It's rare, but it happens. When I have no words to say, no things to think, just in pure shock and wonder of what planet I'm really on and how in the heck people can actually make $$$ on this kinda stuff?! What am I referring to, you ask? Jeffrey Campbell's latest skate-boot creation, available at Urban Outfitters (clearly the only retail store nutso enough to sell - or not sell - these boots).

Usually I dig Mr. Campbell's line but I have to say, I will pass on these suckers. Would you dare to wear???

holly in heels


  1. Whoa! Those are some crazy shoes, they almost remind me or old fashion rollerblades haha.


  2. those shoes are crazy! i dont think i could pull it off...

  3. If I could walk in them without landing on my behind I would wear them. I don't see how you can walk safely. I love the heel.


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