Leather My Heart

So when I got up this morning, I told my husband "I'm not going to blog today, I'm going to hang out and spend time with you"...but then...well, he went to run errands and somehow my fingers typed in zappos.com...and you can guess the rest. It is my duty, you guys, to show you these leather lovelies real quick before he gets back from Target (ha ha). Nine West outdid themselves with these heels! That strappy goodness is gonna be so pretty around your foot to finish off that special-night-out getup you've been wanting to pair with some perfect black heels!

The shoe designers that work for Carlos Santana also gave me something to gaze at with these shiny thangs I could add to my closet for a mere 70! CARLOS' Calico pumps are sleek & classic and sure to catch an eye. Enjoy...and happy weekending!

holly in heels


Stuck on Suedes

I'm not quite certain what it is, but my ardent eye has been stuck on suedes this week! Frankly, I'm blaming it on these red Franco Sartos I bought a few weeks ago. These shoes have single-handedly turned around the simplest outfit into a stylish soiree. Thank you Franco!

So, it's only appropriate for me to share my mid-January obsession with suede--and you'll be glad I did. Steve Madden's Flawwles peep toes are tagged as "plum"...but I'll just call them plain fabulous. Piperlime.com gives you a good deal on these babies, at just under $100. Purple (aka plum) is just one of those delicious colors that added to ANY outfit, you've established yourself as queen. For purple = royalty, right? I think what takes the cake on these suckers is the stitching detail on the back of the heel. Uh-dorable!

These pink suede Christian Louboutins are equally fabulous in texture and color AND come at an amazing price on this website...what more could you ask for?! I simply can't resist that trademark glossy red soul on Christian's signature pumps, and find that when every part of my shoes are gorgeous, it's worth the extra buck.

My last suede sensation for your pretty Saturday is the Selma Three Buckle Pumps on Shopbop (one of my fav sites, if you'll notice!). They aren't for your shoe closet's spring collection, obviously, but that's why they're on sale my friend! The small detail buckles paired with the grey suede are sure to give you that edgy-conservative look that you're goin' for. Ahhh, I can just SEE myself in these with cute black opaque tights...gosh, I heart shoes.

...until next time!
holly in heels


Lovin' Lavant

There is no possible way I could pass up spotlighting these gorgeous creatures...Betsey Johnson's Lavant sandal has got to be the prettiest thing I've seen today. That tasty combination of chartreuse yellow & bubblegum pink sends chills up my shoe-lovin' spine! I think Betsey might have been thinking of me when she slapped her label on these (ok, probably not, but I can dream). Savor the flavor.

holly in heels

Bringin' the sass

I cannot tell a lie--when I think of Old Navy, I think of talking mannequins and cargo pants. My 8th-grade-self can't help from coming out and remembering the good times I had with Old Nav! It's not a bad thing, and maybe it's just me. Regardless, I do not think of striking, sassy shoes.

But let me enlighten you, friends! Old Navy's bringin' the sass. These strappy metallic purple wedges are sure to make a statement with any simple or print dress (they come in dark brown too, but come on, get wild for a change). The price is right at under $30.

Ok, and if you really wanna kick it up a notch (for just a few bucks more), check out these strappy suede numbers from Banana Republic. That good olive color can really pair up with any chic outfit--dressed up or down. Take it from the BR gods: "The ultimate in feminine flattery: criss-cross straps on a trend-right platform elongate the leg for eye-catching style." Words of shoe wisdom right there. And that PRICE...oooo girl, hit that sale while it's hot.

holly in heels


It's never too early for YELLOW...and more!

Of course the day I get excited about Tory Burch sandals, it starts raining outside again in "sunny" Southern California! Go figure. Well, I have faith that this El Nino will turn around in no time, and I'll be gassing up my car for a full day of spring shoe shopping!

I may not need to go anywhere, though...check out my online finds for today: Come on, I know you can survive this 5" heel to make up for the extra leg God forgot to give you and gave Heidi Klum instead: Naughty Monkey's latest 'FIESTA' PUMP

Spring 2010 shoes fashions are all about color, pattern, texture, embellishment...and height, height, height! But if the 5-inchers just aren't callin' your name, I've also spotted these, understated but signature slingbacks. Basically, braids + studs = your favorite sandals (not just a way to describe your mom's college graduation photo!)

For those of you still holding onto icey winter (or maybe you just live in the Midwest!), I'm gonna let you in on a little secret: Very Volatile Alotta Boots are on sale right now for less than $70! DO IT. YOU KNOW YOU CAN! And those buttons on the side of the boots will get you far, guaranteed.


holly in heels


Oooh goodness, excited for Spring!

Hold the phone...
this just got me excited to throw my winter boots to the back of the closet and get ready for sandal season |

holly in heels

Betsey is on Overstock.com?! WHUT.

SERIOUSLY. drool drool. Perfect way to treat yourself after surviving another Christmas.

You're welcome.


holly in heels

New Year...New Blog...New Shoes!

Well, it's a New Year...and when I rang in 2010 with Dom Perignon & some of my favorite friends, I knew I had to do something spectacularly different this year. Something that was worthy of toasting to in 2011! After some Holly-reflection about what I adore most in this beautiful life, I kept looking down at my cute new Betsey Johnson pumps that I had bought at a sizzling sale the week before. SHOES.

The one item in my wardrobe where I know the size will never change, the one accessory that will spice up any simple jeans & t-shirt outfit (especially in red!), and the one thing I can compliment a stranger on and they will love me instantly!

And every adorable girl in this world jumps at the sound of a good shoe sale, so what better way to follow that than on this blog! Snag your favorite finds right here in this pretty spot--from everyday items to special date night shoes--I'm your gal. Happy 2010!

holly in heels