Silly for spats

Call me crazy (maybe even undereducated) but when I laid my eyes on the new 'spat boots' trend about to enter the shoe-scene, I thought to myself, "those are adorable!...too bad I don't know why they heck they're called spat boots!" Wellllll, with wikipedia to rescue, I discovered that a spat is a type of classic shoe accessory covering the instep and ankle. Spats were primarily worn in the late 19th & early 20th centuries, and even still used as a traditional accessory in many marching band uniforms in the U.S. Think Michael Jackson's late-80's Smooth Criminal music vid and you'll remember what I'm talkin' about! This week, my all-time fave is featuring the ever-growing spat boot trend, and you betta' believe I'm all over that!

Very Volatile's 'Cloak' boot immediately caught my eye (and is also a Rachel Zoe pick, fancy that!). The smooth (criminal?) black or taupe leather gives it that classic finish, and a simple low-boot look really goes a long way this fall! Hey, and at 60-smackers, ya can't go wrong!

Steve Madden rarely goes wrong, in my humble opinion--and this 'Carlsen' boot is no different! My heart just started beatin' a little bit faster when I saw this velvety take on a slouched look. A manageable 3 1/4" heel makes this a fabulous all-day boot staple, ready to throw on with skinny jeans or your perfect pencil skirt.

I know the price is on the steep side, but I couldn't help myself from showing off these gorgeous Elizabeth and James 'Mane' boots. This ultra-chic, tall pull-on boot has a beautiful, weathered look to it, and a mayyy-jorly unique curved 3" heel. Favorite detail: pleats up the side. I swear, only E & J can give you this sort of fashionista status!

To stay true to my own personal style prefs, I've just gotta finish this post off with a brown boot! Browns, tans and taupes are what I usually reach for in my closet--maybe it's a brunette thang, who knows. Anyhow, a new-to-me brand, Gentle Souls, is knockin' my socks off with their 'Oh Shucks' rounded toe boot in lovely distressed brown. I say these boots are for the style queen OR the nature girl. The cuff on this baby is not too too cuffed, and of course the outstanding detail on these spat boots is the laced up back. So super sexy, and ready to kick your outfit up a few notches instantly!

Ready to march into fall in your new spat boots? I adore!

holly in heels


  1. Oh, those Elizabeth and James boots are to DIE for! Absolutely stunning.
    xo Josie

  2. I didn't know the name of these but I've always been a lover! I just got a spat bootie/clog from Steve Madden and can't wait to rock them soon! There's a pic of them in my post here:

  3. Need to do some boot shopping!

  4. Thanks for the comment...I've been a follower for a bit now:-)

  5. I do like your post and it is fashionable

  6. I do believe the Steve Maddens must be mine. The stable heel will be perfect for navigating the NYC streets when I go in Feb!

  7. Ooooooo the last boot is my fav! The lace up back is drooooable. :D

    xx Love & Aloha


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