It's never too late for sandals!

So, it ain't fair, I know, but livin' in sweet & sunny Southern California allows us west coast gals to bask in the warm sun for 90% of the year--and even keep our sandals close by to throw on and head to the beach or the mall! We are spoiled, I know, but I really have grown accustomed to the fact that 85 degrees is HOT and 65 degrees is chilly! Well, not only does this allow for lots of happy hours on the patio or even year-round bbq'ing in our allows me to snag some stinkin' sweet deals on sandals when they're goin' on clearance, without having to wait til next spring to sport 'em!

Specifically, I'm currently boasting about my recent Piperlime purchase of the long-time coveted Emma Pink 'Laria' wedges:

Months and months ago, I blogged about these pink beauties (way back when they were $98!), but patience is indeed a virtue in this case, 'cause they just got marked down tremendously to $29.97! My lovely 'Laria's cheerfully greeted me at my doorstep in a gorgeous green Piperlime box last night as I arrived home--and I was jumpin' up & down like a schoolgirl when I finally placed them on my feet! Nothin' like a good shoe-bargain.

That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it! I'd encourage you to also shop that wicked SALE and snag those shoozies you've been eying all year. It's never too late for sandals!

holly in heels
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  1. She did jump up and down, I can confirm that. I can also confirm that she almost hit her head on the ceiling when she did cuz these bad boys added like 5 inches to her virt! And 29 bucks YOU'D BE LOSING MONEY NOT BUYING THEM!!! BTW I'm getting Halo Reach after work.

  2. I'm thankful that we can pretty much wear sandals all year round here too. (Although, I wish Hawaii had some real fall weather!). What a great deal for your new sandals. They're cute too. :) I was wondering... I know your blog is
    "Holly in Heels"... but will we ever see "Holly in outfit of the day, in Heels"? hee hee. :)

    xx Love & Aloha

  3. I love those and they still have my size - not good :)

  4. Oh, I'm LOVING the mad sales on wedges right now -- genius.
    xo Josie

  5. ah those shoes are quite nice
    the plaid fun!!!!!!
    very cool

    if you get a chance, visit me at
    and let me know what you think


  6. thanks for the heads up on the sale! Love the pink wedges. they don't have my size. but snagged some cute oxfords...



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