'Tis the season for tights & leggings

One of my favorite parts of wintertime has got to be the fashion. Even though I live in sunny Southern California, I envy the rain and the snow in places like the Pacific Northwest and the East Coast--thinking of all of the bundled coats, scarves and boots that everyone's strutting around their city streets. 

In addition to this winter-wear is one of my favorite trends this season: tights + leggings. There's just nothing like the chic, chic look of a textured or colored pair of tights, with some good high heels, too. Tights always give my favorite heels that extra oomph of style, that extra flair that I need on any given dreary winter day. And no doubt, I get compliments galore when I pick out a good pair of each. My go-to tights are made by HUE: like these mesh dot tights, cute honeycombs, artistic-inspired Geo Swirl tights, their classic Lacey Nets, or even these multi-color Polka Dot opaque ones. Coupled with a great neutral pump, black peep-toe, or even a colored suede heel--these tights are killer! If you're going for a more classic look, HUE's Opaque tights in multiple colors are a great find--always get my 2 for $22 deal so I don't run out of options!

And...newsflash: HUE also makes adorable leggings! Denim & corduroy leggings, jeggings, knit leggings, the list of stylish snug leggings goes on and on. Check how cute these leggings are with a great pair of heels or booties! Adore. HUE even has Ultra Tummy Shaping leggings for those oversized Christmas dinners, no joke.

So 'tis the season for winter style, 'tis the season for tights and leggings! Go out and sang your own, ladies, and tweet me how you pair HUE leggings or tights with your adorable heels.

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Cyber Monday is nigh!

During the month of November you can always find me doing 2 things: Counting down the days until my family's Thanksgiving feast...and counting down the days until shopping deals begin! My shopper-girl's heart is beyond excited for Cyber Monday (the perfect way for me to stay in my turkey coma and still shop!). Yep, the Monday after Thanksgiving Day in the United States is when the droves skip the long lines, and go to their keyboards for the best in online deal hunting. Cyber Monday has quickly become the biggest online shopping days of the year--and my fashionista eye is focused especially on the great shoe deals spotted for Cyber Monday at Macy's! Check it:

Heels for dayyyyys, I'm finding all kindsa deals on pumps and peep toes for work and weekend, holiday parties, and nights out on the town! I may or may not be obsessing over these glam pumps by Nine West, that come in an array of colors--I can see myself dancing the night away at that upcoming New Year's party, or being the talk of a cocktail party with these beauties on my feet. Or add a touch of color with these Nine West's peep toe pumps that have that metallic detail that's oh-so chic. And every gal needs an updated pair of classic black leather pumps, that's why these Betsey Johnson's are perfect for the price.

Suede pumps are making a comeback this season--which is why I am drooling over these blue suede shoes from Paris Hilton, and these classic magenta pumps from INC. Browse through the full list of discounts on heels here, too.

Outstanding prices on those coveted cold weather boots are topping my winter-lovin' list as well. The buy one, get one at 50% off offer is definitely something that caught my eye--the more boots, the better! Lovin' me some COACH and Betsey Johnson rain boots...

Spend your Cyber Monday scouring the webpages of one of the largest department stores in the U.S. of A., and get deals and steals from the best at Macy's.

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Soft as suede.

As I dig through my shoe closet and take a careful look at my favorite work pumps to wear on a daily basis, I find that they all have one thing in common: suede. I just love the texture and feel of suede pumps. They show off that softer side of my style--the classic girl that occasionally shows her face when the eclectic artsy girl needs a wardrobe break. I love suede.

So it's no wonder when I set my eyes on these 'Lillian' suede bow pumps from the oh-so classic Banana Republic, I fell right in love. The soft as suede upper covering on this just about 3" heel is a must-have. This Banana Republic pump has a breathable synthetic lining, and an exclusice padding system, featuring memory foam and a cushioned insole designed for that all-day comfort that your working girl feetsies call for. In two great colors, too...

Show the softer side of your style this fall/winter season, and be as soft as suede.

holly in heels


Steel toe sass.

There is nothing like a shoe that commands attention. Not the Lady Gaga type of attention--the outrageous, runway-only type of shoe--but the type of heel that you want to slip on when you're leading a big-time boardroom meeting, make a meaningful presentation, or heading out to a high school reunion. You know, when you just need that extra "umph" of confidence.

A current crush of mine for this fall/winter's trend season has got to be the steel-toe sass on heels, flats and boots out there right now. I, too, have been filling my closet lately with metallic capped shoes and loving their wannabe girl in command attitude.

Check out my top faves hitting the interwebs right this second:

Dolce Vita's 'Selina' pump is pure perfection. A pointed toe pump with a gold cap flair, this 4-inch heel boasts leather lining and outsole, ais 100% kid suede. If you ask me the price is just right on this one, too.
 For the more daring dame in you, Stuart Weitzman sports the 'Tipbootie'. One hundred percent suede, with a 3" heel, this pointed toe bootie with gold specchio tip is made to stand out in a crowd.
The daring Truth or Dare by Madonna brings you this 'Corlew' pump, with a new spin on the gold cap heel. And Madonna would, wouldn't she?! Check out the metal detail at the toe of this 3.5" heel, and you'll see what sets it apart from the rest. With a 100% haircalf upper, this black leather pump is perfect for the upcoming holiday parties and cocktail hours on your calendar this season.
For the girl on a budget, I highly recommend the 'Finney' cap toe pumps from TOBI.com. TOBI is my new favorite online shop for bargain styles and trends. Here's how I wore my own 'Finney' pumps--from workday to playday:

So show off that steel toe sass this season!

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Say it with slippers.

So I do a lot of reviews on shoes...heels, you know, my first love. It's just sorta my thing. But after a long day of high heel wearing and running around the office, the secret to keeping my feet happy lies in a good pair of cozy slippers. I gotta take care of these feet, ya know?! And because I just found some amazing new sheepskin slippers from a fab online shop called LAMO, I decided to share the good news with y'all, too.

Headquartered just outside the city of Los Angeles, it's easy to see a strong LA influence in their slipper to street wear style. The LAMO look is relaxed and comfy, with an edge and an eye for on-trend. LAMO uses the best sheepskins, dense soft wool from Australian Merino sheep, and a premium quality of Australian Merino wool. Not only is LAMO super quality, but they are super earth-friendly too--using production methods and materials that minimize environmental impact big-time. From their slippers, boots, and moccasins, LAMO carries dozens of darling designs that are bound to make your feet say "ahhhhhhh!"

Check out my own pair of LAMO's--hard soles make them the perfect house shoe and winter slipper for inside and outside:

Shop LAMO and get your own slippers or shoes, or snag some for your holiday shopping list. These make the perfect comfy gift for that guy or gal in need of a little pampering!

Happy slipper wearing to your fashionista feet!

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A good pop o' color

Everyone needs a good pop o' color every now and again. As the season changes and the clouds roll in (which I love, don't get me wrong!), I can't help but need a dash of bright in my wardrobe each day. And of course, in true Holly in Heels fashion, I like to say it with shoes.

After a fab tip from my friend over on the Glitter & Grace blog, I made my newest colorful shoe purchase from Forever 21. These gorgeous cone heel pumps, in a lovely coral or teal, were such a steal, and the perfect addition to my shoe closet wardrobe!

In this case, I opted for the teal color (although I coulda purchased both for this crazy-good price!) and they of course turned out to be the perfect color kick to my week. Paired with a black pencil skirt + a black and white striped sweater, I felt like I had a lil' extra swing in my step!

Nothing like a good heel to brighten my day. What do you do to add a pop of color in your life?

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Yeah...you heard me. Happy Friday.

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Sneaker talk!

As these love-r-ly fall and winter months creep in, it's time to expand the shoe selection and throw the sandals to the back of the shoe closet yet again. Maaaan, I just love this time of year! Scarves, coats, boots, corduroy, suede, leather...the bundled-up list goes on and on.

The changing of the season always brings in the new--and one of my favorite things about the cooler months of October, November, December is the new styles and brands I come across. That's why I was beyond stoked when I found Burnetie Shoes. Burnetie brings to the table a product that fits every gals' lifestyle, with an un-compromised quality, and a no-nonsense price. Probably the coolest thing about Burnetie is that they strive for a "zero waste manufacturing process by factories that are as much committed to their employees as they are to their customers." I dig! Burnetie Shoes also boasts award-winning Corporate Responsibility programs--it's no wonder, since they're outsoles are made up from 30% to 50% of devulcanized rubber, and they've reduced their packaging by 30%! My inner hippie comes out at the thought...

Burnetie has adorable kicks for women & men, that includes an amazing price point, starting in the $20 range! I myself am the proud owner of the City Sport tennis shoes, in lovely lavender. Yeeeeeah, I kinda like 'em (understatement of the year!). Holly in Heels approved. Fo sho.

So as you prep for the coming fall and winter months, and maybe take a peek at spicing up the more casual side of your wardrobe, make sure you remember the go-green shoe company who makes the cutest and most quality kicks this side of December! Don't forget to bookmark the Burnetie Shoes site, fan them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter, too! A great company like this deserves for the word to be spread and the style to be shared.

holly in heels
(in sneakers this time)


A cure for the Mondays.

Mondays are hard for me. It's always like I could use just one more day to sleep in and stay in my pajamas until noon, before throwing on a baseball cap and heading to run my errands. So after a busy weekend and a busy Monday, there's nothing I'd rather come home to than a big, shoe-box-shaped cardboard box carefully placed on my doormat. It's like the box is welcoming me home. And when that oversized box has an adorable pair of shoes (that I may or may not have forgot I ordered) in it...Ooooo, watch out! A sure cure for a case of the Mondays.

These lovelies awaited me today when I pulled up in my driveway. A lovely gold cap-toe pair of pumps from Tobi, my new fave online store. Everyday, Tobi tempts me with their 30% off new arrivals and adorable discount designer threads. I looooove this store, and you will too! Join now and share the news!

...And may you always have a cure for the Mondays.

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I see art.

Sometimes when I look at shoes I don't see fashion, I see art. I see the creativity, the imagination that went into designing that shoe. I wonder what the story behind that shoe was, what the designer was thinking or feeling or wanting to happen to that shoe at the time of its inception.

And the Fall Collection from Manolo Blahnik has got me thinking just that--I love pretty much each and every piece they have on pre-order for the months ahead. Here, I see art in it's truest form:

What do you see?--art, fashion, just another designer shoe?

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New York Fashion Week in Shoes.

That's it...I've had enough--I neeeeeed to go to New York Fashion Week next year! These past few days, I'm inundated by Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts and photos with all of this amazing fashion, style and celebrity from all over the world, now in one city! It's such a tease, I swear.

So while I save my pennies for the next #NYFW, I figured I'd show you shoe-lovers a few of my favorite photos from the New York runway thus far...

Mark my words--next year I'm NYC-bound!

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Black + White + Audrey all over

There's something very classic about black & white. It's been a style staple that's outlasted the decades, that's for sure. The combo of these non-colors always reminds me of Audrey Hepburn--the classic, timeless fashion that still appears on the runways of today.

So this season, I have my sights set on black & white patterns on kicks all around town. These calf hair loafers from GAP are my latest obsession--so polka dotted and good (and under $50!)!

I also be diggin' these Kimchi Blue brand canvas print pumps from Urban Outfitters--they seem to be just the right height and just the right stripe. And you score big, at just under $50 as well! 

This season, bring out your inner-Audrey and class up that outfit with some black & white goodness! So chic.

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Leopard: the go-to shoe

Us ladies are always in need of a go-to shoe. When we head to the closet in the morning, getting ready for work, or even getting ready for a night out on the town, it's always helpful to have that staple shoe that will spice up ye ol' outfit a bit, and give you that extra kick of confidence. As I analyze my go-to shoes and really think about which ones are the most faithful companions to me, I see to turn to my leopard shoes. They are always adorable, always complimentary of my skinny colored denim or even my neutral work dress. Here was the other day's shameless self-pic:

Recently, I came across the amaaaayzing selection of sweet leopard kicks that Macy's carries, pretty much year-round. They have a fab-oo tribe of peep-toes, wedges, pumps, kitten heels, and flats--all adorned in this classic leopard that I speak of. I figured it's time YOU get your hands on some! For instance, these pretty, pretty INC International Concepts 'Selva' Pumps. At a great less-than-$90 price point, these classic beauties are a dashing 3 1/2" heels, with a pointed toe front. The soles are all man-made, and the upper fabric is pretty pony hair, for that real-deal look you're after. Great shoe!

Or how about this GUESS 'Russole' Slingback Wedge--party dress ready and smokin' H-O-T! And you just can't go wrong with a brand like GUESS! These leather wedges have a modern round-toe front and a 3/4" hidden platform for that extra oomph of height. Regularly a $120 shoe, Macy's now has 'em at a whopping SALE price right now! So super cute to guide you through summer and well into fall.

And last, but certainly not least, are these bold 'INC International Concepts 'Magnolia' Platform Pumps. This peep-toe, t-strap pump that gracefully shows off that summertime pedi is a generous 4 3/4" of pure leopard heel height! A 1 1/2" stacked platform on this baby makes it more manageable to walk in all day, and show off those sassy sun-tanned legs of yours. 
So whether trousers or skinnies, skirts or shorts, there is no wrong way to wear your go-to leopard shoe this season!

holly in heels