Trend Tuesday: To Tommy From Zooey.

One of this generation's most stylish actresses, Miss Zooey Deschanel, is making headlines this week. That gorgeous, blue-eyed brunette is slowly convincing me (and the rest of the world) that she can quite possibly do it all. Not only does this doll sing, act, and show off her sophisticated humor in every interview we see, but she's now teamed up with designer Tommy Hilfiger on a new clothing collaboration!

Deschanel and Hilfiger found their dream team beat when the two met and started chatting on the topic of vintage clothing. This "new girl" to the fashion scene is now ready to make her Macy's debut on April 14 with the retro-inspired line of 14 dresses, affectionately called To Tommy From Zooey. The price point is friendly, at $98 to $199, and will eventually expand on tommy.com and Tommy stores in North America, Europe and Japan one week later, along with Deschanel-designed jewelry and handbags, too.

Photos by Carter Smith and via WWD

I think you'd agree that this is quite the unique pairing for preppy Hilfiger to partner with vintage girl Zooey, but I see the super-cute synergy in the clean lines and bright red, white and blues that are found in their 1960's era designs.

All Deschanel needs in her new design file is shoes if you ask me! Maybe I'll tweet her and we'll see.

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What would you do with $30?

...I can tell you what I would do! Throw it down on these navy + white striped Penelope Espadrille Wedges from Target (pronounced tar-jjjjjay in this case)! These slip-on wedges are the perfect first shoe for your spring wardrobe - an ease into the new season of colors, patterns and styles. Yours truly, in fact, has them in multiple colors, but the stripes are next on my list! With a 3" heel and a cushioned insole, these darling espadrilles will have you hopping around town in comfort and in style. And 30 bucks means you just can't go wrong!

Go go go, I'll meet you at Target!

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It's a societal end-of-season.

"Where chic is effortless and cool costs less." - loooove the motto of Sole Society, one of my go-to shops and brands for high quality shoes, handbags and accessories. It's sorta their thing to give shoppers amazing prices, affordable styles and still pull off a chic look around town. That's always been sorta my thing too - I'm an everyday kinda gal, who doesn't make six figures (yet!), so why should I drool over high-designer shoes, when there are so many affordable options out there under $200! Plus, spend $70 on heels, that gives me $30 for a cute new accessory, $50 for some killer boots, and maybe $60 for a brand new handbag. My logic is right on, I think you'll agree.

So when Sole Society has an end-of-season sale, I jump right on it! Right now, they have dozens and dozens of on-trend boots + booties for a whopping 50-60% OFF!

Feast your eyes on the sexy, sassy 'DES' ankle bootie - ready for a hot, tiny dress and a night out on the town!

The 'LYLEE' ankle bootie is the ultimate in everyday chic - love these with a pair of boyfriend cords or jeans, and a simple sweater or button-up.

Or if you're missing a good riding boot in your winter closet, the Sole Society 'CAROLYN' boots are under $60 right now! Gasp!

So get in on that Sole Society sale GOING ON NOW, and get your steal of a deal boots before the styles all run dry!

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GUEST POST: It’s a Boot World and We’re Just Living in it!

Today I'm thinkin' of spicing things up a bit - it's bee a little too long since I've had a male voice on this fashion blog, and I love to get a man's take on trends, and of course, shoes! So today we're getting schooled on what to look for in a men's boots, from the Clint Washington, author of  www.cheapgent.com, a shallow-walleted man’s approach to men’s fashion. Love it! Enjoy this cheap gent's perspective as we immerse ourselves in boot season!
holly in heels
. . .

As I head into boot season, I look through my closet and question the far-too-trendy decisions I made and the fashionably reckless person I was that year. But this year, I refuse to fall down that rabbit-hole of purchase despair. So I’ve taken a deep dive into the world of men's fashion and found some of the most functional, stylish, seasonally universal, and (most importantly) affordable boot options for every man. I’m sure you have someone in your life just like me, a man in desperate need of an affordable and wardrobe-inspiring pair of mud-stompers! And as we explore this boot world, we will take a look at three important boot aspects: color, shape, detailing. Take a look:

Color. I stick with a brown (most hues are fine), as they are more universally accepted for wear (night on the town, picnic, rave) and look polished and trendy.

Shape. An ankle or mid-ankle will do just fine. Anything taller will give extra bulk to the pant leg (who knows, you may need it).

Detailing. Detailing on a casual boot can be tough to get just right. Wingtips, cloth and metal finishes, and heavy texture are great ways to enhance the overall boot impression. Just don’t over do it (pardon the non-Nike reference!).

Check me out on www.cheapgent.com or more on a shallow-walleted man’s approach to men’s fashion.


Obsessed with the Dylan Oxford!

So, Miss Tory Burch is one of my all-time faves. I mean, if I had a million bucks, I think my shoe closet would be STOCKED with her embellished flats, adorable wedges, and chic pumps. But what surprised me about Tory was that she can sure make some beautiful oxfords - the dylan OXFORD is oh-so gorgeous.

That amazing striped, menswear-inspired pattern, made of a snake-embossed leather is just too much for my shoe-loving soul! A grosgrain piping around the edges of these kicks give it a perfectly polished finish, too. These oxfords would knock the socks off any pencil skirt and patterned top outfit for workwear, OR with a lazy tee and boyfriend jeans - especially some colored denim for a pack of color punch.

Love love love the oxfords...love love love Tory Burch!

holly in heels (or oxfords today!)


Booties in a new light!

Winter is upon us - to my East Coast friends who are feeling the (freezer) burn, my apologies. This California girl has a scarf on, along with some ankle booties, and I'm still claiming cold! But no matter what coast you leave on, there's one thing that you need in your closet this season: neutral booties.

A stylish, neutral ankle boot is the perfect shoe to give a little kick to that boring winter outfit. Buckles, suedes, zippers, you name it, Piperlime.com has it right now. Check out their neutral booties picks here!


Yep, you do.

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The essentials.

As many of you know, I had a baby about 5 months ago (hip hip hooray!). Hard to believe that just a few short months ago my bod looked something like THIS:

(whoa there, stripes!)

Well, now I have this darling little thing (equipped with her own mini shoe closet,  of course!)...

...and life is now never the same! My lil' bud and I have a really good time together - and she's growing like a little weed!

But wanna know what else isn't the same? My bod. Yeaaaah, surprise surprise. I have to say that the baby weight has come off of me quicker than expected, but I'm left with a completely different shape (or lack thereof!). As I sift through my giant closet full of clothes that I've acquired over time, I'm finding some materials aren't so great on m now, I need a different cut top, and my skinny denims can't get skinny enough in some parts (if ya know what I mean ;))

Needless to say, it's time for a shopping trip! And when I wrote down my "essentials" in purchasing some new staple threads, I thought I'd blog about them to share with some of you new mamas (or soon to be ones too!). Here's what my brain came up with:

What do you think, lovelies? Is this what would make your essentials list if you were starting all over again, little-by-little? All I can say is, thank goodness my shoes fit me! Judging by my shoe closet, that would be a painful [costly] one to rebuild. We will see where this next shopping trip takes me, excited to show you some new closet essentials!

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A MUST: the basic suede pump.

Every girl needs a good, basic suede pump. It's sorta in the rule book of shoe-wearers (I swear it is!). So when I come across a fantastical, classic and comfy suede pump, it's also in the rule book to share the news!

These pointed toe, women's sueded pumps from Old Navy are under $30 (oh yeah!), and the ultimate must-have. A lovely 3-inch heel props up a sueded upper heel, with a cushy rubber sole. The sole isn't all that's cushy, though - these pumps flaunt a cushioned footbed that make all-day-heel-wearing a breeze! Perfect to throw on your feetsies with a simple torn jeans + white tee casual day...or add a dash of color to your little pencil skirt + collared shirt outfit for work.

Style your suede this season, dress it up or down, and get some basic suede pumps in that wardrobe, why don't ya! Your outfit will be happy you did.

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What's your style?

I've been thinking a lot today about personal style. We all have it, we all change it up in new seasons of our lives, and we all look to a brand we love or a celeb we adore to inspire our personal style. I think one of the things that I love about personal style is that is collective - it's gathered in my memory bank as I flip through magazines, catalogues, or watch my favorite shows on television. And while I do peruse fashion week runways and high fashion magazine articles on occasion, it's the display windows of Anthropologie, Gap, Madewell, and Nordstrom that get me creating new outfits and craving new apparel for my closet.

Take a peek into my (messy, yet overflowing) walk-in closet and you'll find taped up next to the mirror a collage of catalogue cutouts of outfits and influence...and ignore the giant stuffed cat - which was a OC Fair prize my hunky husband won ;)  When I'm in that "what the heck do I wear?" sort of mood, I look at these pics and remind myself of the simple things in my wardrobe, the stylish pairings that I dig, to pull a strong outfit together.

Personal style: it could be a great anthropological study, really. What is it? Where do we get it? Why does it change?

Deep thoughts from a shoe blogger, needless to say ;)

So, what's your style?

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Introducing Paul Andrew.

There's something amazing about finding a new designer who you've never heard of, never seen before, that is behind a shoe that you just can't keep your mind off of. Something of an adrenaline rush is what happens to me - I know it sounds silly, but honestly, when I find a new designer that I love, my immediate thought is: I must blog about this. See, one of the many perks of being a fashion blogger.

At any rate, this week's adrenaline rush is brought to you by Paul Andrew. This British designer lit up the scene on planet shoe fashion with his Spring 2013 line. Andrew's signature style of edgy lines, dainty buckles, pointed and peep-toes has brought buyers to their knees begging for more.
See why?

Check out a few of my faves, which can be found at Nordstrom and Nordstrom.com (and hopefully on my feet someday soon!)...

'Zenadia' Stripe Silk Pointy Toe Pump...oooo la la, chic!
And the insane snakeskin on this bright yellow 'Europeaus' sandal, oh man.
The 'Lucia' Mixed Media sandal is kinda like a piece of art - the tortoise, mixed with the black leather, and peep-toe detail - it all comes together like one amazing masterpiece!

Find your very own Paul Andrew faves (and get ready to be amazed!) here on Nordstrom.com, and treat yourself to a little post-Christmas style!

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Shoe in Review: the best shoes of 2013!

It's 2014, y'all! I cannot believe it. Ok, I kinda can, it was Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then time for a champagne toast, and we did it all in style, so it is about time we see a new year in front of us, frankly. But when I look back on all of the good style and glamorous shoes that have come across my fashion-loving eyes this year, I feel quite compelled to take a long hard look at the best shoes of 2013! Let's check it...

About this time last year, we were looking at the dawn of wedge sneakers! A trend I was unsure about, I will admit - but it did make the magazines and the wardrobes of some stylish celebs, I will say. Some metallics, some bold colors, the sky was the limit!

As I was prepping for spring (and a baby growing in my tummy!), I had my eye on flats. Honestly, 2013 could have been the YEAR for flats - so many brands and trends were screaming flat nation - adorable polka dot flats, animal prints and patents and suedes lined the shelves of the mall. Check out my 2013 picks from GAP, here!

Sam & Libby for Target made their in-store and online debut, and you better believe this shoe diva headed straight for Target to check it out! I absolutely loooooved the sandals and wedges they had on sale - especially with the price tag, oh man, so fab.
In 2013, I went crazy for Zara - found some amazing threads AND heels there, and rekindled my love for Euro chic! My Zara strappy sandal style post showed off some shoe greatness:

Then finally, as the fall and winter seasons hung in front of me, I saw nothing but boots in my sweater-weather future. Nordstrom was admittedly my go-to for boots, as you can see in this boots blog post. I ended up purchasing a few amazing ankle booties myself, that are still treating my wardrobe right!
So from flats to wedges, bargain to designer, the trends and colors and patterns this year were across the board amazing! I truly hope all of you had an amazing 2013, and are looking forward to much, much more shoe and fashion wonderment in 2014! 

Cheers, all!
holly in heels