Fashion Blogger, Freelance Writer,
lover of all things shoe.
Otherwise known around OC as Holly in Heels, Holly is smitten with shoes and addicted to style! Born and raised a true California girl, Holly lives and breathes the fashion trends that make the West Coast a world-leader in style. Holly has earned the enviable reputation as a leading women's shoe blogger; her blog has a loyal following and an international audience. Holly also writes regular fashion columns for several lifestyle print and online publications, including Locale Magazine, Darling Magazine & more! 
When not sorting through her floor-to-ceiling heel closet at home, Holly loves to sip good coffee, travel the world, and listen to 90's music (sometimes all at once). What more could a girl want? 
For inquiries or advertising, drop a note to: hollyinheels@gmail.com
holly in heels

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