Silky Meets Shine

It's Friday--and man oh man, what a week it's been. I hear that lazy Saturday mornin' calling my name right now (mmm, fressshh coffee too). There's nothin' like it! Well, when I turned on my computer today, my friends at Shop It To Me turned me onto a great shoe deal at J.Crew.com! What a treat! You'll be happy with these little sweetums on your feet--silky meets shine and found some color too: Darcy satin-and-patent pumps

...made in Italy, these pumps give you just the right amount of lift with a modest 2 1/2" heel (buyer's tip: order a half size larger than normal). And look closely for that thin pink line that rides all the way around the opening of the pump--Ooo girl, it's all in the details!

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A Walk on the Beach

Pretty much year-round, we Southern Californians feel like it's summertime. For the most part, we don't see too much rain, get to visit the beach, and have plenty of spots to have a fruity drink with an umbrella in it! The temptation to wear sandal-y heels exists about 10 months out of the year to be quite honest. So for all of you gals who are not blessed with the west coast rays, I thought I'd shed a little light on the subject--I've spotted 3 pairs of sunny weather shoes today that are sure to get you grabbin' for your Coppertone & Ray-Bans:

Steve Madden's CRAZEDD wedges sport the forgotten fabric we call linen in an earthy, natural color that'll pair with anything! Especially with these shoes, you're able to pull off that hippie-chic look, without a whole lot of effort. Great platform + heel height to top it off.
I suggest visiting the Heels.com for some fabulous finds in all things shoe. Huge selection, tiny prices...what more could you ask for?! Well, you could ask for a hot deal on heels by Not Rated, playfully called 'Childhood Memories' heels. Yep, you saw it right--bright, happy kicks for under $30!
Finally, I found some chic chic T-strap wedges--the Saira heel by Hive and Honey, found on my beloved PIPERLIME.com. Shiny gold ruched detail and a just-the-right-height 3 1/2" stacked heel has my mouse reaching for that tiny, cute 'add to bag' button (oops!). These suckers are simple and classic, but have the right amount of uniqueness about them to get you a quick compliment (trust me, if I saw these on you, I'd have some serious shoe-envy myself!).
So many good buys, ladies--and so many sunny days ahead!

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Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung--well, almost. Really your spring shoe shopping is what shoulda sprung by now and it's mandatory that you stock up on heels that are full of the following:
1) height: do not be afraid of platforms this season--even if you're a taller gal, these spring trends will make those legs look long & lean!
2) color: bright and vibrants are in, in addition to the neutral earthy tones
3) frill and detail: woven wedges and gladiators take the stage once again

As usual, I've got a few top picks to make the browsing a bit easier on you (and to fulfill my shoe obsession). Ooo, I'm so excited to share!

Nordstrom shares their spring pick, the 'Redondo' Sandal and I'm glad they did! That yummy berry patent with the double ankle strap covers your love of spring color & detail
nude footwear's Fleur Tashas pump also provides an amazing color boost--and ya just can't go wrong with a pretty peep-toe, right?
Steve Madden's 'Tuscan' Sandal is at a good price, and makes wearing a traditional gladiator sandal a bit more exciting. Check out all of that gold strappy goodness, cute stud detail and hot wooden textured wedge to finish it off. Whew!
Unleash that wild side with a little animal print--very hip right now. The wraparound pattern on these babies is gorgeous and funky and will turn heads when you walk the mall (or anywhere, really). The more height and texture, the better! Scope it out for yourself: Sam Edelman 'Katrice' Wedge Sandal

Ok, last up...every girl has to dream, right? Well, I certainly am no exception to that rule--I can drool over way-too-expensive shoes whenever I want to! Doesn't mean I'm gonna make the purchase, just browsing! I'm giving you personal permission to do the same. If nothing else, let Giuseppe Zanotti's wild Women's Pump inspire your spring shoe selections for 2010!

Happy spring!
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Happy Friday, from Ms. Johnson

I can't take it anymore...Betsey Johnson is just so darned adorable. Her funky, daring styles are always just the right amount of dreamy, with a touch of polish. I spotted a good sale this morning on PIPERLIME.com and had to share it with my fellow gals. Check out Ms. Johnson's Lacy T-strap sandal--major price break for a splendid special occasion shoe. I can pretty much 100% guarantee that you'll get double-takes all over the place with these pretties on your feet, and compliments galore. Happy Friday (weekend shopping here you come!).
holly in heels


Black is back

So despite the 80-degree weather in so cal this week, I've got cute black pumps catching my eye everywhere! For a lover of bright colors, it's really an unusual thing! I'm not sure if it's the fact that the girls at work are just getting extra stylish with their choice of heels right about now...or if I'm in that dark twisty mood again (if you watch Grey's Anatomy you know exactly what I'm talking about, thankyouverymuch), but I'm just sayin' that black is definitely back in the online shoe shopping world. And let's face it--black is a year-round necessity. These selections, my friends, are 'not your mother's black high heels' (unless your mother is Rachel Zoe, that is). I hope you're ready for some fun shoe-looks at some fabulous prices!

First up, the brand nude footwear shines some light on the subject with their Sunnie Day peep-toe pumps (shown left). Some girls wear ruffles on their skirts...some prefer ruffles on their sleeves...but YOU can now have ruffles on your shoes too! How adorable is THAT!?

Boutique 9 shows off a few sassy choices in black, starting with the Jayleen Sandal that gives us the strappy goodness we've been asking for! So much detail--these heels could go from daytime into evening and can work with a lotta stuff in that giant closet of yours, I'm sure.

The Boutique 9 brand is also workin' the peep-toe pump, don't worry. They've constructed these suede black platforms to give you height and style that's pretty effortless. The Udell pump sports a daring raffia covered heel and a gathered knot at the toe. And once again, the price is right on Amazon.com! Yep, that's right--Amazon pretty much carries everything (including the kitchen sink). It's basically like a trip to Target...but online.
Lastly, I have to show off Bandolino's Zaffle patent pumps. Truly a fall staple, it's at a good clearance price online right now! A solid 3 1/2" heel stands nice and thick for tons of all-day support and the stud accents at the midsole add just the right amount of detail and edgyness to your classic black heel. Another peep-toe here shows off that cute pedi that you treated yourself to last week, while reminding you how much you love patent leather.

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Sparkle plenty!

Hello again my fellow shoe-lovers! Well, if you're anything like me (and I'm hoping you are), you're having that mad, mid-week craving for a little shoe love up in this place. Believe me, I feel your pain. Lo and behold, I've found just the right sparkle for your step: Coloriffics gorgeous Gala Pump! I feel like I just channeled Carrie from your favorite Sex and the City scene (basically every scene) and I need to tell you that this shimmery gem belongs in your closet. I mean ASAP. Who can deny that sweet little 'under $60' price anyway? Certainly not Miss Bradshaw...and certainly not me. Enjoy!
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Incomplete without PINK!

After a comment from a reader and a little thought, I came to the conclusion that Valentine's Day is incomplete without some PINK! Come on, you know you loved getting those little pink heart candies that say UR KIND or BE GOOD on them, from your favorite boy in class. And bubblegum just isn't bubblegum unless it's that pretty pretty pink. But what about shoes, my friends...ask yourself right now, "do I own any sassy pink shoes?" Well, I have to admit that I, myself, do not have this playful color in my closet (gasp!), but that's all about to change today.
. . .

Just in time for spring (which begins next month, ya know), the great Joan & David brand has graced us with this pink beauty! The Felicita heel is a stylish, 100% suede peep-toe, sure to give your outfit that pop of color you've been needing!
Another good pink heel that has a richer color to it is the Fergie 'Safra' Pump (which also comes in a true blue and a black). I can imagine this pump fitting in nicely just about anywhere in your life--from classic pantsuit at work to skinny miniskirt on the town, it's bound to be a hit. The oversized knot at the toe adds matchless style to an already beautiful heel.
If it's a happy pink sandal you're looking for, I've got your number!...or a shoe designer named Pierre does, rather. The Pierre Dumas Fontana-2 pink wedge sandal is adorned with studs and a sweet shiny buckle--not to mention the earthy woven wedge heel. It's like stepping into a spring & summer dream! And the PIPERLIME.com price on this is unreal, trust me. A true steal.
Ok, so this might just take the cake. This sandal might be one of my favorite wedge sandal picks ever. Emma Pink's Laria wedge sandal has me thinking forever plaid! Gingham plaid (look at that cute buckle!) plus mahogany leather equals a modern version of what your stylish mom once wore, circa 1969. I'm sold, how 'bout you?!
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I'm in the mood for RED

It's Valentine's Day weekend and it's completely gotten me in the mood to bake heart-shaped cookies, cut out Valentines...and of course add some RED to my shoe closet! Let's face it here folks, a classic red heel (or even funky red heel) goes with just about anything--especially your little black dress that comes out of the closet every mid-February for it's night on the town. I've combed the shoe world once again, only to find the most adorable sizzling red heels, at some really great prices. Enjoy!...and if you don't have a V-day sweetheart this year, try on any of these red rubies and let me know how quickly your luck changes!
. . .

Kate Spade Candy pumps are a "bon bon of a shoe" as endless.com says! The thick striped red & black combo and the elegant black bow'd toe is the perfect finsher heel on any gorgeous outfit...and they contain fewer calories than a box of chocolates.

If you're lookin' for height, you've come to the right place! Steve Madden's red hot Toppazz pumps will give you that extra few inches you've been asking St. Valentine for and the lush ruffles at the toe give this shoe the girlish flair you are dyin' to show off!

Vince Camuto Marla pumps are fabulously high & dangerously studded. Watch out, young man, mama's gotta new pair'a shoes!
I think sweet satin shoes are hard to come by (and I'm not talkin' about the dyeables that your bride-friend forced you to purchase last year, whew!). These satiny reds are so rich and beautiful in color AND in style, with lines that wrap stunningly around your foot: Nine West Panout pumps
Pour La Victoire Adalene pumps are the classic and simple way to add color to any outfit, on any occasion (even cute with some cuffed dark jeans!). The heel height, the shade of red, the shape of the toe--definitely a good investment, if you ask miss heels herself!
And if 70's rocker girl is really more your style--I've found your metallic-heel-dream! Luxury Rebel makes some pretty fun, adventurously styled shoes that will steal your heart (and his!) at first sight: Luxury Rebel's studded peep-toe pumps

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Boots for your Tuesday

I spent my weekending at the Central CA coast and had an amazing time doing a little boutiquing in downtown San Luis Obispo...SHOE-boutiquing to be quite honest! If you're ever in the area, be sure to check out my new find, !Romp for some sassy Italian kicks. !Romp also carries shoes by Butter, that are absolutely spectacular. Check it out--you'll love, I'm sure.

But back at home, I did manage to snag a few good finds today for ya. I'm thinking that this sale on the beloved heels.com website is the perfect opportunity to snag some good fall booties to stash in your closet until Fall/Winter 2011! Naughty Monkey makes the most funky cuffed low booties I've seen in a while: Posh shoe. That under $60 price is something you are completely and utterly obligated to take advantage of, as the darling woman that you are.
The Blowfish brand is also catching my eye on PIPERLIME.com today with their spring boots! I'm loving that we all get special fashionista permission to wear boots even when the birds singing and the flowers are a'bloomin'! It's a "good thing", as Martha might say. These Willis ankle boots by Blowfish are also a good thing, with their cute scrunchy upper detail and small but chunky wooden stacked heel. These cute thangs are just going to have to find their new home in my PIPERLIME shopping bag today. Enjoy, my friends!xoxo,
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Rainy day dreaming

Well, it's raining again in so cal today! And I've decided that I have a complicated love/hate relationship with the rain. The love part is that very I'm fond of sitting indoors with a good cup of tea and a fire in the fireplace and my favorite episode of The Bachelor going on my tivo as the rain pitter patters at my window. The hate part is, I just can't bear to wear cute heels on a 'jeans Friday' at my work with wet roads on the way. Good thing I can turn to my delightful charcoal/spicy orange converse for these kinda days!

But I don't let the drizzle totally get me down, believe me! I'll be wearing my cute heel kicks again tomorrow when the weather clears...and I'll probably still be thinking about these Star Ling sandals too. I have them in black, but I'm pretty sure the mustard yellow's the direction I shoulda gone. What a good sandal to have for those spring shopping days, or nights out on the town where you need a little color kick! And to top it off, the price is precisely where it should be.

If you're searching for another cute sandal, don't let the Jessica Simpson brand name fool ya--the girl may have married a muscly boy-band dude and on top of that still might not know the difference between chicken and tuna when it comes in a can...but she can hire some fierce shoe designers and spit out this beauty, that's for sure. So vintage & pretty: Jessica Simpson 'Cedary' Sandal.
Sheesh, all of this gazing a sweet springy sandals has me feeling a little cold as I gaze out my rainy window! So to warm up this scene, I'm letting you in on a little DSW secret...shhhh...boot sale! Ok, no really, they have the most amazing selection on DSW.com right now, you have to scope it out. Confession: I'm pretty much 3 easy clicks away from making these Madden Girl booties mine! I think you should probably treat yourself to the same (it IS Friday, ya know).

The tasty treat I'll leave you with today is designed by none other than my favorite friend Betsey (yep, buying tons of her shoes and jewelry gets me on a first-name basis, ok?) Betsey Johnson has blessed us all with this fabulous 'Alexandra' pump. I vote for the nude color (shown) that she offers in this bad boy, but you can be the judge. The dainty trio of rosettes on the toe combined with a patent leather back, mesh sides, AND a sassy leopard sole is basically all you could ask for in a show-stopper heel, my friends! Girlish peep-toe flair at it's finest.

holly in heels


It's official.

It's official...yes it is...the Piperlime website is KILLING me today! I just have to share the fashionista love. So many good selections, ladies, I don't even know where to start.

Soooo, I think I'll start with Hive and Honey's newest kicks (uh, what a cute brand name, right?!) Hive and Honey's hot wedges have got me reaching for my wallet, just in time for spring! That "ash" color brings just the right amount of understated calm to a fantastically loud & wavy cut-out detail. These babies could be a real staple of my March, April and May!

Hive and Honey also wow'd me with their Lorna pumps. I really feel strongly that every adorable girl needs to have a pair of good, white pumps to go with just about anything when the sun's shining. H&H gives you an almond-toe platform that has elegant written all over it (c'mon, you can see "elegant" written in between the snakeskin pattern too, right?) And I'm hearin' that texture is key this Spring '10. So basically, this is the answer to your shoeprayers. Extra halo for me!

xoxo, holly in heels



I've been thinking lately, "who says I have to wear BLACK pumps with my black pants/black pencil skirt to work?" I'd really like to know who made up that 9 to 5 boring rule. C'mon, in addition to that, I only get ONE HOUR in the middle of the day to visit the mall too?! Sheesh.

So I'd like to express how much I am all for splashing some color in there--and even better, adding some texture to your toes on a black-pants-Monday! I'm callin' it right now...navy is the new black. How awesome are these DV by Dolce Vita pumps that will virtually go with any work OR out-to-dinner outfit! I can't help but think of how great my legs will look after stepping into these studmuffins. I'm 99% sure you're thinkin' the same thing.

holly in heels