A Louboutin Fall

Fall--it's pretty much my favorite time of year. Leaves are turning color, weather is a'changin', pumpkin patches are poppin' up in the middle of shopping centers (gotta love suburban life), and it's time I swap my tank tops out for sweaters and scarves. I. Love. Fall.

Apparently, Christian Louboutin loves fall too--his new fall collection of dashingly chic fall heels has just made it's way to the Neiman Marcus shelves. Check out the full collection here, and dream away, heel lovers! I usually am totally, 100% down with CL's designs--but I can't say that the pom-pom heel flourishes will make it into my wardrobe. Whatcha think?

If the pom-pom's don't make the H in H cut, I'll be autumn-dreaming of these classic Altadama Pumps, in perfect tan leather and wooden platform detail. Adore!

Happy fall, lovelies! Louboutins may not be pumpkin-patch-proof, but they sure are gorgeous.

holly in heels


  1. Those Loubs are STUNNING!
    xo Josie

  2. I'm not too impressed by that collection, though the second pump in your post is great, the best one of the lot I think.

    Also the Steve Maddens in the "shoe crush" frame on the top right of the blog are awesome! Exactly what I'm looking for at the moment :)

  3. These are def great--so sorry I didn't see you at the LOCALE party, great venue --amazing =)


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