Color is key.

One of my top 10 fashion rules that I tend to think of everyday is that COLOR IS KEY. Even if you're feeling like it's a grey day or that a formal all-black dress is in order--a pop of color goes a looooong way. It draws the eye to the cute colorful bracelets dangling from your wrist, the thin lil' bright belt that you wrapped around your waist, or of course the brilliant shoes you decide to toss on your feet.

Well, do check out these oh-so vivid platforms from none other than Jessica Simpson--the JS 'Elso' sandals. With a nearly 5-inch heel behind ya, a cute & classic t-strap, and even a dash of slick patent leather, it might be the best $89 you've spent!

Show off that colorful style this summer! And geeeeeet noticed.

holly in heels


  1. Oh those are so cute! I love the tan and red one! JS has the best shoes.

  2. I LOVE the first pair! Colorful shoes are the greatest.
    xo Josie

  3. Love it when the color shows up in shoes :)

  4. Wow those shoes are pretty amazing!

  5. i want the first :)


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