties), perfectly fit to pair with black skinny jeans or that posh pencil skirt. Wow, and check out the back of this baby!

Happy day to you--and get yourself ready to pump, pump, pump it up come fall season!

holly in heels


80's dream winner!

So not only is it the start of a brand new week here in sunny southern CA, but it's time to announce the winner of my OC Fair giveaway! Yep yep, the lucky winner will be whisked away into an 80's grammy-winning dream of seeing pop star Pat Benatar in a prime-o spot at the Orange County Fair's Pacific Amphitheater! And I'm happy to announce that Sarah Dowdell--owner of one of the cutest new boutiques in OC, Deer Lovely in Costa Mesa--is our winner! If you'd like to check out any of the concerts happening over the next few weeks at the OC Fair, just visit their website and soak in the summer fun!

Hey, and Pat Benatar obviously had some wicked taste in heels back in the day, judging by this pic--I can't wait to hear from Sarah what Ms. B will be sportin' at her August concert! Two words: We belong.

Thanks to all who entered--more free summer giveaways comin' up reeeeeeal soon! Stay tuned.

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Choo Summer.

Now even though my wallet (and my husband) would screeeeam if I bought a pair of Jimmy Choo's, I'm still waiting for the day that I hit the lottery and get to buy as many designer kicks as I possibly can! One can always dream, eh? Well, I'm in the mood for dreamin' big after feasting my eyes on Jimmy Choo's summer picks for pre-Fall '11. Check out my top picks--boasting studs, buckles, wedge heels and wooden--and try not to rush out the door to your nearest Choo shop...

Oh Jimmy...you sure know the way to my heart!

holly in heels

P.S. if you're an OC local and you haven't entered my giveaway for FREE CONCERT TICKETS to see 80's star Pat Benatar & OC Fair admission, then get to it! Click here to get one step closer to the hottest night of your summer!


One FAIR giveaway!

It's summertime, no doubt. The temps are risin', the bbq's are firin' up, and the short-shorts are coming out in full swing! Oh yes yes, and don't forget about the summer shoes that hittin' the sidewalks right now--sizzling sandals, gorgeous wedges, towering platforms...the list goes on & on. But amidst all of the summer fun + fashion, I must confess to you readers what one of my favorite summertime events is--right up there with sale shoppin' and water-sliding, it's THE FAIR! You heard me right, this small town blooded girl just loooooves to throw on her summer sandals, soak up the sun, munch on fried food & cotton candy, and scope out the ferris wheel and outdoor concerts (bikini diet currently on hold!).

You may ask, what sorta kicks does one sport to a day at the fair?--well, personally I'd say it's fair game (no pun intended, promise), to style yourself with some comfy, summery wedges like these chic & stylish 'Jungle' espadrilles from Jessica Simpson...OR if your feet aren't as heel-friendly, you may throw on a shiny pair of gladiator-inspired sandals like these Miss Me 'Leon 2's.
And in honor of the fair season, and all of this summa'time talk, I've decided to treat one lucky reader to 4 FREE TICKETS to see 80's star & grammy-winner Pat Benatar at the Orange County Fair on August 3rd (front & center seats)!!! So. Much. Fun. Oh yes, you remember Ms. Benatar from her uber-amazing power ballads like "We Belong" "Love is a Battlefield" and "Heartbreaker"! You knoooow you wanna grab your best girls & rock out with your spicy dancin' shoes on! Tickets include a full day's admission to the fair, so you can do a lil' pre-concert noshing on famously fried fair food, hop on a few rides, and head to the amphitheater just in time to sing along with 80's diva, Pat Benatar.

, you must:
  • FOLLOW the Holly in Heels blog (click FOLLOW at top right of the page).
  • COMMENT on this post telling me what your favorite summer shoe style is!
  • LEAVE YOUR EMAIL or TWITTER HANDLE so I can tell you if you've won.
For additional entries, increasing your chances to win:
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The music-lovin' winner will be announced 1 week from today--Mon, July 25th!
*Must be 18 or older to enter, and ONLY available to U.S. residents.

And just in case you wanna catch the full line-up of concerts at the OC Fair this summer, here ya go:

SUMMER 2011 concert schedule
“Weird Al” ALPOCOLYPSE: Saturday, July 9
Bob Dylan: Friday, July 15
Neon Trees: Saturday, July 16
The Pink Floyd Experience: Sunday, July 17
Chris Isaak: Wednesday, July 20
Steve Miller Band: Thursday, July 21
Big Time Rush: Friday, July 22
The Fab Four / Jumping Jack Flash: Saturday, July 23
Selena Gomez and the Scene: Sunday, July 24
Paul Rodgers: Wednesday, July 27
Chicago: Thursday, July 28
Blake Shelton: Friday, July 29
Tiger Army / The Blasters: Saturday, July 30
Melissa Etheridge: Sunday, July 31
Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo: Wednesday, August 3
Weezer: Thursday, August 4
Ray Manzarek & Robby Krieger of The Doors w/ vocalist Dave Brock: Friday, August 5
Bill Cosby: Saturday, August 6
Huey Lewis and the News: Sunday, August 7
Montgomery Gentry: Wednesday, August 10
Kansas / Blue Oyster Cult: Thursday, August 11
Three Dog Night and America: Friday, August 12
Steel Pulse / The Wailers: Saturday, August 13
B.B. King: Sunday, August 14
for tickets to any of these fun, fun events, click here.

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Color is key.

One of my top 10 fashion rules that I tend to think of everyday is that COLOR IS KEY. Even if you're feeling like it's a grey day or that a formal all-black dress is in order--a pop of color goes a looooong way. It draws the eye to the cute colorful bracelets dangling from your wrist, the thin lil' bright belt that you wrapped around your waist, or of course the brilliant shoes you decide to toss on your feet.

Well, do check out these oh-so vivid platforms from none other than Jessica Simpson--the JS 'Elso' sandals. With a nearly 5-inch heel behind ya, a cute & classic t-strap, and even a dash of slick patent leather, it might be the best $89 you've spent!

Show off that colorful style this summer! And geeeeeet noticed.

holly in heels