Today marks the day of a brand new job for me! That's right, I'm movin' desks and findin' myself in the big bad world of marketing. I'm super excited to take this next step in my career--even purchased a cute, new mod lamp to make my bare, baby desk feel a tad bit more like home. After a generous cup o' joe to send me on my merry way, I'll no doubt be throwin' on my work-ready kicks--perfect to pair with pencil skirts and dress slacks. I figured to mark this fun, special day in my oh-so grown up life (when did that happen?!), I'd do a little post dedicated to just a few of my favorite work shoes...

Maybe as basic as they come, Steve Madden's 'Ulltra' pumps are a go-to in my Monday thru Friday closet. Perfectly patent and wonderfully nude, they truly pair with anything and everything. Someday, I might even consider investing in the black patent pump--which is a sure classic for the wintertime. This is a great, round-toe pump that all workin' women should own! No joke.

Comin' in a close second to Mr. Madden's 'Ulltra's is his own 'Trinitie' pumps in soft grey suede. I recently purchased these lovely thangs, and discovered that they have some sorta magical ability to make any outfit look soooo so polished. Hey, and they make my short little legs look Heidi-Klum-long too, which you'll never find me complaining about!

This fall, I'm not only going to sport the basic work-pumps, but also plan to kick it up a notch with oxford-style wedges. The preppy-prep look is waaaay in, and I've got no shame in staying with that trend! Sam Edelman's 'Wakefield' wedge booties are stealin' this school-girl heart, with a lace-up front and a cute collared opening. I foresee many 'a cute outfit in these suckers! Do ya blame me?!

Well, off I go! Wish me luck. :)

holly in heels
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  1. Loving the Trinitie pumps! Gorgeous. Good luck at your new job!
    xo Josie

  2. Congrats on the new job!

  3. Congrats lady! I have the Trinitie pumps in electric blue and they're fabulous!

  4. Congrats Holly! Excited for you! What a great new adventure. I know you will be fabulous! And speaking of fabulous.. I need those wedges. OMG! ha ha ha.

    xx Love & Aloha

  5. Congrats on the new job! I love those grey suede shoes -so chic!

  6. Love the second pair. Perfect with anything! Great...another pair to save up for :)

  7. the grey pair is my favorite. its just perfection. and good luck with your new job! :D


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