Am I off here?

There are some trends in fashion that catch on--like the miniskirt or the wedge sandal or the peep-toe pump. These standards tend to stick around, and even live through generations of stylish sweethearts and fashionistas. And theeeeeen there are some trends that die quickly (and I thank the fashion gods for that!)--I'm mostly thinking of the 80's here--decked out hi-tops, slap bracelets, hammer pants, scrunchies, you get the gist.

Well, one of the recent trends I came across on a recent fall fashion report, by one of my trusted sources, was the wedge boot trend. Sizes, textures, shapes and heights of all proportion, these $200+ wedge boots strike me as a fleeting fashion--somethin' you won't catch this girl wearin', that's fo sho.

Now, you gotta be honest with me, readers--am I off here? Are these wedge boots a piece of something you'll be sportin' around town? Do tell!

holly in heels


  1. I have over the knee boot wedges from last season. I love them. I wouldn't wear the short bootie wedges though.

  2. I would wear wedge boots but not PLATFORM wedge boots like the photos you've shown. Too heavy and horsey.

  3. You know sometimes when you see a fashion trend initially you think you won't wear it, but then it catches on and you actually tend to like it... this MIGHT be the case on these wedges. I actually like the last one you chose, I think I would rock this trend depending on the shoe!

  4. I really like the wedge heel. I don't have a pair yet, low budget for that kind of stuff at the moment, but I see a lot of people wearing them.

    Of course not the high/platform kind you posted, but still ...


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