Beauty is all around. Let's face it--in the interesting faces of people we come across, the bright colors of sunshine & sky, in a cloudy autumn morning, even in a fresh cup o' coffee, there is bright, shiny beauty. I find beauty in all of these things...but I really find beauty in a fabulous pair of shoes. I can't quite put my finger on what exactly catches my eye about shoes, but ever since I was a wee one, I have adored 'em. I used to slide my tiny-girl feet into my grandmas black patent pumps, and shuffle around the house, like I was in charge! I love that there are endless amounts of texture, color, and style combination you can fiddle around with in one little pair of shoes--add a little lace or some antiquey jewels to dress it up, or make it a peep-toe for a more flirty flair. Ahh, shoe-inspired I am.

I was especially inspired by these wintery-sorta photos as captured by my photog friend, Kate Noelle. The pastels, ribbons, and ruffles have me dreaming girlish dreams about my some of favorite things: vintage bauble rings, pencil skirts, Anthropologie, the Oregon coast, tea with my closest girls--yup, all from looking at shoes! Isn't that funny?

Where do you find beauty?

holly in heels


  1. I love all of these..favorite are the pink ones.

  2. These are gorgeous! She's a super talented photographer.
    xo Josie

  3. visiting your blog, just like I'm in a fashion show


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