A new me, a new you!

So it's t-minus 36 hours until the clock strikes the year 2011: can you even believe it? 2010 has been an amazing year for this little miss thang--especially because it was the year that the good ol' Holly in Heels blog began! Time sure flies when you're havin' fun (and shoe shopping along the way, of course!). Now it's time to ring in another New Year, alongside good friends, bubbly champagne, and Ryan Seacrest on TV. And all of this hoo-haw calls for a great outfit, and one darned good pair o' kicks! Here's a couple'a ideas from my short list of New Year's Eve favorites...

As if the Trump Family doesn't have enough fame & fortune already, Miss Ivanka Trump had to come out with a new line of shoes (you're HIRED!). Ivanka Trump's 'Pinki' glitter-girl heel is as shiny as the Trump Tower (and not nearly as expensive!). Sure to bring sparkle to your step on NYE, this sassy 4-inch pump has an indestructible synthetic outsole, making this $125 purchase well worth it!

If it's a shadowy lady look you're goin' for during the last few hours of 2010, then you'll no doubt wanna throw on Calvin Klein's 'Patrish' peep-toe ankle boot. Also a 4-inch heel, and 100% leather, you can wear these suckers now with tights, and then take them all the way into spring 2011 when the time rolls around!

...and of course I can't leave this sweet lil' post without mentioning my New Year's Resolution list! Here's what's (hopefully) in store for Holly in Heels:

• Write more letters

• Dream more

• Stop over-committing, and take more time to stop & smell the flowers

• Discover more new music

• Try eyelash extensions

• Practice the piano

• Take a notebook with me wherever I go

• Launch a new blog-look (check!)

• Have a killer high-heel giveaway on Holly in Heels (stay tuned!)

Ummmm, so the last two items (guess what): I already did! Yep, you guessed it (and hopefully you've noticed by now...or I'd say put it on your resolutions list to have those peepers checked), I launched A BRAND NEW BLOG LOOK, thanks to the lovely Kyla Roma of Freckled Nest Design! I'm so so so so excited about the new look of my blog, and even more stoked to announce my next giveaway (it's gunna be amaaay-zing, so stay tuned!). Go ahead and click around on the new pages and tabs and links on my blog--even paste the new html badge on your own site!

So here's to a New Year, and a new you! And do tell:
what are some of your New Year's resolutions?

holly in heels


Christmas shoes

Does anyone remember that song "The Christmas Shoes"? Ummm, yeah I do, and albeit sappy, it will still go down in the history books as the only song on the radio to ever make me cry! That's right, you heard it here first, folks--I cried like an onion peeler at that song when I heard it play on my local country station. But can you blame me?! Any song about Christmas + Jesus + cancer is bound to be a tear-jerker.

Well, on a much happier Christmas-shoe note (and something that would only make me cry tears of JOY!): I think I found the perfect Christmas shoe. It's the Kate Spade 'Darla' heel--wrapped in 100% cheery Christmas suede and finished off with a bow! The shiny red patent 3 1/2" heel & buckled strap will only put even more of a shine in your Christmastime step, and take you into 2011 with pizazz. I know, I know, you might spend half of your Christmas moolah on these suckers, but you can't put a price on good style, right? ...and you certainly can't put a price on great Christmas shoes!

Ho ho ho...only a few more shopping days left!

holly in heels


Grinchy Green

Sooooo it's almost Christmastime. The holidays are so often full of what most call hustle & bustle...but I'm choosing not to get sucked into that mall-madness mess and am doing most of my Santa Claus shopping from the comfort of my own home--in my pj's, next to my fragrant Christmas tree (it's red-themed this year & beautiful!). And for some reason during this festive shopping season, I keep comin' back to GREEN shoes & garb this year. You think it's The Grinch in me, or what?

Well, Dr. Suess character or not, Enzo Angiolini created this fabulous platform pump especially for Norstrom (exclusive, that's right!), and it's to die for. The 'Sully' peep-toe pump is a true sugarplum dream. It's got that comfort-fit that Enzo is known for, but stands at a striking 4 1/2-inches, with 1-inch platform (comparable to a 3 1/2-inch heel). The richly-colored dark olive suede gives it that classic & timeless look that is holiday party-ready!

Another mean, green style-machine heel I've spotted all over the scene this season is the Sam Edelman 'Novato' pump. In my favorite shade of army green, it's one slingback platform pump that you don't wanna go without! 5-inches of greeny-goodness, you can find the 'Novato' pump in six different shades on Piperlime.com--and at an amazing $100 price tag!

So whatever holiday mischief you get yourself into this season, don't forget to stop...take deep breaths...and think about the fabulous shoes that just might end up in your stocking (if you're good)!

holly in heels


Kate, you're great.

My Monday morning question to you (don't worry, it's not rocket science for your weekend-er brain): why is Kate so stinkin' great?! I'm talkin' Kate Spade here, little ladies--God bless 'er. There is something so spiffy & classic about what Ms. Spade stocks the shelves with, it just steals my heart away! Lately, I've been smitten with these two very basic, but oh-so-pretty black pumps. Perfect for winter, and might just fit nicely into my Christmas stocking!

The 'Halle' pump (close enough to my namesake itself) is perfectly patent and back by popular Kate Spade-ish demand! It's simply the must-have for any fashionista who's hittin' the holiday shopping malls or sipping on Christmas cocktails this season. I personally adore the 3.5" wedge heel that makes this pump a dream to dash around in.

Or spread a little polka-dotted Santa baby cheer with this 'Karolina' suede-made pump. Sophisticated from top to bottom, Kate Spade has styled this uber-posh pump with a patent leather heel that'll shine in the winter sun or snow. Gorgeous!

So are you convinced yet?!...Kate, you're great.

holly in heels


Shoppin' Cyber!

So, we officially made it. Yep, we made it through yet another stuff-your-face Thanksgiving and probably some funny family incidents, too. I know that I made it through traveling during the so-called 'busiest travel season of the year'--scratch & stress-free, thankyouverymuch! Aaaand, last but most certainly not least, we made it through Black Friday! Quite the accomplishment if you dared to brave that nutty mall parking lot and the extra-ridiculous long lines at Starbucks, in between purchases. Well, now that the Black Friday madness is over, fret not--you can shop from the comfort of your own laptop today, this Cyber Monday 2010! And in honor of that, Miss H-in-H here has decided to give you a few eensy-teensy tips on the shoe sales going on today to snatch up and enjoy, over leftover pumpkin pie & stuffing...

Nordstrom.com has the ever-loved free shipping offer right now and tooons of gorgeous shoes at an astounding 50% off! Pretty sure this DV by Dolce Vita 'Spank' bootie can be found at the top of my pretty little wishlist (echhh-hem, husband: are you listening?).

I know it might be incredibly basic & classic-girlish of me, but I just love Gap.com. Sure, there may not be a huge shoe selection, but you can find winter basics & timeless apparel for $10, $20 and $30 right now on their Cyber Monday deals! PLUS, score a 20% off deal online when entering promo code: GAPTHANKS at checkout. Happy Cyber Monday to YOU! Oh, and if you are in the mood for flats this season, check out Gap's 'cap toe ballet flats' at a price Santa can't even beat!

6pm.com has to be a favorite of mine, and any shoe-lover for that matter. Seems like whenever I open my web browser, there's a new deal on their site! Makes for bad shopping habits, but fabulous savings (story of my life). Well, right now, 6pm.com has up to 70% off most of their shoes, including Steve Madden and Sam Edelman. Umm, can you say STEAL?! Yeah, I think I heard ya. Grab a great suede pump or a holiday shoe for a seasonably good price.

Per usual, Piperlime.com nearly takes the cake with their gorgeous-girl selection of sale shoes. For example, feast your Turkey-filled eyes on these Marc by Marc Jacobs boots that are marked down by more than $100! One-hundred % suede has me one-hundred % droooooling.

Lastly, you can find buckets of sweet deals all in one stop at cybermonday.com--especially when browsing the shoe section of the site. Your Cyber Monday fingers will be typin' happy when they come across all of the coupons & special offers to be found! So enjoy this holiday season, and your guilt-free time to shop shop shop while sales are hot hot hot.

holly in heels


Turkey Day treat.

With all my heart, I. love. Thanksgiving. Food, family, tradition, travel...let me count the ways that I delight in this end-of-November day:

1. heading to my small-ville hometown
2. bundling up in soft sweaters and bunchy scarves
3. getting dinner cooked for me, instead of cooking my own!
4. gravy, baby.
5. seeing old friends that are home for the holidays.
6. black friday madness.
7. a few guilt-free days off.
8. movies on tv, post-Thanksgiving dinner.
9. pretending I like football, just so I can have a spot on the couch.
10. official boot season!

Ecchh-hem...did someone say boots?! Yep, must be 'cause I've got these Tinley Road 'Kaelyn' boots on my mind. I know, I know, I just had to throw shoes in here somehow, right? Well, these fall-ready, ultra-high boots caught my eye on Piperlime.com and I felt like you'd be thankful if I shared. I think I'm most shocked by their under $80 price, and over-the-top style. Wouldn't you agree?

So what are your T-giving favorites? I'm thankful for you!

holly in heels


So many jewels, and only one winner!

Welp, it's about that time...giveaway winner announcement time! There are so many pretty pretty jewels at mimi&lu--and I ADORE that I was able to pair up with them and show all of my readers what they've got. But alas, there can only be one winner...and...drum-roll please...Ryan Seacrest style...the winner is: Cat! Congrats, sista! Expect a congratulatory email in your inbox soon, with instructions on how you'll get your prize in the mail, just in time for the holidays!

And to the rest of ya's: don't fret, you can still snag your mimi&lu swag online, anytime! Just check out their collection and click that cute little 'add to bag' button, before their inventory runs out! Great gifts for anyone, at any time. And for the latest mimi&lu specials and updates, follow them on Facebook.

Thanks again for all the luuuv and a happy Monday to ya!

holly in heels


City girl

Sometimes I wish I lived in the city. Not the kinda city that makes it one because it has mounds of traffic and plastic surgery (because that's the sorta place I live NOW, actually)...but rather, a place where you can get away with wearing just about anything at any time of day, and where ladies dress in formal attire when attending a show or even a steak dinner. Fashion forward sorta atmosphere, ya know?! There are very few occasions in my southern-cali-life where I can get away with satin heels or Badgley Mischka. But today, I'm livin' the dream and being tempted to purchase some city girl shoes!

MIU MIU has a sweet little sale spinning around right now, and a few of their gorgeous creations caught my eye! One being this pump from their YOOX Collection for Fall-Winter. The suede, geometric design is simply statement-making, and the scalloped backing is like no other pump! If only I was a size 10 (if you are, snag this only size left!)!

Elizabeth and James can do no wrong in my eyes. Nope, I'm not talking about two sweet cousins of mine, I'm talkin' about the co-designed brand belonging to former Full House-ers Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen! These peep-toe E & J 'Lilly' boots fit well into their signature collection of feminine + masculine threads. 100% stretch satin, and laced up the back of that 4" heel...oh mama, you're gonna turn Uncle Jesse heads!

Ummm, pretty sure I saved my best for last: Badgley Mischka has done it again, and takes the cake with their 'Olaf' ankle boot. The mesh lace & leather upper combined with a true satin ribbon to finish, makes this peep-toe creation your winter go-to shoe! Perfect for my holiday parties & New Years celebrations...don'tcha think?!

Do YOU wish you were a city girl too?

holly in heels
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Just in time for the holidays to roll around once again (and for those fun, fun holiday parties to begin!), here come a few fabulous shoozies to flaunt with your sparkle-plenty party dress. From Christmas to New Years, you know you'll be gettin' those invites for fun family get-togethers or even friend-filled dinner parties. It's the most wonderful time of the year (right?)! Well, in case you haven't purchased this season's collection of party dresses and evening-wear, you can do what I do (best) and start with the shoes! Yep, literally building from the toes up, you'll have the perfect outfit, no doubt about it.

Well, I think I've skillfully narrowed it down to these gorgeous Adrienne Vittadini 'Adam' heels, in beautiful black, as one of my top picks. Although it might look basic at first glance, the color & texture of the shoe is soooo luxurious and perfect. A true almond-toe ankle boot, with an inner side zip closure and all-suede covering--I guarantee you won't regret this under-$130 purchase!

Or stick with Rachel Zoe's pick (and mine!) and splurge on these fabulous Pour La Victoire 'Asas' bad-A boots. Cinched up the middle and a towering 4"-heel, you're sure to turn heads and toughen up your outfit with this black beauty!

Sorta the love child of my first two picks, the 'Victoria' bootie by B. Makowsky is a must-have. With a cuff detail, and put-together lace-up front, this is the honest to goodness mix of preppy & chic all at once!

So before you head out on those blistery cold days ahead, pick up some sassy black kicks to be your perfect party date!

holly in heels
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Be jeweled.

Most of the time, I'll tell ya straight to your pretty lil' face that there's nothing better than buying shoes. Obviously this would be my advice, given that I have a shoe blog and all, right? But coming in a close 2nd on my love-to-shop-for shortlist is accessories! Yep, it's the lovely jewels that I could continue to buy, buy, buy (and not in the NSync sorta way). So to share my love for the sparkly things in life, Holly in Heels is pairin' up with nationally recognized jewelry-creator, mimi & lu, in this super-chic giveaway! Get to know mimi & lu a bit, and then ENTER TO WIN some of their best in dainty gems...

1) Tell us about mimi & lu and how you got started:
mimi & lu's original name was 'Moushart'. In 2004, I was living in Boston working a summer position in the wardrobe department of Cirque Du Soliel and making jewelry has a hobby. Some of the cirque performers noticed my jewelry and purchased a few of my pieces right off of me. This was the spark that would eventually lead to the launch of my business in 2006! It took some time to really develop my style and who I am as a designer, so in 2009 I renamed, re-branded and relaunched as mimi & lu--which are the first 2 initials of my name, my husband's name, and the name of our 135-lb Great Dane! Michelle, Michael & Lucca = Mimi & Lu.

2) What or who inspires you?
I get this question a lot, and I wish I had a magical, wonderful answer but the truth is it's simply the materials themselves. I might start with a shape or a stone or a new material and I just start playing around with the pieces. From there, it really becomes about the process. There's a lot of trial and error, twisting and untwisting before a design comes together that just clicks.

3) Give us a few tips on how we can accessorize better each & every day:
Don't over-accessorize. If you have hoops, a necklace and a chunky ring on, each piece is going to get lost in a sea of accessories instead of shining as a distinct and special piece. Also, mix metals! It creates depth and keeps it interesting. Try to avoid matchy-matchy pieces: if you're earrings are teardrops with blue stones, don't get the necklace that's the same teardrop with blue stones. Think of having pieces that talk to each other verses match. So pair those blue stone teardrop earrings with a dainty chain necklace that somehow incorporates the blue stones. These are just a few suggestions, but at the end of the day you have to do whatever makes sense and feels comfortable for you!

TO WIN mimi & lu's signature Jane Earrings (in silver OR gold!):
1. Be a 'follower' of Holly in Heels blog.
2. Comment on this post with your fave mimi & lu item, and leave your email address so I can tell you if you've won!

For additional entries, increasing your chances to win:
1. Follow the mimi & lu blog {1 entry}
2. “Like” Holly in Heels on Facebook {1 entry}
3. “Like” mimi & lu on Facebook {1 entry}
4. Follow Holly in Heels on Twitter {1 entry}
5. Follow mimi & lu on Twitter {1 entry}
6. Join the mimi & lu mailing list {2 entries}
7. Tweet about this giveaway mentioning @hollyinheels {2 entries}
8. Blog about this giveaway {3 entries}

The wonderful winner will be announced November 22nd! Good luck.
Must be 18 or older to enter, and ONLY available to U.S. residents.

holly in heels


Fall feet

It almost frightens me to say it, but with it being November 1st and all...I think it's officially fall. It only sorta scares me because I'm remembering that as soon as Halloween passes, it's time for retail stores everywhere to whip out the red & green and for old people to start making remarks about my name being "appropriate for the holidays" (yep, happens waaaay too much). But indeed, summer is but a memory and the holiday season is HERE! So I figured these shoe-scoutin' fingers would type up a post with some of my fave fall shoe selections. Rich, warm colors and fabrics that'll have you running for opaque tights and chunky knit scarves...

Yesterday I popped a few homemade, nutmeg-filled pumpkin pies in the oven and I sniffed in the autumn ambiance that finally filled my household. YUM! Allllmost as yum & yellow as these UO Suede Pumps. These perfect pumps by BDG have a chic & chunk 3 1/2" heel, and come in all kindsa fabulous colors for every season. Just a tip: the sizing on these suckers runs large, so order a size down for a good fit.

Although rather funktified, I'll admit, I couldn't help but feature these Jeffrey Campbell Suede Platform Wedge Heel beauties. 4 1/2-inch heel + 1-inch platform = pure standout style. And the quarterstrap detail with the dainty-doo side buckle truly took the cake for me! So fall-ish, and so adorable (also order a half size up).

Or take a gander at these vintage-inspired oxfords with a modern twist: the Cooperative Suede Oxford Heel is quite charming, eh?! Corded laces tie up a wingtip-detailed oxford heel that is unmatchably preppy and unmistakeably stylish.

So happy happy November, fellow shoe-lova's--enjoy the season of yummy food, family fun, love & light, and of course, new pumps & heels. Oooo, and did I mention it's a $10 flat rate shipping at Urban right now? Yep, so hurry hurry, add to bag-it!

holly in heels


Bright White

Today's a happy day for me...let me count the ways:
- My hubs is coming home from a business trip today. Holluh!
- The Holiday 2010 issue of Locale Magazine came out and I'm stoked to see my article in pretty print once again!
- I'm actually using my new fave find: Tablet. to scout out a sweet boutique hotel for our holiday vacation for 2!
- I have a new job that I love.
- Fell asleep watching Glee on Hulu last night (John Stamos is still dreamy to me).
- Forecast predicts rain this weekend.
- Trick or treat time is days away!

And to finish off this smiley post, I figured I'd toss up a few pics of me in my bright whites. Do tell: what's got you bright & happy today?

holly in heels


Wicked pumps.

One spooky, scary day is creeping up on us once again--and come this Sunday, October 31st I'll be answering the door for candy-hungry little ones all dressed up like ghouls and goblins! That's right, it's Halloween (boo!), and just in time for the dress-up day, I'm showin' you some wicked black pumps. Not only do these dark gems have style written all over 'em, but they'll have you steppin' into fall and even the winter season right on-trend.

The Steve Madden 'Sofieee' is a soft suede, pointed-toe pump with a modest (but super classic!) 1-inch heel. Your perfect all-season, go-to shoe that pairs well with any work-ready or casual time outfit.

Hive and Honey puts a sweet spin on a basic, black suede pump with their 'Lorna 2' shoe. 4-inches of stacked heel goodness, this kick has the studded details that every gal is lookin' for--and the $69 price ain't bad either!

So I don't know about you, but my eyes are seriously glued to these stitched-up 'Kraz' pumps by Enzo Angiolini! A curvy heel that holds up one sassy black patent leather pump, making this a pointy-toe classic.

There's somethin' about the zipper detail on shoes lately that just steals my little fashionista-heart! That's why I'm so glad that Guess has jumped on the zipped-up wagon and given us their 'Fedran' pump. Check out this lovely zipper that wraps alllll the way around the heel, and finishes off with a girly-girl bow at the standout square finished toe. Adore!

Quite possibly the best part'a this wicked pre-Hallows Eve post is that purchasing any of these shoes (or any shoe at Piperlime.com today) gets you a $25 gift certificate for future purchases! Yep, you heard right: for one day only Piperlime is celebrating their birthday by giving you a $25 gift certificate for all orders placed on their bday (10/26), plus 1 in every 100 customers will get $100 gift certificate towards their next purchase! Pretty stinkin' great, right?! Quick!--order before 11:59pm ET to get this great birthday deal!

holly in heels


heels + sockies

How happy are you that it's Friday?! Happy enough to sport something new, fashion-wise? Well, I'll be the first to admit that I do a reasonable amount of pushing the limits with my style--try to juggle the classic with the trendy all at once and whenever I can. But this new trend is something I have not yet grabbed onto: heels + socks. I will tell ya that Urban Outfitters (one of my all-time fave local go-to stores, and often a staple on my lunch break!) has shown off a few heels + socks ideas that you might just digg. What'cha think, Friday-lady?

Vintage-inspired and multi-colored Betsey Johnson Lovely L'oeil crew sock shows off eclectic style that pairs well with these basic black & white kicks:
Throwback to the 80's, when Phil Collins was big, and Kanye was poor, and dress yourself up in these Fancy Rib Knit legwarmers. Found in sweet yellow, bold black or go-with-anything grey.

Elegant & budget-friendly Lace Ankle Socks pair perfectly with colorful pumps and buckled-up details:

Sweetness at its best: Pointelle Ankle Socks with ruffles adorn any simple outfit with an extra flare of fashion.

So: heels + sockies...do you dare?

holly in heels


Do you Choo?

I have to admit that it's only once in a GREAT great while that I'll splurge on shoes. And I frankly have no qualms about that, because the fewer splurges I act upon, the fewer shoes I can get! Well, lately, in my dream world (which is about as shoe-filled as you can imagine!) I've been visioning myself in a pair o' Jimmy Choos. Pretty fun, right? So I ask that you amuse me for a few minutes on this Monday and check out these new releases from sweet Jimmy-Jim-Jim...

Named the perfect statement boot, Jimmy Choo has come out with a line of printed Pony ankle boots, that measure just over 4-inches in heel height and bounce off the charts with style. The signature 'Alanis' boot is a luscious leopard print (right on-trend!) and although it would take up practically my whole paycheck to pay for these, I've decided a gal can still dream! A curvaceous back zipper fastens these on up the back, and the softly pointed toe is a fantastic finish. Have you started singing lyrics of Alanis Morissette songs in your head yet...'cause I have (it's like rayyyyn, on your weddin' day!). Come on--I could see miss jagged little pill sportin' these Choo's around town, couldn't you?!

A little more simple (and a tad less pricey!), Jimmy's 'Action' boots are straight outta your man's favorite Bourne movie: think sassy evil spy. Also with a modestly pointed toe, these are the perfect zip-up boots to throw on with any fall/winter pencil skirt & sheer black tights, or even paired up with skinny trousers. Woooowee!

Both of these boots are from the CHOO 24:7 Collection--a handpicked variety of boots with an array of colors, materials and heel heights. So from the classic buckled biker boot, to the urban-chic kicks, to even the platform-heeled favorites, this collection has it all covered for ya!

Photos courtesy of jimmychoo.com

So do tell: do you Choo? Or do you save your pennies for more approachable brands like Steve Madden, Sam Edelman, Dolce Vita, and Jessica Simpson??

holly in heels


Point those toes!

Did you ever take dance lessons as a kid? I sure did--my sweet mama had me in every single stinkin' lesson out there, and I soaked up every second of it! One of the many things I learned out after hours of tap, jazz and ballet (besides to never look down and always stand up straight, of course!), was to point those toes! Well, throw that rule out the dancin' doll window, when all you gotsta do is purchase some of these pointy-toed heels to make those legs look long as a sweet summer day! And with deals like these, you won't wanna pass this read up!

Bandolino's 'Berry' pumps
are quite possibly the ideal work-ready heel. They have quite the cute kitten heel (meeyow!) and come in 10--that's right 10!--different colors. Since animal prints have prowled back onto the scene this fall season, Bandolino's giraffe print totally caught my eye.

I simply could not do the injustice of passing up one adorable pointy-toe treat by Kate Spade! Ms. Spade's 'Licorice' pump comes in two tasty colors--pink & pistachio, 100% suede. Only one problem: who can decide between the two colors...so I vote ya get both!...after all, they are on sale!

Guess what...it's FREE SHIPPING on shoes at Nordstrom.com right now (with promo code: SHOES)! I know, right? So I decided that with my last pennies before my paycheck comes on Friday I just had to invest in these highly-rated 'Jacks' pumps by Enzo Anglioni (shhh, don't tell the hubby!). Enzo seriously makes some wonderfully comfy shoes, and with the classic 2"-heel design of this pump, who can go wrong?!

Happy online shoe-shoppin' ladies! And remember to point those toes!

holly in heels