Incomplete without PINK!

After a comment from a reader and a little thought, I came to the conclusion that Valentine's Day is incomplete without some PINK! Come on, you know you loved getting those little pink heart candies that say UR KIND or BE GOOD on them, from your favorite boy in class. And bubblegum just isn't bubblegum unless it's that pretty pretty pink. But what about shoes, my friends...ask yourself right now, "do I own any sassy pink shoes?" Well, I have to admit that I, myself, do not have this playful color in my closet (gasp!), but that's all about to change today.
. . .

Just in time for spring (which begins next month, ya know), the great Joan & David brand has graced us with this pink beauty! The Felicita heel is a stylish, 100% suede peep-toe, sure to give your outfit that pop of color you've been needing!
Another good pink heel that has a richer color to it is the Fergie 'Safra' Pump (which also comes in a true blue and a black). I can imagine this pump fitting in nicely just about anywhere in your life--from classic pantsuit at work to skinny miniskirt on the town, it's bound to be a hit. The oversized knot at the toe adds matchless style to an already beautiful heel.
If it's a happy pink sandal you're looking for, I've got your number!...or a shoe designer named Pierre does, rather. The Pierre Dumas Fontana-2 pink wedge sandal is adorned with studs and a sweet shiny buckle--not to mention the earthy woven wedge heel. It's like stepping into a spring & summer dream! And the price on this is unreal, trust me. A true steal.
Ok, so this might just take the cake. This sandal might be one of my favorite wedge sandal picks ever. Emma Pink's Laria wedge sandal has me thinking forever plaid! Gingham plaid (look at that cute buckle!) plus mahogany leather equals a modern version of what your stylish mom once wore, circa 1969. I'm sold, how 'bout you?!
holly in heels


  1. Love the wedge! Can't wait for more spring/summer picks:)

    I'm still looking for a good brown boot though...holly in heels, do you have any (low budge) favorites?


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