Your boyfriend's boots.

Soooo, I recently ran into the brand Rockport, who I have to admit I had heard of years ago, but hadn't really come across it in a while. There's been a ton of buzz surrounding their #PoweredByHeels #Sweeps as of late, where Instagrammers are posting their favorites from Rockport's Total Motion line, check it out here for a peek!

Browsing and clicking through the Total Motion line, I found that shoe-lovers can pick up insane comfort and flexibility in a shoe as you walk, trot, bend, and move in these beauties. And best of all, like all Rockport kicks, Total Motion shoes are crafted with care with the finest leather and suede out there.

Check out the dozens of superb styles, including women's ballet flats, women's wedge shoes, lace-up wedge shoes, women's dress pumps, and more more more! I, personally, sprang for something a bit unlikely, the Total Motion Boot came in this awesome boyfriend style that I have been looking to pair with some skinnies and an overcoat for the winter months, and I had to snag 'em...

These gorgeous leather lovelies are oh-so soft, with a lightweight, glove-like fit to them. No need to break in these guys, they're ready to wear in wind and rain! Rockport's super-amazing boots here are made with this magical stuff called ADIPRENE® by adidas, helping provide comfort from 7 AM to 7 PM, too! These black leather boots can go to the office or out to dinner, and be both stylish and comfortable no matter where the seasons take you!

Plus, I am a big fan of J.Crew style - simple, chic, and classic - and this boot is sure to get me outta my normal girly girl style, into something more boyfriend style for a change. I'm thinking these will be perfection with an outfit of something like THIS:

Will you wear your boyfriend's boots this season?

holly in heels


Moving on.

Well folks, I've done it. As of last week my family of 3 and I picked up and moved to a whole new city, a whole new part of California. Aside from going from apartment to apartment, post-college, I haven't really done a big move. See, the house we said goodbye to was the home of A LOT of things: where my husband proposed to me, where we came home as Mr. & Mrs., where we had endless parties and family dinners (including an epic 30th birthday, where the living room was cleared out to make room for a live band!), and where we brought our newborn babe home. Not to mention, it was also the home of my shoe closet! Sigh! It's a big change, and today has honestly got me feeling a bit homesick, so I decided to think about that AMAZING things that my new city has to offer...

One of those things is boot weather! For the first time in a long time, I'll be able to dwell in my yummy leather boots for longer than a week! Hoooooray! This fall, there are so many adorable short boots and riding boots out there - I'm trying to contain myself from shopping overload!

Nordies, of course, is well-stocked with a few favorite women's boot trends: including moto boots, over-the-knee boots, and short stacked heel boots. OMG, adorbs.

First off, can we just talk about how adorably daring the moto boot + skirt combo is?! I am in love. Tossed on with some ultra-sheer black tights...I am soooo ready for the fall! 

Confession: usually I don't go for black boots. I dunno, I feel like I'm always bordering on trashy or harsh when I end up with a black boot, but this season, I'm throwing caution to the wind (I mean I'm in a new city for crying out loud, who cares?!). With the right style, and a few more pennies, black leather boots are work-work-workin' it this fall and winter season.

My favorite: Michael Kors studded moto boot - so NYC, so in my closet!

Well shoe lovers, thanks for listening to my Tuesday woes...and also for helping me look forward to a little cool weather boot-wearing!

holly in heels