Long time, no blog.

Life gets nutty. You know the feeling, right? I mean, work piles up, mail and magazines begin to take over the dining room table, and amidst the madness you end up coming home from a full day's work totally and utterly exhausted from using that little brain of yours to solve problems AND manage to be creative. Am I alone here? I sure as heck hope not! Now, don't get me wrong either--I'm not complaining (smirk). When life stacks up with busy-ness, it's good for me to stop and remind myself that it's because my life is good and rich and full of amazing things.

Something I can always slow down for when life gets a little cray-cray is...you get one guess...shoes. I think that's something I mentioned when I first started this blog, too, that so many things change in life, but shoes are just something that I can always count on--my shoe size never changes, and the possibilities are always endless. So when I laid eyes on the 'Thaddea' pumps by Enzo Angiolini, in the latest holiday mag from Nordstrom, I knew these needed to join the family of heels in my shoe closet. The vintage-inspired look of these oh-so modern platform peep toes made me shriek with fashion happiness! And the lush purple color...oh man, I was sold. So a trip to the mall later, these are mine all mine, and I'm soooo stoked to buckle them on.

Nothin' like new heels to calm a girl down and bring her back to earth from the madness that life brings!

holly in heels


  1. what a great post!! Shoe therapy is always effective. You should do a future post of what you end up wearing with your new shoes! I'd be curious, your new shoes are beautiful!

  2. I adore these shoes!!! I agree with the above comment and would love to know how you paired these lovelies. Casually and dressy options.


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