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Happy Friday to ME.

On this sunny Friday, this shoe blogger and daytime marketing girl, could not figure out what to do for lunch--ever have a day like that? It's a nice day outside, but your tummy isn't quite hungry and you can't think of a place to park it and lunch for an hour? Well today was that day for me. It was Friday so I felt obligated to at least take a lunch--so where did I end up?: Nordstrom.

Dear Nordstrom, you are my favorite. You have everything I need: lots of clothes, comfy couches for when my feet get tired, pretty make-up on the 1st floor immediately when I walk in, and oh!

So happy Friday to me!--a great lunch break at Nordies and found these Julianne Hough for Sole Society 'Addy' flats in happy yellow + nude patent:

They are GORGEOUS on my feet, if I do say so myself, a polished look for any outfit this spring. So happy Friday to you...and happy Friday to ME! Shoe shoppin'...there's nothin' like it.
xoxo, holly in heels

A flats pick-me-up.

When these footsies need a break from long days of high heel wearing and high fashion sporting, let it be known that I turn to GAP for my flats. GAP is so faithful on their designs and styles--always at just the right price of about under $50. Check out the latest polka dot and animal print pointed toes, as well as the sweet bowtie round toe colors...

What's your go-to pick-me-up flat? xoxo, holly in heels