Gettin' the boot.

Hello lovely readers. Well, in case you've been wondering where I've been hiding out for the past few days (excuse my blogging absence!), I've been wandering the green hills and seasides of beautiful Monterey, CA! It was the annual family trip up the coast for the epic Concourse d'Elegance in Pebble Beach--a wildly gorgeous event where car enthusiasts and high-rollers alike come together for a full week/weekend of fun. My husband's family are the true car-enthusiasts--they know literally everything about the history of the cars, the racers of the past, the finest of the fine, etc. etc. Me...welllllll...I mainly look at all of the fancy shoes & hats that make their debut on some pretty fancy-pants ladies (but I do appreciate the cars too!).

Between the Ferraris and the Alfa Romeos of the weekend, my shoe-glued eyes noticed a ton of riding boots walking the coastal streets of California. Seems right, since it was misty and cloudy for most of the day--but it truly reignited and inspired my love for the riding boot. So classic, so adorable--throw on your best pair o' skinny jeans and you've got a perfect palette for the riding boot! is carrying some goooood boots right now--including this Steven by Steve Madden 'Woper' Boot. Piperlime (my personal go-to, as you know) has a great selection of poshy leather riding boots as well--check it out.

Whatever boot you may choose for your style, thanks mucho for being patient with me as I vacationed for life (and from blogging!) and for not givin' ME the boot! Love you, readers.

holly in heels


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