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In case you haven't heard, today is small business Saturday--time to break yourself free of the two-day turkey coma that you were in, and throw on your shopping shoes and get out there to support your local businesses! Now, even though I often blog about shoes found at online shops and department stores, I've always been a true-blue supporter of small business (feel like it comes with the territory when you grow up in a small town like I did). When I finally moved to a bigger suburban area like Southern California, I thought all of that would be thrown out the window--surrounded by oversized shopping malls and corporate plazas, I thought for sure I should accept a new kinda shopping lifestyle. But oh no was I wrong! There are TONS of small boutiques and businesses all around me where I can get just as good of a deal as any other place, and get to support someone who I actually know and chat with each time I drop by their shop. Plus, shopping local and small biz means that I won't be giving the same exact boxed-up gift that everyone else is giving this season--there's always something new and unique around the corner!

Without further adieu, I thought I'd give you a peek at just a few local small businesses that I frequent in the So Cal area--feel free to add to the list in the comments below, and share your favorite small shops in your hometown area!

1. Deer Lovely
Deer Lovely is a sweet lil' spot in The OC Mart Mix that carries some of my favorite women's blouses, skirts, jackets, handbags and jewelry (think Anthropologie at 1/2 the price!), as well as some uber cute men's tees and button ups.

2. Laurenly
Found in the charming old town Orange district in none other than OC, Laurenly carries great brands like Free People, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Paige denim, and Gentle Fawn - mixed with adorable handmade accessories - with a great selection of shoes, heels, sandals and even TOMS!

3. Apples & Oranges
My most recent find--a & o sells vintage everything at insanely low prices. Here you'll find vintage Gucci, Neiman Marcus, Louis Vuitton--I even picked myself up a vintage Nordstrom tan leather clutch and a crazy-cool gold cuff yesterday. Also located in The OC Mart Mix.

4. Westerly
When I'm feeling like a trip to a beachy-er spot, I drive up PCH and head to Westerly, for designer labels, glamorous tops and boho-chic dresses. Westerly always gets me with their gorgeous selection of handbags, bracelets and necklaces--a bit easier on my pocketbook (yes, I said pocketbook, WHUT).

5. Spotted Moth
I just hit up Spotted Moth up yesterday for their amazing 30% off sale for the shopaholic weekend, and found soooo many adorable holiday tops, pea coats, leggings, adorable & affordable heels, and even special occasion dresses. They carry some similar names to what Piperlime carries, but with instant gratification instead of awaiting the whole ship-to-your-house part.

So this season, do what you can to take some time to discover the hidden jewels in your own backyard and support your local businesses! You may make a shop-owner friend and find just the right gift for the gift-giving season.

holly in heels


  1. LOVE Spotted Moth! I'm going to have to check out some of these other stores to celebrate Small Biz Saturday!

    chloe **

  2. I've never heard of this, but it sure is a great idea.


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